Analysing Alternative Pop Music Videos


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Analysing Alternative Pop Music Videos

  1. 1. Analysing Alternative Pop Music Videos ofJessica Ware: Wildest Moments and Delilah: Love you so By Grace Bradbury
  2. 2. In Jessica Ware’s music video of Wildest Momentsthe artist is shown in a white room for the wholeduration of the song and colour palette changed frombeing very dark to very bright. The contrast keeps thefocus on the artist singing and the artist being theconcept throughout. The make up of the artist isalmost perfect… no blemishes or smudges, she lookslike a doll almost. The white room emphasises theartists facial expressions and her lip movement to thelyrics of the song. There is no props or artificiallighting.
  3. 3. In Delilah’s music video of Love You So there issimilarities and differences between her and JessicaWare’s music video. The Location of the artistchanges into a white room but with a dark colourpalette to animation images and old real-lifefootage, highlighting that the location continuouslychanging. Delilah uses codes and conventions ofalternative pop in the music video with the darkcolour palette and the trendy/stylish clothing.However in some scenes she is dressed extravagantlywith feathers and heavy make-up to show power anddominance, also to accentuate the lyrics from themovement of her lips
  4. 4. Camerawork: Jessica Ware
  5. 5. Camerawork: Jessica WareAlthough Jessicas Music Videos content isnt a lot it has a range ofdifferent camera work. Close ups are mainly used a head andshoulder shot used to show her expressions and emotions. Overthe shoulder shots are used are she is rotating the camera islooking from behind. The movement of the camera is using atracking technique a shot where the camera follows the objectwhich is this case is the artist herself.
  6. 6. The camerawork in Delilahs Music Video Love You So also variesfrom numerous close ups to medium shots, there is also two shotswhen showing the female character with a male character . Thethree pictures in the previous slide are an explain of the cameramovement used, the camera is using a ‘crane shot’ the effect isachieved by the camera being put onto a crane that can moveupward in this music video signifying the end of the track.
  7. 7. In Jessica’s music video the editing used is the dark colourpalette it has obviously been altered so it starts of very darkyou can only see the silhouette of the artists face and thenthroughout the music video the video gets lighter and lighter,this is a editing technique that has been used to put emphasison the artists motions.
  8. 8. In this music video it is evident that the editing is face paced. Inthe previous slide it shows the print screens of the track point atthe time of the shot this gives a clear example of how fast theshots are some only last for half a second. The is a lot of jumpcuts and fast transitions.. And sped up motion of the artistsinging as you can see from the blur of the image on theprevious slide…
  9. 9. Alternative Pop Codes and ConventionsAfter analysing these two music video its clearto see what similarities and differences theyhave when compared to each other. When mygroup and I go to film our music video we willwant to conform to some of these codes andconventions to make are genre noticeable to ourtarget audience and stand out from other musicvideos!
  10. 10. End of Presentation Grace Bradbury