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Mild depression therapist murfreesboro
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Mild depression therapist murfreesboro


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Easy and quick tips for relieving your depression symptoms. If you are seeking counseling I specialize in women's issues in Murfreesboro, TN

Easy and quick tips for relieving your depression symptoms. If you are seeking counseling I specialize in women's issues in Murfreesboro, TN

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Grace Bluerock, LCSWCounselor in Murfreesboro, TN5 Ways to Ease Your Mild DepressionGrace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008,
  • 2. 5 Ways to Ease Your Mild DepressionGrace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008,
  • 3. Kitty Love?Pets provide an outlet forunconditional love, takingcare of another creature,being selfless and eliminatingmild stress and depression.Studies show people who owndomestic animals live longer,are happier, healthier, andhave a deeper respect for life.Grace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008,
  • 4. Get Fit!Easing stress and anxiety,which often lead todepression, and will alsoimprove cardiovascular health.Any sustained activity is abenefit but 30 minutes a dayis recommended. Ideas foryou to try: walk your dogaround the neighborhood,watch a sit-com while walkingon a treadmill, do a circuit ofeasy exercises: jumping jacks,sit-ups, push-ups, and others.Grace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008,
  • 5. Invest in Helping OthersVolunteering will give you apurpose higher thanyourself. This can take yourmind off your own worries.Not only will you be helpingothers you will be aligningyour energy with that whichyou want to attract.Teach a class, read tosomeone, perform forseniors, give of yourself andyou will be happier.Grace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008,
  • 6. Improve Your SleepThe loss of sleep is one ofthe leading causes ofstress and anxiety. Andfinally, the use of portableair filters will help toremove allergens in theair and will leave yourroom with a feeling ofcleanliness. This mayhelp to ease allergies,which often disrupt sleepand can lead to anxietythroughout the day.Grace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008,
  • 7. Eliminate Triggering BehaviorsIf your schoolwork is toodemanding, considerevaluating your courses andwhich are most importantfor your education. If arelationship is what has youin a rut, consider acounseling session forcouples or talk with yourpartner about whatever it isthat’s troubling you. If theproblem is too great towork through, considersome time apart toreevaluate your relationshipand see if the depressioneases after a trialseparation.Grace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008,
  • 8. Bonus Tip- Seek Help Therapy can assist with stress control. I work as a therapist in Murfreesboro, TN myspecialization is in Women’s issues including stress,anxiety, depression, and grief. Searching for a therapist is easy, the yellow pages, or Google can help you.Grace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008,
  • 9. Photo CreditsGrace Bluerock, LCSW, 615-427-5008, www.gracebluerock.comphoto credit: <a href="">galaxies andhurricanes</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <ahref="">cc</a>photo credit: <ahref="">Dirigentens</a> via <ahref="">photopin</a> <ahref="">cc</a>photo credit: <a href="">djwhelan</a>via <a href="">photopin</a> <ahref="">cc</a>photo credit: <a href="">nosha</a> via<a href="">photopin</a> <ahref="">cc</a>photo credit: <ahref="">martinak15</a>via <a href="">photopin</a> <ahref="">cc</a>photo credit: <ahref="">graphistolage</a> via <ahref="">photopin</a> <ahref="">cc</a>