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This was the final presentation for a three-week long project. We studies and explored experience design and branding in relation to how local banks did this, and how our design team could improve or enhance it without impeding the existing brand.

Our idea for Vancity bank was to enhance the community aspect pertaining to where a Vancity member spends his or her money.

Presentation by: Alee Furman, Flory Huang, Mark Inouye, Gracelle Mesina


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"My Money Map"

  1. 1. Where your money is now & where it’s going. My Money MapVANCITY + AKQAEXPERIENCE DESIGNAlee Furman / Flory Huang / Gracelle Mesina / Mark Inouye
  2. 2. GAP IN BRAND PERCEPTIONPRODUCT BRAND EXPERIENCE PROPOSAL There is a dissonance between the product, in terms of the brand promise’s touchpoint with the member, and the brand experience.
  3. 3. GAP IN BRAND PERCEPTIONPRODUCT ? BRAND EXPERIENCE HOW Lack of a question resulted in the lack of a resolution, so: 1. We identified different platforms and levels at which people were talking about and interacting with the brand. 2. And then we strove to understand our audience’s level of personalised experience through targeted engagement.
  4. 4. Narrowing down questions past that of general consumers, werealized that Vancity was always advocating for positive communitywealth simultaneous to that of individuals: however, they do notprovide any gauge; news; or visible information on an individual’s CONVERSIONpresence within their community. BRAND NAME ADVOCACY “Identifying platforms and levels at which people are talking about BRAND and interacting with the brand.” LOYALTY ENGAGEMENT CONSIDERATION REACH BRAND BRAND PROMISE PRODUCT EXPERIENCE PERCEPTION
  5. 5. CONVERSION BRAND NAME ADVOCACY “Understanding the audience’s level of personalized experience BRAND through targeted engagement.”LOYALTY ENGAGEMENT CONSIDERATION REACH BRAND BRAND PROMISE PRODUCT EXPERIENCE PERCEPTION
  6. 6. Where is my money, and where is it going?
  7. 7. A STRONGER BRAND PERCEPTION LED BY directs drivesINSIGHT IDEA IMPACTDissonance of brand Reiteration of conceptualizing Accessible to members onperception from experience appropriate campaigns location in branches and at home/ on the goNo existing products that Consideration for the promotionprovide transparency of existing products such as Tangible evidence ofbetween members and Good Money involvementVancityAsking the right questions
  8. 8. Vancity’s campaign for Good Money is extended through a digital graphic interface that visualizes a client’s GoodMoney and its relationships to the client as an individual in their community, municipality, and to the rest of theworld.The My Money Map is an application used by those interested in the geographical and causal reach of theirpurchases; Good Money circulation can range from being solely local investments to being global projects. Afterinformation, the My Money Map may be used as a gauge in an individual’s personal contributions to their ownlives and others. GOOD MONEY education environment non-profit health buying local aboriginal MY MONEY MAP shopping travel lifestyle entertainment food bills PERSONAL INVESTMENTS
  9. 9. Transparency is provided for both the mass public (potential new members) as well as the members themselves.This honesty will contribute to the credit union’s brand perceptions: positive reaffirmations will be made andprolonged membership will continue while new members have tangible evidence of Vancity being communallyinvested and active. This interface exists on 2 platforms: in-branch on location and via Internet browsing.
  10. 10. Similarly to AKQA’s use of digtial media in browser on the internet, we “[maximize the] brand’s total social audience and potential reach...”
  11. 11. 1Vancity member wants to check her bank balance online. 2 She logs into the existing website.
  12. 12. 3 She checks her bank balance and proceeds to look at the My Money Map feature. 4She gains insight about where her money is and how she spends it.
  13. 13. Our Community Map IN-BRANCHVANCITY MEMBER Regular Bank Statement ONLINE Me My Community My Money Map My Country My World
  14. 14. Overview upon log inMenu Account Statement My Money Map
  15. 15. Initial start up page of Map: “Me” view Chequing Savings Last 5 Transactions Date Location Amount 1 10/11/12 Shell $150 10/12/12 Starbucks $50 2 3 10/12/12 Sally Ann $15 4 10/20/12 Elastique $25 5 10/21/12 Bearopolis $96.2 2 Me 1 3 2 My Community 3 My Country 4 My World 5 Good money Ordinary spending
  16. 16. “My Community” view Chequing Savings Last 5 Transactions (Me) My Community 1 10/11/12 1 Thrifties $90 10/12/12 Starbucks $23 2 10/12/12 2 2 3 Sally Ann $600 3 1 3 My Country My World Direct Indirect Spending Spending Good money reach
  17. 17. “My World” view Chequing Savings Me My Community My Country 3 My World 1 12 10/10/12 Island co-op $10 4 2 13 10/12/12 Ebay $800 3 14 10/14/12 Amazon.com 15 4 10/16/12 Vancity international 16 5 10/18/12 Nigerian Tiger found.2 1 5 Direct Indirect Spending Spending Good money reach Good Money gauge
  18. 18. Prompt at log out for less active members
  19. 19. REFERENCEShttps://www.vancity.com/MyCommunity/Impact/Stories/Map/ http://www.akqa.com/#/work/audi/audi-rfi http://www.akqa.com/#/work/visa/go/video