Samsung reference book 2009


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Samsung reference book 2009

  1. 1. Imaginethe secure and safe future you will create with Samsung Electronics.
  2. 2. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 2 Education BICOCCA UNIVERSITY (Italy), Chesterfield County,VA (USA) City University Of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (China) Northwest People University of Nationalities (China) Newcastle University (UK), Sarasota,FL (USA) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) Sarasota, FL University of London University of Guangzhou University of London (UK), University IBMEC (Brazil) Zhejiang University School of Medicine (China) Samsung Electronics provides a safe educational environment throughout the world. The Samsung Electronics CCTV products protect schools, universities & many various educational organizations throughout the world, providing them all with a safe & secure environment within which to study & play. Samsung Electronics’ proven technology optimum performance. SCC-641 SCC-C6435 SCC-931T SCC-B5353 SCC-B5311 SHR-5082 With a subtle design that blends into the background of an educational environment, the security systems of Samsung Electronics protect & ensure safety.
  3. 3. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 3 Financial Institutions American Express (Mexico), Bank of China (China) Bancorepublica Central Bank (Colombia), Bank of Brazil (Brazil) Bank Santander (Brazil), Bank of Ayuthaya (Thai), Optimising vision, reducing dead spaces nd providing a high durable impact BANK BNP PARIBAS (France), China Merchants Bank (China), resitant produc for many external applications. Colmena Bank (Colombia), Electra Bank (Peru), Electra Bank (Peru), Industrial and commercial bank of china (China), Krungthai Bank (Thai), Yokohama Bank (Japan), Hukuoka Bank (Japan) SCC-931T SCC-C9302 SCC-B5395 SHR-5162 Samsung Electronics protects the assets of customers 24 hours a day. Tens of Thousands of CCTV cameras from Samsung Electronics are in operation 24 hours a day, protecting the assets of over 1 Billion people. throughout the world. In addition, Samsung Electronics plays an ever increasing role in enhancing safety and security for some of the world’s largest global finance companies. Bank of China Bank of Ayuthaya Denis Bank Bank BNP Paribas
  4. 4. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 4 Manufacturing Sites 3M Plant (Colombia), Aschlan Tire Manufactoring (Brazil) BMW Motorcycle Factory Berlin (Germany), FAMET (Poland) Bavaria Beer Company (Colombia), El Tiempo Newspaper (Colombia) Johnson & Johnson (Peru), Michelin Tire manufacturing (Brazil) Nuh Cement Factory (Turkey), Nestle Chocolate (South Africa) Procter & Gamble (Peru), Procter & Gamble (Peru) Opel (General Motors) Russelsheim (Germany) Phiser Medical Laboratory (Brazil), Steelworks Company Acesita (Brazil) Schott (Germany), Swedwood (Poland) SCC-B2315 SCC-643A SCC-C6435 SCC-C7435 SCC-931T SCC-C9302 SMT-1921 Samsung Electronics is used for the protection & safety of industrial facilities 365 days a year. Samsung Electronics’ proven technology - optimum performance. Samsung Electronics security systems provide the products to enable the management and day-to day functions off the most complex CCTV systems from simple alarms, remote monitoring of security, tracking safety related incidents and following works in progress. Samsung Electronics takes pride in the high durability of it’s security systems, which can withstand severe & hostile weather conditions as well as resisting acts of vandalism. Nuh Cement Factory Nestle Chocolate Using powerful, focused, robust & reliable cameras, protected within dust-proof, moisture-proof, and anti-vandal housings.
