Conventions of thriller movies


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Conventions of thriller movies

  1. 1. Conventions of thriller movies Grace Bradbury
  2. 2. SCI FI THRILLER: THE MATRIX • Science fiction thrillers often include a story of imaginary, for instance The Matrix: is a theory of machines and computers taking over the world and the human population. • Science fiction is usually based around future predictions… The matrix shows this through futuristic science and technology. • The settings in science fiction are often to be based around reality. The matrix shows a realistic setting, showing normal day life which tricks the audience in thinking that they are living in a game. • Characters are supernatural, for instance Agent Smith, the villain who is powerful and mischievous computer agent that seeks and destroys anomalies in The Matrix.
  3. 3. • The film usually shows a clear protagonist, which is Neo in The Matrix and a clear antagonist, which is Agent Smith. • Science fiction commonly shows futuristic technology… For example in The Matrix, teleportation machines, laser guns and more. Paranormal activities such as mind control and supernatural powers. • The suspense created by Sci Fi thrillers often comes from the two main characters, playing deceptive games with the other. The end scene of The Matrix creates suspense when its hard to see which character defeat the other.
  4. 4. CRIME AND ACTION THRILLER: EAGLE EYE • Crime and action thriller revolve around crime, detection, criminals etc. They produce suspense, excitement and tension to the viewer. For example in the film Eagle Eye, Jerry and Rachael are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. They are told to commit certain crimes others their friends and family will be at risk • Crime and action thriller usually feature against the clock, in this case for Eagle Eye everything has to be done urgently otherwise consequences will be made. • Violence and an obvious antagonist being the FBI and the continuous threating phone call from the woman.
  5. 5. • Crime and action films almost always contains guns, explosions, death and jeopardy. All of these are used throughout the film on Eagle Eye. • Non diegetic sounds are used and parallel sounds. For example in Eagle Eye during action scenes fast pace music is used to add to the suspense. • There is more or less always a protagonist… In Eagle Eye this being Jerry… Do the audience see him as the hero? • Motives are used all through Eagle Eye and many other crime and action thrillers… Money, family and friends are all what keeps Jerry and Rachael do what they do, whether its against the law or not • Suspense is happening throughout the film Eagle Eye, and that’s why its in the genre of crime and action thriller.
  6. 6. How are the conventions different and similar? DIFFERENT SIMILAR Crime and action aren’t key objectives for a sci fi film… Suspense is made through futuristic possibilities Both have clear protagonists and antagonists Crime and action have a possibility of happening in real life… Whereas, Sci fi films are simply fiction. Both fight through violence… Including guns, explosives etc. Sci fi movies usually are set in future settings, or have some sort of time twist in them. Crime and action happen in present time. Both films have a aim or motives within the story.
  7. 7. End of Presentation By Grace Bradbury