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  1. 1. Sri Gurubhyo Namaha Bio-data of R Govind Hari 10-3-32/9/21, East Marredpally, Nehrunagar (East), Secunderabad 500026, AP, India Phone: 040-27737396 Fax: 040-27732386 Mobile: 98491-68193 Email: rgovindhari@gmail.com 1
  2. 2. Name: R Govind Hari Address: 10-3-32/9/21, East Marredpally, Nehrunagar (East), Secunderabad 500026, AP, India Phone: Office: 040-66333299 Residence: 040-27732386 Fax: 040-27805959 Mobile: 98491-68193 Email: rgovindhari@gmail.com Secretary National Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha Chairman Sri Pushpagiri Vitreo Retinal Institute - A super speciality eye care institute. Chairman & Managing Pushpagiri Healthcare Hospitals Pvt. Ltd Director Honorary Administrator Sri Pushpagiri Mahasamasthanam Managing Trustee Sri Pushpagiri Charitable Trust General Secretary Sri Puspagiri Bharathi Samskruta Veda Patasala Publisher Pushpagiri Bharati General Secretary Sankara Vidyalaya General Secretary Om Vidyalaya General Secretary All India Movement for Seva – AP Chapter Trustee All India Movement for Seva (National Movement) Convener National Co-ordination Council (AIMS) Ex-EC Member Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam - D.P.P. Trustee Shanmugha Institute for Mentally Challenged Managing Partner Irrigation Equipment Corporation Managing Director IE Infra Pvt.Ltd., 2
  3. 3. R Govind Hari, born on 4th December 1953 at Hyderabad into a spiritual and God fearing Brahmin family of Late Sri S Ramamurthy, who was an eminent educationist and philanthropist. He is married to Smt. Gowri and is blessed with two sons. His Holiness Sri Puspagiri Govind Hari born in the spiritually and Shankarachary at Tirumala during culturally rich country called India had the the execution of Tirumala Project opportunity to be associated with many Peetams, Mutts, Charitable Health Care and Educational Institutes. He has and is still associated with many Peetams, Mutts, Charitable Health Care and Educational Institutes in significant and important positions a few of them are: Trustee & General Secretary for AIM for Seva (All India Movement for Seva) – All India Movement for Seva is a movement to bring about a change amongst people of India to care for those who need help. The word “Seva” which means service with care, itself indicates the goal of this Explaining the developments at organization. one of the Tribal Hostels to his Holiness Sri Dayananda Saraswathi Swamiji A few of the activities of AIM for Seva are: i. Education ii. Health Care iii. Programs for Women Empowerment iv. Environmental Protection and Improvement v. Cultural Validation vi. Student Homes in Andhra Pradesh for tribal’s 3
  4. 4. Also there are numerous programmes under each of the said categories in Andhra Pradesh AIM for Seva has started Educational, Health Care, Environmental and Cultural Programmes in Khammam and Rangareddy Districts and is in the process of reaching to the other Districts of Andhra Pradesh, and plans to cover all the Districts by the year 2007. A few of the beneficiaries at one of the Free Eye Camps Apart from special programmes for Cultural Validation, AIM for Seva incorporates Cultural Education, and teaches ethics, dance, music, etc., to the children at the Student Homes and Balawadis. AIM for Seva also runs Health Care Centers and imparts knowledge on usage of traditional medicines for common illness. Chatralaya Program is a unique program under AIM for Seva, which provides an opportunity to children from poor families, which makes them educated, strong, confident, productive and responsible. A few of the beneficiaries at one of the Free Eye Camps The Handicraft Project of AIM for Seva is directly supporting Indian Art Forms by training and employing artisans from various parts of the state. The Environment Program includes increasing the awareness about our tradition which looks upon human and the environment as a part of one integrated system. We at AIM for Seva believe that when the vision is revived, people will naturally respect and protect the environment. 4
  5. 5. National Secretary – Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha – A Confederation of all the Acharyas, Matadhipatis, Peetadhipatis, Mandaleshwars, Maha Mandaleshwars, represent as Heads of our Hindu Sampradayas – Apex body of Hindus. As the National Secretary, having rich experience while participating Addressing the outgoing in several causes concerning Hindu probationers at MCR Institute, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad Dharma constantly guiding and providing Leadership on all the matters concerning Hindu Dharma.. Chairman & Managing Director - Pushpagiri Health Care Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., An Eye Hospital – Super Speciality Total Eye Care Speciality Hospital providing Eye Care services at affordable rates and also conducting Comprehensive Speciality Eye Care Camps by Sensitizing. Screening and surgically curing identified cases at affordable costs. The mission is to cover the maximum Diabetic population and identify With eminent educationist and Sight Threatening Diabetic Retinopathy IIT Fame Sri C.Ramaiah problems through which Preventing Blindness due to Diabetice. Focus on establishing several such centers in South India in the next 5 Years. Participating in the fourth Hindu Dharma With His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ravi Acharya Sabha held during January Shankar Maharaj at the Dharma Prachar 2010, at Hyderabad Pramukh Sabha 5
