Teen Drama Shows Over The Year

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  • 1. Teen Drama Shows Gowthaman Seevaratnam
  • 2. Teen drama shows have developedover the years, but still the same.This presentation will explain how.
  • 4. ------------------1959----------------- The Many Loves of Dobie GillisThis show is about a teenager wanted the life with money,being popular, and getting all the girls.
  • 5. ------------------1988----------------- The Wonder YearsThis show is about a boy and his best friend starting highschool.
  • 6. ------------------1989------------------ Saved by the BellThis show is about six individual students and their lives inhigh school.
  • 7. ------------------1989----------------- Degrassi HighThis show is about different students and how each ofthem make their way through high school.
  • 8. ------------------1993------------------ Boy Meets WorldThis show is about two best friends and how they make itthrough high school, and how they face challenges alongthe way.
  • 9. ------------------1997------------------ Breaker HighThis show is about high school students that travel theworld on a cruise ship.
  • 10. ------------------1998------------------ Dawson’s CreekThis show is about four friends from a small town. They gothrough different types of teenage drama and how theyresolve it.
  • 11. ------------------1999------------------ PopularThis show is about two step sisters that are the same age,but from different social groups in high school try andbreak the walls.
  • 12. ------------------2003------------------ One Tree HillThis show is about 5 teenagers that live in a small townand the challenges they face in high school.
  • 13. ------------------2003------------------ The OCThis show is about a street-smart teen that gets involedwith high class society teens and how he copes.
  • 14. -------------------2004----------------- Laguna BeachUnlike the other shows, Laguna beach was a reality show.This show followed a couple of teens and recorded theirnormal and dramatic lives.
  • 15. ------------------2007------------------ Gossip GirlThis show is about high class teenagers that attend aprivate school in New York.
  • 16. ------------------2008------------------ 90210This show is about a group of teenagers and how theycope through high school life.
  • 17. Basically this presentation shows how teen high schooldramas have grown through the years. It also shows howthey stayed the same. The way they changed is they nowhave more drama and less school. The clothing haschanged over the years. The thing that stayed the same isthe group of friends or like the two friends going into highschool.
  • 18.  The trend back then was using school in the shows. It shows the students in class and doing things in the class room and not a lot of drama. The trend right now is more drama, less school. If you do see the main character in a class room its probably only for a couple of seconds. I think the trend in the future will be no school at all. Look back at all the trends, school is starting to fade away from teen drama.
  • 19. High Culture / Low Culture Low culture people would watch these teen dramas and buy the DVD’s and actually get into the drama in the show. High culture people wouldn’t watch this show, or buy the DVD’s
  • 20. Audience. The target audience for these shows are for people who like drama and suspense shows. The shows take place in high school so the teens that watch it might go through the same thing that why they might keep watching it. I like this because it puts shows how teens are in high school and what they go through. I dislike it because some of the situations are unreal.