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My Ray Kroc Presentation for economics

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Ray Kroc Presentation Ppt2

  1. 1. Ray Kroc Dan Miller H- Economics Period 4
  2. 2. Kroc’s Early Years  Grew up in Oak Park, Chicago  Was interested in sales and held many lemonade stands  Worked as salesman for Lily Tulip Cup Corporations
  3. 3. The MultiMixer  A machine capable of mixing 5 milkshakes at once  After discovering this invention, Kroc left Lily Tulip Cup Corp. to sell  Kroc traveled all over the US selling this machine  He received and order of 8 from the McDonalds brothers, and left for California to see why they needed to mix 40 milkshakes
  4. 4. Meeting McDonalds Brothers  Kroc became interested in their use of assembly lines to prepare fast food  Noted convince and partnered with brothers  Kroc envisioned many restaurants opening all over the country
  5. 5. Ensuring Financial Success  Franchise Realty Corporation – To ensure profit, Kroc owned/ leased the land restaurants were built on – Kroc & Harry Sonnenborne founded the Franchise Realty Corporation – The F.R.C. bought or leased land all McDonalds were built on – Restaurants then paid rent or percentage of sales to Kroc
  6. 6. Locational Success  Kroc scouted in a small airplane to find ideal locations  Factors considered: – Ease of travel – Close to homes – Near other commerce – Zoning laws
  7. 7. Convience  Kroc changed fast food because he made it convenient – Drive through’s – Meal in under 1 minute – Easy to stop by in your busy life
  8. 8. Quality  Food Quality – Strived for the best possible food, given the circumstances – Banned soy in burgers – Presentation: fries spilling out of cup, etc.  Management Quality – Kroc employed manangers who are capable leaders – Created Hamburger University to teach managers how to run McDonalds – Determination, thorough, loyalty, education, business experience, etc.
  9. 9. Summary  “Ray Kroc was not a creator. When Kroc came onto the scene convenience food already existed in many forms, from local diners to hot dog stands. But it was Kroc who had the cunning ability to grasp all the complexities of the fast food concept and deliver it in the best possible way”  Kroc took something that already existed, and made it better.
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