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  1. 1. THE MIDDLE AGES: GUILDS By: Zach Graber
  2. 2. HISTORY • The guilds in the Middle Ages were an important part of life in Medieval times.• A higher social status could be achieved through guild membership, and feudalism encouraged people to do this.• There were two main kinds of Medieval guilds - Merchant Guilds and Craft Guilds.
  3. 3. WHAT GUILDS ARE• The word “guild” is from the Saxon “gilden” meaning "to pay" and refers to the subscription paid to the Guilds by their members. • Other words associated with the term guild include association, society, brotherhood, company, fello wship, fraternity and livery.• The guilds of the Middle Ages were licensed from 1170 and were similar to modern labor unions where the guilds set standards for their professions and protected the interests of their
  4. 4. WHY GUILDS WERE CREATED • The system of Feudalism during the Middle Ages allowed the lords and owners of the land to tax the towns people and their trades.• In Medieval England which was run to the feudal system it was impossible for just one man to make objections to the rate and amount of tax that the lord demanded.
  5. 5. PURPOSE FOR THE GUILDS• The purpose of the guilds was to keep each members territory exclusive. If you were a baker, your guild promised you a certain amount of space before another baker could build a shop.• If your shop burned down, the guild would care for you and your family. • Guilds also arranged social occasions and festivals for its members.
  6. 6. THE MERCHANT GUILDS• The Merchant Guild was able to negotiate with the lord and the trade levy became regulated. • The Merchant Guilds controlled the way in which trade was conducted in the towns and cities and applied rules to the way in which trade was conducted during the Middle Ages. • The power of the Merchant Guild members increased greatly. The livelihood of individual trades or crafts within a medieval town, or city, was being jeopardized.
  7. 7. THE CRAFT GUILDS • The Merchant Guilds were imposing regulations on the individual traders or craftsmen to regulate prices and supply.• The individual crafts and trades established their own guilds.
  8. 8. CRAFTS MADE FROM THE GUILDThese trades or crafts included: Masons Carpenters Painters Cloth Makers Tanners Bakers Shoemakers, or cobblers Apothecaries Candle makers
  9. 9. REFERENCES ages.htm
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