  5. 5. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 5 Museums Maintaining descrete surveillance ensuring a peaceful, safe & secure visit in a tranquil environment. China national Museum of Fine Arts (China), Certosa di Padula (Italy) Hermitage (Russia), Museum Quai Branly (France), Palace of Caserta (Italy), Museum Quai Branly outside China National Museum of Suzhou Museums (China) Fine Arts Museum QuaiBranly inside Samsung Electronics protecting the cultural heritage of mankind. Blending into the background of the cultural enviroments of Museums from around the world, Samsung Electronics CCTV products ensure that the past is preserved in a safe & secure environment and that our heritage is maintained for enjoyment Museum Quai Branly in the future. Museum Quai Branly SCC-643A SCC-C6435 SCC-B5353 SCC-B5315 SMT-1721 SHR-5160
  6. 6. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 6 Hotels & Resorts Beijng Shangri-la Hotel (China), Beijing Sofitel Hotel (China), China World Hotel (China), Fishermans Wharf (Macau), Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel (China), Hyatt Regency (Turkey), Ivis Hotel (Mexico), Landmark Hotel (Macau), Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong), Radisson SAS (Turkey), Royal Continental Naples (Italy), Steigenberger Hotel (Germany), Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers (Hong Kong), The Park Lane (Hong Kong), Westin Hotels & Resorts (China), W Hotel (Turkey) SCC-C6435 SCC-C7435 SCC-B5313 SCC-B5352 SMT-1921 SHR-5042 Samsung Electronics’ maintaining the privacy, security and safety of customers simultaneously. Samsung Electronics elegant CCTV designs suit the interiors and design of the latest most modern hotels to the bespoke needs of boutique resorts. Installed either inside or outside Samsung Electronics enhance the levels of security & safety of customers & staff alike whilst still ensuring high levels of privacy. Hyatt Recency Hyatt Recency Sensitive design and suitable feature func- tions ensure optimum safety & protect for its users. Hyatt Recency
  7. 7. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 7 Historical Places Patrikhane (Turkey), Sao Paulo Room (Brazil), Valley of the Temples (Italy), Villa del Casale (Italy), Yerebatan (Turkey) Patrikhane Yerebatan Patrikhane Samsung Electronics provides protection for historical places. Samsung Electronics’ products have been used to descretely blend into the background so that the unique appearance and atmosphere of historical sites around the world remain protected and ensure the safety of visitors. SCC-B2311 SCC-B5353 SCC-B5313 outdoor housing SHR-5080 SMT-1721Around the clock surveillance ensures the protection of ancient artifacts, minimising harmfulactions such as damaging or looting. Around the world, Samsung Electronics protects. Yerebatan
  8. 8. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 8 Retail & Commercial Buildings Al Kosto-Carrefour (Colombia), Auchan (China), BMW Showroom (Germany), China Mobile Business Hall (China), Coca cola (Mexico), Carrefour Bialystok (Poland), Metro BMW Showroom Schott Department Store C&A (Brazil), Department Store Riachuelo (Brazil), Department Store Marisa (Brazil), Department Store Casas Bahia (Brazil), DOKOMO SERVICE (Japan), DIAMOND CITY (Japan), Esprit (Hong Kong), Fegro (Germany), Frys Store Chain (USA), Guangdong Telecom Plaza (China), Iltari jewelries (Italy), KFC China (China), Liverpool (Mexico), Motorola Motoshop (Hong Kong), Marks & Spencer (Hong Kong), Mc Donalds (Germany), Metro Cash & Carry (France), Mitsukoshi Department (Japan), OfficeMax (USA), PetsMart (USA), Shandong International Centre (China), Sofmap (Japan), Wellcome Supermarket (Hong Kong), Won Stores (Peru), Wuhan New World Centre (China), Wuhan Department Store (China), Wal Mart (Mexico) Samsung Electronics providing CCTV products for the protection & provision of security in Restaurants/commercial work places, Shopping Malls, Showrooms, Supermarkets, Retail Chains, Corporate Offices & High Street Shops. Samsung Electronics consistantly provide the best security systems to prevent burglary and enhance safety in the work place. Providing relevant information to users, easily, rapidly and accurately. Samsung Electronics’ proven technology- optimum performance, ensuring satisfaction to renowned global clients around the world. SCC-643A SCC-C7435 SCC-C6435 SCC-C6403 SCC-641 SHR-2162Assisting in business by protecting staff, customers &property simultaneously. Metro (Head Office)
