Government Communications Success: Michigan Department of Natural Resources


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This webinar teaches the secrets & tricks that the MI DNR used to achieve their amazing success. Christine Schwerin, Marketing Account Manager with MI DNR, will share with you her department’s digital communications strategies and implementation of key tools, such as multichannel distribution and social media, to dramatically increase their communications reach and achieve mission goals.

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Government Communications Success: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

  1. 1. Government Communications Success: Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources February 12, 20131
  2. 2. 2013 Digital Communications Tour Find out where we’re going next:
  3. 3. Presenter: Christine Schwerin Marketing Account Manager Michigan Department of Natural Resources Tweet comments to @GovDelivery or #GovD133
  4. 4. GovDeliveryCommunicating with the public and the media Christine Schwerin, Michigan DNR
  5. 5. Implementation •Michigan DNR added GovDelivery in Feb. 2012 •Uploaded about 239,000 email addresses from previous email system •Began with 15 topics •First major agency within State of Michigan government to implement
  6. 6. Growing Pains• Training & supporting 40+ people• Template coordination and branding• Revising press release approval process• Philosophy of use• Developing message schedules• Data analysis• Topic organization (by interest or division?)
  7. 7. Old vs. New
  8. 8. Press releases and newsletters
  9. 9. Subscriptions by the numbers
  10. 10. Increasing subscriptions• Red envelope everywhere (homepage, key web pages, calendar items, Facebook, Twitter)• Points of purchase (license buying web page, camping reservation page)• Handouts at public meetings• Partnerships with sporting goods stores
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Red envelope on calendar events
  14. 14. Red envelope on e-license page
  15. 15. Handouts at public meetings
  16. 16. Digital ad partnerships
  17. 17. Printed publications
  18. 18. How are we doing so far?•Started with 239,000 subscriptions in February, 2012•As of Jan. 1, 2013 we have about 1 million subscriptions• Avg. 22% open rate•98% delivery rate•Have sent over 600 press releases to statewide and/or filtered lists•Currently offer 47 different topics
  19. 19. Is it working?Satisfaction survey during month of Augustrevealed: – 95% feel the emails provide valuable information – Of the 2,026 people who took the survey: • 771 reported buying a hunting license as a result of receiving emails • 502 reported buying a fishing license as a result of receiving emails • 276 reported buying a Recreation Passport as a result of receiving emails • 821 reported sharing DNR email with a friend or through social media
  20. 20. Next steps• Promotional cards at exhibit booths, field sites across the state• Partnerships with stakeholder groups• We noticed you signed up for “x” you might also be interested in “y”• Creating a message calendar for each topic (not just major topics)• Sign up information on printed publications (fishing guide, hunting guide)• Conversion tracking• Red envelope on Camping Reservation System website• Red envelope on LiveStream public meetings
  21. 21. Questions? Christine 517-335-7792