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Attribute Attribute Presentation Transcript

  • Grammar Review of Attribute
  • 1 、 Attribute ( 定语) 定语是用来修饰名词或代词的成分。 2 、定语的构成
    • 形容词、代词、数词、名词、名词所有格、
    • 介词短语、动词不定式(短语)、
    • 动词- ing 形式(短语)、
    • 动词- ed 形式(短语)、
    • 定语从句
  • 3 、定语的位置 前置定语: 形容词、代词、数词、名词、名词所有格、 动词- ing 形式、动词- ed 形式 后置定语: 介词短语、动词不定式短语、 动词- ing 形式短语、动词- ed 形式短语、 定语从句 (包括:表语形容词、修饰不定代词的形容词)
  • 4 、多个形容词修饰名词的顺序: 冠词 + 限定词 + 描绘性形容词 + 大、小、长、 短、高、低 + 形状 + 年龄、新旧 + 颜色 + 国籍、 地区、出处 + 物质材料 + 用图、类别
    • his father’s expensive new silk shirt
    • her first beautiful little British oil painting
    • many huge ancient wooden buildings
    • a very expensive long old red French wooden
    • writing desk
  • Grammar Attributive clauses
  • Those who break the law will be punished. This is the room that we cleaned yesterday. that we cleaned yesterday who break the law 在复合句中修饰名词或代词的从句叫 定语从句 被 修饰的名词或代词叫 先行词 引导定语从句的词叫 关系词 关系词在定语从句中作成份
  • 主语 宾语 定语 指人 指物 who/that whom/who/that whose which/that which/that whose I like the book 我喜欢那本封面是绿色的书。 whose cover is green. the cover of which is green. of which the cover is green. 关系代词
  • 关系副词: when ; why ; where I’ll remember the day ________ I first met you. We don’t believe the reason _________ he was late. 关系副词 when 在从句中作时间状语, 先行词是表时间的词。 I’ll remember the day __________________ we spent in the park. when which / that why which / that 关系副词 why 在从句中作原因状语, 先行词只有 reason. We don’t believe the reason ____________ he explained .
  • This is the house _________ he was born. where which/that We’ll discuss a number of cases _______ beginners of English fail to use the language properly. ( 陕西卷 ) We’re just trying to reach a point ______ both sides will sit down together and talk. ( 山东卷 ) where where 关系副词 where 在句中作地点状语, 先行词可以是表地点的名词, This is the house ______________ he visited yesterday. 也可以是 case , point ,position, situation 等有地点含义的抽象名词。
  • Everything ____ we have to do is to try our best. This is the best film _____ I’ve ever seen. I have read all the books _____ you gave me. You’re the only one _____ I want to see. They talked about the things and people _____ they remembered. Who is the man _____ is talking to John? that that that that that that
  • 众所周知,台湾是中国的一部分。 ________ is known to all , Taiwan is part of China. ________ is known to all that Taiwan is part of China. He had to work on Sundays , ________ he doesn’t like. which As It
    • Don’t talk about such things ____ you are not sure of.
    • A. those B. that C. what D. as
    • They’re such good toys ___we all want to
    • have one.
    • A. those B. that C. what D. as
    • I will never forget those years ____ I lived in the country with the farmers, ____ has a great effort on my life.
    • A. that; which B. when; which C. which; that D. when; who