  6. 6. Honorary General Secretary for Sankara Vidyalaya – The school with a difference established in the year 2003 at Padma Rao Nagar, Secunderabad. A school that strongly believes in philosophy. Under the guidance of the Seers of Kanchi, the school evolved a system that lends modern education with age old wisdom, resulting in an unique learning experience to the child. The children while learning their academic subjects imbibe lessons from our Indian value system. Honorary Administrator Sri Puspagiri Mahasamasthanam and Managing Trustee for Sri Puspagiri Charitable Trust– Pushpagiri Peetam is the abode of outstanding Vedic Scholars and rendezvous for protagonists of Vedic Culture, Varna Ashrama Dharma and rule of Dharma with their Super Natural Powers derived from With His Holiness Sri Sundara Chaitanya Swamiji at the Dharma Tapas. Prachar Pramukh Sabha The Mahasamasthanam is carrying our various projects in Andhra Pradesh, the main focus is in running Veda Patasalas and Sastra Patasalas, it is in the process of establishing these patasalas in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh. The Mahasamsthanam has expanded its activities to Tirumala and Sri Kalahasti. Its immediate plans are to expand to Basar, Tenali and Varanasi. Chairman Pushpagiri Vitreo Retinal Institute – A state of the art Super Speciality facility for Eye Care being started in the prime area of Twin cities, with a project outlay of Rs. 20.00 Crores purely on Charitable lines. With Suresh Reddy during inauguration of PVRI (Speaker AP Legislative Assembly) Keeping in mind the guidelines of the scientific study conducted by the Govt. of India under Vision 2020. R. Govind Hari has established the state-of-Art Super Speciality Eye Hospital at Secunderabad running successfully catering to all those who cannot afford with focus on Diabetic Retinopathy 6
  7. 7. Vitreo Retina Services Glaucoma Services General Ophthalmology Pediatric Eye Care Cornea Services Oculoplasty Services Modern Cataract Surgery Specialties in Eye Care under his Low Vision Aid Centre leadership Community Ophthalmology Madhava Netra Nidhi - Eye Bank Optical Services Ethics Committee Pushpagiri Eye Institute – in collaboration with NIN working on a study of micro nutrients deficiency in Diabetic Retinopathy Patients – R & D work. R. Govind Hari – Convener PVRI Ethics Committee – conducting the meeting PVRI – Setting Sights on Service Envisaged as a state of the art hospital, it will focus on placing the finest in eye-care within the reach of a common man. It will provide the expensive treatment at a subsidized cost for the needy, while those who can afford to pay will be charged and R. Govind Hari, Chairman also encouraged to sponsor the treatment addressing the gathering – Mega of someone less fortunate. Camp at Kakinada in Diabetic Retinopathy 7
  8. 8. R. Govind Hari Chairman addressing the fund raiser at Detroit, United States of America Indo American Eye Care Organization (IAEO) – A non- profit charitable organization established to reduce and / or eliminate curable blindness in India. Pushpagiri Vitreo Retina Institute (PVRI), an exclusive Super Specialty eye care center, first of its kind in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, established with a Vision of 20/20 goal is providing service to poor since 2001 and completed 1000’s lasers, and over 1000’s retinal surgeries. In close association Lighting up the lamp to mark the inauguration of with PVRI we are committed to provide total eye care to the Fund Raiser the poor. TREATING ONE EYE AT A TIME TO POOR AND NEEDY Approximately 9% of world population is affected by diabetes and this number is on rise Only 2/3 of population is diagnosed and remaining 1/3 are unaware of their disease Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is a permanent damage to retina caused by diabetes mellitus. DR if untreated leads to vision complications thereby resulting in blindness 90% cases can be treated effectively if diagnosed early Early diagnosis is possible with education, awareness, Care and cure Truly, this harmony of superspeciality and affordability is really a wonderful Sight. And one which would help in leading people away from darkness and into the light..... Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya. 8
  9. 9. Govind Hari who is a graduate from the Osmania University is the founder Managing Director of Irrigation Equipment Corporation a company that has executed large voluminous Water supply projects assisted by World Bank, design and execution of Hospitals, Commercial One of the many irrigation Complexes, Residential Apartments, projects executed at Torrigonda, Student Hostels and Educational East Godavari AP Institutions. The company by the virtue of its vast experience boasts of investigating, designing, implementing testing and commissioning of large protected water One of the many irrigation schemes on turnkey projects executed in AP projects. A few of the One of the many irrigation projectsmilestone projects executed in AP in water supply and irrigation executed by Irrigation Equipment are Torrigada Project, World Bank assisted project at Divi Seema region, Earth Quake rehabilitation projects at Lathur, Satya Sai Water project at Anathapur, NABARD assisted Medium Construction of boys Chatralaya at Irrigation projects at East Godavari District, Alwal, Hyderabad etc., 9