  9. 9. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 9 High Security Installations Dalian Prison (China), Guangxi Prison (China), Jiangxi Prison Administrative Bureau (China), Mexico Customs (Mexico), President Facilities (Colombia), Prision Minas Gerais (Brazil), Prision Parana (Brazil), Prision Sao Paulo (Brazil), Prison in Chile (Chile), Prison Kluang (Malaysia), SILIVRI Prison (Turkey), Supreme Court of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), State Prison (Chile), Yunan Prison (China) SILIVRI Prison SILIVRI Prison Dalian Prison Samsung Electronics provide advanced CCTV equipment for use in prisons. Prisons require high-tech, reliable & robust security systems that thoroughly, accurately and continually monitor their environment. Controlling & monitoring the internal and facilities, activation & alarm generations from detection of movement. The cameras & Digital Video Recorders from Samsung Electronics operate 24 hours a day for continuous surveillance and satisfy the needs od prisons & prison officers around the world. Samsung Electronics’ proven technology optimum performance. SCC-B2315 SCC-C4201/C4301 SCC-C4205/C4305 SCC-C4205/C4305 SCC-C4207/C4307 SMC-213 SHR-5162 SILIVRI Prison
  10. 10. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 10 Ports & Docks Algiers Port (Algeria), Callao Seaport (Peru), Manta Seaport (Ecuador), Port of Maceio (Brazil), Port of Recife (Brazil), Port of Miami (USA), Sea Lands Baia e Gaiola (Italy), Tampa Bay (USA) SCC-C6435 SCC-C7435 SCC-641 SCC-931T SCC-C9302 SCC-B5395 Samsung Electronics CCTV products monitor the flow of world logistics around the globe, around the clock. Samsung Electronics takes pride in the high durability of their anti-vandal camera range, withstanding acts of vandalism and not suffering damage, The anti-vandal camera ranges can also withstand inclement weather conditions Ensuring security of wide number of areas within a and maintain full functionality ensuring port/dock by utilisastion of one of the many features of the ongoing monitoring of the port/ dock a standard Samsung Electronics camera. its containers, it ships & it’s personnel. Port of Miami Algiers’ Port Algiers’ Port
  11. 11. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 11 Airports Frankfurt Airport Johannesburg Airport Bydgoszcz Airport (Poland), Frankfurt Airport (Germany), Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (China), Johannesburg Airport (South Africa), KK International Airport (Malaysia), Miami Airport (USA), Orly Airport (France), Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (France), Palemo Airport (Italy), Rzeszow Airport (Poland), Shanghai Pudong Airport (China), Sydney Airport (Australia), Trapani Birgi Airport (Italy) Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Orly Airport Samsung Electronics protect airports from potential acts of terrorism, enhances safety & minimises accidents. Samsung Electronics security systems play the most important role in airports, where security is paramount. The CCTV products provided by Samsung Electronics make a significant contribution to the day to day running of many airports around the world, assisting in the prevention of terrorism, crime, accidents & enhancing the safety of passengers. Samsung Electronics product have been used in almost every area, of an airport Airside, Customs, Custody Suites, AirFreight, Gates, Car Parks, Access Roads, Freight Control Areas, Duty Free, Restaurants, Bars, Runways & Booking in Areas. Samsung Electronics ensuring the safety & protection of SCC-931T SCC-B5395 SCC-B5313 SCC-C9302 SMT-4011 all passengers & staff moving throughout the world. Chales de Gaulle Airport
  12. 12. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 12 Sports Complex & Leisure Centres Beijing Olympic Center (China), Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt (Germany), Maracana Soccer Stadium (Brazil), Parana Soccer Stadium (Brazil), Skating Sport Center Noginsk (Russia), Tianjin Olympic Center (China) Samsung Electronics protecting the safety of Sports Stadiums, Leisure Centes, Spectators & Sportspeople the world over. Samsung Electronics CCTV products have been installed in a vast number of governmental facilities and buildings throughout the world including Olympic Stadiums, public facilities, Sports Complexes, Leisure Centres & Health Centres. Samsung Electronics CCTV products have been used extensively for the protection of people & property in public areas vents, preventing accidents, enhancing security and providing protection. SCC-643A SCC-641 SCC-C6435 SCC-C7435 SCC-C4235/C4335 SMT-3211 SHR-5080 Tianjin Olympic Center Sensitive design and suitable feature functions ensure optimum safety & protect for its users. Tianjin Olympic Center
