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Plansbook For Advertising Campaigns

  1. Grace Newman Bridget Foy Jeff Strcula James Nesmith Brad Stars Eric Fields Raph Ambar Shelby McGinnis Matt Hite Amanda Harman Felecia Angerson Kristin Browning
  2. Contents:
  3. Company Analysis Historically, AIM has been synonymous with instant messaging. in the U.S. to include localized versions of the portal What began as a simple chat client has grown in to the leading and other AOL services as default programs on their computer instant messaging application in the United States. It is time for products. These products will be shipped in the U.S. as well as AIM to integrate basic client-based messaging with web-based more than two-dozen countries. social networking communities for the most complete, online socialization experience. Additionally, AOL offers advertisers access to the broadest displayed advertising network in the U.S. Through AIM and As a part of AOL's mission, quot;To Serve the World's Largest and other advanced AOL features, corporate clients are also Most Engaged Community,quot; AIM needs to gain global appeal benefiting from our services by having access to one of the and decrease perceived association with a struggling AOL. largest online networks internationally. It is our goal to AOL's client-based audience is steadily decreasing despite enhance the perception of AIM worldwide and to increase offering free software. As part of an international growth plan, global market share not only of instant messaging, but social AOL has extended their network to 38 countries. In addition, networking as a whole through innovation, distribution and AOL has teamed up with Hewlett-Packard, a leading PC maker integration with mobile experiences.
  4. Industry Timeline
  5. S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths Weaknesses First company to mainstream instant messaging Unable to interact with other social networks Strong brand recognition Increasingly competitive market Number 1 messenger in the United States Advertisement heavy Mobile Accessibility No longer viewed as progressive company Offers video and voice communication Loss of captivated market from the ‘90s Personalized, updatable features Progressive social media Supports encrypted communication Opportunities Threats Increase mobile compatibility and functionality Email chat applications offered by web-based Potential partnerships with online social and gaming networks email clients Guerilla marketing strategies available to reach target market Other companies with equal or greater brand Current position complements other growing social media networks
  6. Situation Analysis Current Users AOL messaging networks (AIM, ICQ) host 1.8 billion instant messages daily Approximately 22 million users each month Relatively equal between males and females 3 of 4 AIM users are online (signed in) everyday Geographics More student users than any other occupation 70 percent of users reside in the United States Gaining popularity in the UK, France, Germany, India, and China Widely used on and around college campuses and within Psychographics workplaces. Tech savvy and familiar with the internet More likely to shop online than non-users Mobile users subscribe to more cell phone Competition features (Texting, Web Access, etc) Mail Programs with Chat Features. Such as: Gmail and Yahoo MySpace and FaceBook offers Chat Features
  7. Primary Research: Two written surveys Total of 340 people Narrowed the target market Determined where to reach them Established the need for product enhancement
  8. Results: Prefered Communication Why? With text messaging, you do not have to be logged on to a server More friends have cell phones than AIM 28 percent of respondents would use AIM to save money on a cell phone bill
  9. Target Market: Males and Females 18-24 years old Surveys and secondary research identified convenience as the reason for our audiences preferred method of social interaction. With this data, we have segmented our audience in to three sub-groups. The first group is known as Thumbers. This group uses text messaging as their preferred method of social communication. The second group is known as Mailers. They prefer e-mailing to other methods of communication. The final group is known asFacers and Spacers. These people use Facebook and MySpace as their number one method of social communication. In order for AIM to become the new preferred method of communication among these groups, AIM must make changes to add value, thus fulfilling their needs of convenience as well as their needs of wanting things now.
  10. Adding Value with product enhancement Since the main reason for using social media, e-mail and text is convenience, AIM will take advantage of the opportunity to add value by becoming a gateway to the social lives of Thumbers, Mailers, Facers/Spacers and AIMers. This can be accomplished with the development of the AIM revo. This product will be a new version of the current toolbar application that will sit directly on the desktop. This will allow users to check their social media networks, text, e-mail, AIM and surfing the Internet in just one click.
  11. Media Overview The objective will be accomplished through a communication plan that uses guerrilla marketing tactics, engaging college students to not only use the product but also taking an active role in launching the campaign. AOL already possesses a strong brand recognition among users and non-users, but the target market feels that AOL and their AIM products have become out dated. This campaign will increase user ship and create an excitement among the target audience. This will be accomplished through the launch of the AIM revo toolbar with a communications plan setting AIM apart from all other social communication programs. The following pages will outline the advertising campaign and the use of traditional and non-traditional media including television, college tour, newspapers, web banners and a sweepstakes giveaway.