  13. 13. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 13 Casino’s & Gaming Samsung Electronics is the security partner for the entertainment business. Casino Real Caguas (Puerto Rico), Casino Gran Melia (Puerto Rico), Golden Palace Casino (Peru), Galaxy Waldo Casino (Macau), Casinos use Samsung Electronics CCTV products for many Hong Kong Jockey Club (Hong Kong), M.V. Jimei (Hong Kong), different applications from the Gaming Tables, Slot Machines, Palmas Del Mar Hotel & Casino (Puerto Rico), Rio Casino (Macau) ATM/Cash Machines, Back of House, Cash Counting, Bars, Restaurant & Dining areas to Reception areas to ensure that the customer enjoys the visit in the safest of environments. Many sites throughout the world use Samsung Electronics CCTV products from small systems using up to 30-40 cameras to larger multiple site casinos where using many hundreds of cameras is the norm. Casino in Puerto Rico SCC-B5353 SCC-B5315 SCC-C9302 SCC-931T SMC-213 SSC-2000
  14. 14. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 14 Hospital & Healthcare Memorial Hospital Beijing Hospital (China), Gatesville Medical Centre (South Africa), Harbin Medical University (China), Krankenhaus Worms (Germany), Memorial Hospital (Turkey), Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital (South Africa), Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital (Hong Kong), Princess Margaret Hospital (Hong Kong), Shanhai Songjiang 1st Peoples Hospital (China), Santa Cruz Campinas Hospital (Brazil), Tseung Kwan O Hospital (Hong Kongs) Gatesville Medical Centre Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital Samsung Electronics CCTV products working within the healthcare industry - optimum safety & security, minimum interaction. Samsung Electronics security systems protecting the safety of patients, staff & hospitals. Used in almost every location throughout a hospital from the emer ency g rooms, intensive care units, lobbies, to the reception areas. As Hospitals become larger, more consideration is given to products that allow control from a central point. This optimises effeciency and minimises expense.Deters inappropriate behavior, monitors staff &visitors, protects property minimises vandalism. SCC-C6435 SCC-641 SCC-643A SCC-B5353 SCC-B5315 SCC-B5393
  15. 15. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 15 Infrastructure & Roads CLP Group (HK Largest Electric Supplier) (Hong Kong), Fujian Shaosan Highway (China), Germany Transportation (Germany), Gansu Expressway (China), Henan Expressway (China), Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor (Hong Kong), Guangzhou Metro Carriage Surveillance (China), Liaoning Panjin Expressway (China), Los Angeles Air Force (USA), Longest Vehicle Tunnel in Colombia (Colombia), Samsung Electronics CCTV products protect vehicles and cargo. Melbourne Metro System (Australia), Macau Electricity Company (Macau), National Army Force (Turkey), Occidente fo Antioquia Tunnel (Colombia), CCTV Products from Samsung Electronics have been used to provide protection Race track for Car and Motorcycle Ledenon (France), Shanxi Expressway (China), and aide assistance on High ways, Motorways, Road Terminals, Shenzhen Metro Carriage Surveillance (China), Subway Frankfurt (Germany) Distribution/Haulage Centres and Cargo storage facilities. The cameras supplied by Samsung Electronics have used various functions including Day & Night, WDR, BLC, DNR, to ensure optimum performance in difficult conditions. SCC-C6435 SCC-C7435 SCC-643A SCC-641 SCC-931T SCC-C9302 SCC-B5393 SHR-5040 Race track for Car and Motorcylce Ledenon Samsung Electronics, the provision of high quality images for the identification of numbers plates & vehicles. Germany Transportation
  16. 16. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 16 Cruise Liners Samsung Electronics ensuring the safety related threats that may occur among congested crowds in large cruise ships, amusement parks, etc. Royal Caribbean International (USA)SNC-B5395 SNC-M300 SNC-B2315 SCC-931T SCC-C9302 SCC-B5393 SMT-1921 Samsung Electronics CCTV products protect the safety of the largest cruise ship in the world. Approximately 3,000 security cameras built by Samsung are installed in 29 cruise ships including ‘Freedom of the Sea’ of Royal Caribbean International, the largest cruise ship in the Royal Caribbean International world. These ships sail through 160 countries around the globe, protecting approximately 300,000 passengers a year.