  12. Ground Force The College Ground Force portion of the campaign will be executed by students called AIMers. These AIMers will be made up of college students from each of the chosen universities who are involved with their school's advertising and public relations department. AIMers will be in charge of the on-campus awareness among the student body throughout the college tour. They will also assist the AOL College Tour by volunteering their time at the RV tailgate and the placement of our static clings throughout the campus as well as off-campus hot spots. College Newspaper Ad asion AIM Static Cling Inv AOL Costu me AIM er Uniform
  13. College Tour Headlining our AOL College Tour 2009 will be the AIM revo RV. The RV will feature computers, flat screen televisions and refreshments for the students to enjoy. AIM revo RV! The on-board computers will contain the all-new AIM revo toolbar allowing students to experience the newest way to use the Internet. In order for students to enjoy the refreshments, they must log onto their AIM account and instant message their orders to the cooks. Once their order has been completed, the student will receive a commemorative koozie containing a link to download the new toolbar as well as a coupon code allowing one free downloadable song from iTunes. Phase II of the College Tour will center around college basketball. During this phase, along with receiving a commemorative koozie at the RV, each of those students will be entered in the AIM revo sweepstakes for a chance to win a tricked-out 90s throwback car. The car symbolizes the renovation of something older and turning it in to something new and improved just like the AIM revo toolbar. Car Sweepstakes h itunes Koozie witd code downloa
  14. College Tour 51 Colleges, 1,595,651 Students 1. Texas (Austin) 21. West Virginia 2. Alabama (Tuscaloosa) 22. Boise State 3. Penn State 23. Ohio State 4. Oklahoma 24. Arizona State 5. USC (LA) 25. Michigan State 6. Georgia (Athens) 26. University of Minnesota 7. Texas Tech 27. University of Miami 8. UF (Gainesville) 28. University of Washington 9. Oklahoma State 29. UCLA 10. Utah 30. University of Oregon 11. University of Nebraska 31. Duke (NC) 12. University of Colorado 32. University of North Carolina 13. LSU at Baton Rouge 33. Missouri 14. Virginia Tech 34. Kansas 15. University of Maryland 35. Texas A&M 16. Boston College 36. Georgetown (DC) 17. University of Tennessee 37. Clemson (SC) 18. University of Illinois 39. University of California 19. Purdue 41. College of Southern Nevada 20. University Of Wisconsin 42. Boston University 41. College of Southern Nevada 42. Boston University 44. George Washington University 45. University of South Florida 46. University of Nevada-Las Vegas 47. Florida International University 48. University of Pittsburgh 49. Walden University 50. University of New Mexico 51. University of Kentucky
  15. Media Schedule Total Budget: $23,684,604 Includes $1 million for AIM revo Design
  16. Budget: TV $8,936,000
  17. Budget: Online $3,511,000
  18. Budget: College Tour $10,237,604 Costumes $ 15,000 STakes Car Swee0p,000 $ 10 p orship wn Line S0 ons AIMer S25 ts hir First-Do $1,500,00 $ 3,8 Static C,0ng0s li $ 1,995 0 unes code ozie with6it,779 Ko $2,3 3 0,000 p r Ads ege Newsp0a0 e revo RVs$$420 0,000 Coll 60,0 AIM rty ,00 $ Block Pa
  19. Target-Market Focused Research shows that through advertising, our audiences Since AOL already possesses a strong brand recognition, our frame of mind can be defined by what we like to call the campaign will focus on increasing user ship among the target 'iPod effect.' According to consumer reports, the iPod nano market. This will be accomplished through a creative is the overall best rated MP3 player, but our audience of campaign that speaks to our target audience. The creative 18-24 year olds are not interested in a list of bulleted features will show that the new AIM revo will add value to the users to persuade their purchasing decisions. They seek the online social experience. recommendations of friends and base their decisions on referrals rather than following industry trends.
  20. Online Banner Ad
  21. Home Page Skins
  22. Google AdWords Instant Message: AIM revo Get Instant Messaging and the New AIM revo Tool Bar - FREE
  23. TV Storyboards
  24. Objective Accomplished According to research, AIM has 22 million users on a monthly. In order to achieve the caimpaign objective of increases AIM usership by 15 percent, this caimpaign needs to increase AIM usership by 3.3 million. Ogled’s Simply Social Caimpaign is projected to reach 44 million users in the target market of 18-24 year olds. With a 6 percent Return on Investment (ROI), AIM user ship will be increased by 6.6 million. This not only met the objective, but surpassed it.
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