  17. 17. SAMSUNG SECURITY | 17 City Surveillances Armenia City Safety Project (Colombia), Acapulco City (Mexico), Marsala Surveillance Town (Italy), Naucalpan City (Mexico), Palermo Surveillance Town (Italy), Shenzhen City Safety Project (China), Trapani Surveillance Town (Italy), Tunja Safety Project (Colombia), Tianjin City Surveillance (China), Villavicencio City Safety Project (Colombia) SCC-C7435 SCC-B2315 SCC-B2311 outdoor housing SMT-4011 Samsung Electronics CCTVs protect you and your neighborhood from threats within your daily life. It is a trend that more and more local governments are enforcing their city surveillance by investing CCTV equipments in order to prevent intented crimes by maximizing surveillance appearance. Of course, Samsung Electronics’ fully functional PTZ cameras will help you to build the most safest city in the world. Palermo City Surveillance (Italy)
  18. 18. We at Video Security SystemDivision of Samsung Electronics care continuously about globalsafety and contented futures. The security systems of Samsung Electronics are in operation in many more regions around the world other than those indicated in this page, being recognized on a global scale. Separately, some sites have not been mentioned owing to unavoidable circumstances. Samsung’s products have been installed at numerous sites in addition to those mentioned in this brochure and they will be updated periodically. The images contained here may be different from actual ones. Some of the information may be changed without prior notice.
  19. 19. Samsung Reference Site List Education Procter & Gamble (Peru) Historical Places Hospitals & Healt BICOCCA UNIVERSITY (Italy) Phiser Medical Laboratory (Peru) Patrikhane (Turkey) Beijing Hospital (China) City University Of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Steelworks Company Acesita (Brazil) Sao Paulo Room (Brazil) Gatesville Medical Centre (South Africa) Chesterfield County,VA (USA) Schott (Germany) Valley of the Temples (Italy) Harbin Medical University (China) Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (China) Swedwood (Poland) Villa del Casale (Italy) Krankenhaus Worms (Germany) Newcastle University (UK) Yerebatan (Turkey) Memorial Hospital (Turkey) Northwest People University of Nationalities (China) Museums Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital (South Africa) Sarasota, FL (USA) China national Museum of Fine Arts (China) High Security Installations Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) Certosa di Padula (Italy) Dalian Prison (China) Princess Margaret Hospital (Hong Kong) University of London (UK) Hermitage (Russia) Guangxi Prison (China) Shanhai Songjiang 1st People’s Hospital (China) University IBMEC (Brazil) Museum Quai Branly (France) Jiangxi Prison Administrative Bureau (China) Santa Cruz Campinas Hospital (Brazil) Zhejiang University School of Medicine (China) Palace of Caserta (Italy) Mexico Customs (Mexico) Tseung Kwan O Hospital (Hong Kong) Suzhou Museums (China) President Facilities (Colombia) Financial Institutions Prision Minas Gerais (Brazil) Infrastructure & Roads American Express (Brazil) Hotels & Resorts Prision Parana (Brazil) CLP Group (HK Largest Electric Supplier) (Hong Kong) AM Bank (Malaysia) Beijng Shangri-la Hotel (China) Prision Sao Paulo (Brazil) Fujian Shaosan Highway (China) Alliance Bank (Malaysia) Beijing Sofitel Hotel (China) Prison in Chile (Chile) Germany Transportation (Germany) Agriculture Bank of China (China) China World Hotel (China) Prison Kluang (Malaysia) Gansu Expressway (China) BGZ Bank (Poland) Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel (China) SILIVRI Prison (Turkey) Henan Expressway (China) Bank Utama (Malaysia) Hyatt Regency (Macau) Supreme Court of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor (Hong Kong) Bank Rakyat (Malaysia) Landmark Hotel (Mexico) State Prison (Chile) Guangzhou Metro Carriage Surveillance (China) Bank Simpanan Nasional (Malaysia) Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong) Yunan Prison (China) Liaoning Panjin Expressway (China) Bancorepublica Central Bank (Colombia) Ivis Hotel (Mexico) Los Angeles Air Force (USA) Bank of Brazil (Brazil) Radisson SAS (Turkey) Port & Docks Longest Vehicle Tunnel in Colombia (Colombia) Bank Santander (Brazil) Royal Continental Naples (Italy) Algiers’ Port (Algeria) Melbourne Metro System (Australia) Bank Real (Brazil) Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers (Hong Kong) Callao Seaport (Peru) Macau Electricity Company (Macau) Bank Caixa Economica Federal (Brazil) Steigenberger Hotel (Germany) Manta Seaport (Ecuador) National Army Force (Turkey) Bank of China (China) The Park Lane (Hong Kong) Port of Maceio (Brazil) Occidente fo Antioquia Tunnel (Turkey) Bank of Ayuthaya (Thai) Radisson SAS (Turkey) Port of Recife (Brazil) Race track for Car and Motorcycle Ledenon (Colombia) BANK BNP PARIBAS (France) Westin Hotels & Resorts (China) Sea Lands Baia e Gaiola (Italy) Shanxi Expressway (China) Construction bank of china (China) W Hotel (Turkey) Port of Miami (USA) Shenzhen Metro Carriage Surveillance (China) China Merchants Bank (China) Tampa Bay (USA) Subway Frankfurt (Germany) Credit corroborative in rural areas of china (China) Retail & Commercial Buildings Colmena Bank (Colombia) Al Kosto-Carrefour (Colombia) Airports Cruise Liners Central Bank (Colombia) Auchan (China) Aeromexico (Mexico) Royal Caribbean International (USA) Deutsche Banken (Germany) BMW Showroom (Germany) Bydgoszcz Airport (Poland) DBS Bank Limited (Hong Kong) China Mobile Business Hall (China) Frankfurt Airport (Germany) City Surveillaces DENIZ BANK (Turkey) Coca cola (Mexico) Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (China) Armenia City Safety Project (Colombia) Electra Bank (Peru) Carrefour Bialystok (Poland) Johannesburg Airport (South Africa) Acapulco City (Mexico) Maybank Finance (Malaysia) Department Store C&A (Brazil) KK International Airport (Malaysia) Marsala Surveillance Town (Italy) Public Finance (Malaysia) Department Store Riachuelo (Brazil) Miami Airport (USA) Naucalpan City (Mexico) Raiffeisenbanken (Germany) Department Store Marisa (Brazil) Orly Airport (France) Palermo City Surveillance (Italy) Sparkassen (Germany) Department Store Casas Bahia (Brazil) Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (France) Shenzhen City Safety Project (China) HSBC (Turkey) DOKOMO SERVICE (Japan) Palemo Airport (Italy) Trapani Surveillance Town (Italy) HSBC (Mexico) DIAMOND CITY (Japan) Rzeszow Airport (Poland) Tianjin City Surveillance (China) HSBC (Hongkong) Esprit (Hong Kong) Shanghai Pudong Airport (China) Tunja Safety Project (Colombia) HSBC (Brazil) Fegro (Germany) Sydney Airport (Australia) Villavicencio City Safety Project (Colombia) Hukuoka Bank (Japan) Fry’s Store Chain (USA) Trapani Birgi Airport (Italy) Industrial and commercial bank of china (China) Guangdong Telecom Plaza (China) Krungthai Bank (Thai) Iltari jewelries (Italy) Sports Complex & Leisure Centres The People’s Bank of China (China) KFC China (China) Beijing Olympic Center (China) Wall Street Journal Building (USA) Liverpool (Mexico) Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt (Germany) Yokohama Bank (Japan) Motorola Motoshop (Hong Kong) Maracana Soccer Stadium (Brazil) Marks & Spencer (Hong Kong) Parana Soccer Stadium (Brazil) Manufacturing Sites Mc Donalds (Germany) Skating Sport Center Noginsk (Russia) 3M Plant (Colombia) Metro Cash & Carry (France) Tianjin Olympic Center (China) Aschlan Tire Manufactoring (Brazil) Mitsukoshi Department (Japan) Bavaria Beer Company (Colombia) OfficeMax (USA) Casinoʼs & Gaming BMW Motorcycle Factory Berlin (Germany) PetsMart (USA) Casino Real Caguas (Puerto Rico) El Tiempo Newspaper (Colombia) Shandong International Centre (China) Casino Gran Melia (Puerto Rico) FAMET (Poland) Sofmap (Japan) Golden Palace Casino (Peru) Johnson & Johnson (Peru) Wellcome Supermarket (Hong Kong) Galaxy Waldo Casino (Macau) Michelin Tire manufacturing (Brazil) Won Stores (Peru) Hong Kong Jockey Club (Hong Kong) Nuh Cement Factory (Turkey) Wuhan New World Centre (China) M.V. Jimei (Hong Kong) Nestle Chocolate (South Africa) Wuhan Department Store (China) Palmas Del Mar Hotel & Casino (Puerto Rico) Opel (General Motors) Russelsheim (Germany) Wal Mart (Mexico) Rio Casino (Macau)
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