Social media role in cost effective communications (CAPIO)


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Scott Burns presenting on social media's role in cost effective digital communications at the 2012 Annual Conference for the California Association of Public Information Officers (CAPIO).

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Social media role in cost effective communications (CAPIO)

  1. 1. Social Media’s Role in Cost-Effective Digital Communications Scott Burns CAPIO April 19, 20121
  2. 2. Maximizes direct connections withthe public through digital Knowledge network across allcommunications. levels of Government• More than 500 public sector • Prominent in the U.S. and organizations manage their digital International communications though GovDelivery • 50,000+ Members• More than one billion messages are sent quarterly by government • Specialized Communities with agencies through GovDelivery 6 different topics: i.e. Communications and Technology• 30,000 people sign up every day through GovDelivery to receive digital messages from the government2
  3. 3. If Facebook was a country... Population: 850 million It would be the world’s 3rd largest country Bigger than North and South America combined3
  4. 4. If Twitter was a country... Population: 200 million It would be bigger than Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan4
  5. 5. If Email was a country. . . It Covers Continents It would be an empire: 2.9 Billion users5
  6. 6. What does social media have to do with puppies? … even when they are free, they are a lot of work.6
  7. 7. Social Media in Government 2008 “We should try this!” “Have you heard of Twitter?” “Are we allowed to use Facebook?” “Our department will never allow this?” “My boss told me to put up a YouTube channel, but YouTube is blocked on my work computer.”7
  8. 8. Social Media in Government 2012 “We need to justify everything.” “We have no funding for this.” “We are getting real value from…” “We have really figured this out.” “If we’re trying to reach that group, we know where they are.”8
  9. 9. IMPACT9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. ND FSA trims, shifts costs Savings to the state FSA could be significant. Statewide mailings to farm operators alone are $8,000 in postage and a state office newsletter with program deadlines and eligibility requirements. The state sends at least six of these a year to all farm operators, or 25,000 to 30,000 recipients. Once or twice a year, that goes to all owners and operators, about 90,000 per time at 22 cents per mailing, or $19,800 per time.11
  12. 12. What if only this guy cares?12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Leverage the trust that this guy has been building up for years.14
  15. 15. “I’m worried about you. I think you should check out this article from the CDC with links to resources on dealing with depression. You have some good options.” -Dad15
  16. 16. 16
  18. 18. Speak with an Authentic Voice While NASA is run by some very smart people, their Facebook posts aren’t essays on space technology.18
  19. 19. Consider the Delivery of your Message • You have one shot at delivering your message, so enhance what you’re posting with a pithy title or headline. • San Francisco’s descriptions and titles are short and to the point.19
  20. 20. Top 11 Shared Updates of 2011 • Offering generic updates is not enough • Citizens are most likely to share compelling, specific information that is timely and relevant: o Small business tax credits o Keeping state parks open o Public safety alerts in your city20
  21. 21. Be Timely and Informative The City of Minneapolis uses their Facebook page to remind and alert citizens when snow is forecasted and provides them with more avenues to get up-to-date information.21
  22. 22. Regularly Post Content • Washington Department of Transportation(@ wsdot) keeps citizens updated with traffic and road closings. Their active and engaging Twitter feed has attracted over 24,000 followers.22
  23. 23. Post a Variety of Content A quick glance at Mayor Rawlings- Blake (@MarySRB) Twitter feed shows that she posts about a variety of topics, from Farmers Markets, Huffington Post Links and even responds to her followers.23
  24. 24. Pinterest • Pinterest is currently the 17th most visited website in the US and 81st worldwide. Over the last 3 months, site traffic has grown by 226%! • Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined! Source: Shareaholic’s Referral Traffic Report24
  26. 26. “Would you like fries with that?” Deploy the age-old art of cross promotion in every thing you do, within every channel, and across your entire organization.26
  27. 27. Grab the Subscriber at the Time of Greatest Interest27
  28. 28. Quick Signup with “Upsell” of Other Options at City1 3228
  29. 29. Gather More Information, If You Need It29
  30. 30. “Upsell” Content and Collaborate to Increase Reach30
  31. 31. Impact of Working Together to Reach More People • 114,247 new subscribers in first half of 2011 • Accounts using the network got 47% of new subscribers from the GovDelivery Network 17 Texas Agencies use GovDelivery 1.5M total subscribers • The Governor of TX gets over 90% of new subscribers from the GovDelivery Network31
  33. 33. Can this all fit together?33
  34. 34. What Matters to Your Agency? Clicks, Opens, Mission Subscribers, Results Page Views34
  35. 35. “You can’t manage what you don’t "Most people Ive known in the private sector are just much too accustomed to linear measure.” processes where theyre clear decision makers and they make a decision and things more or less then happen. In government, the decisions you make very often are much less direct in their effect." Robert Rubin Former U.S. Secretary of Treasury “Our ROI is more lives saved and less property and fewer homes destroyed or damaged.” Eugene Luke, Emergency Management Specialist, FEMA You can’t measure everything in $35
  36. 36. The Scientific Formula for Measuring Mission Value from Digital Communications36
  37. 37. Where to Start? Engagement: Effectiveness: What is the value of What is our total Value Created each connection we’re reach? making? Efficiency: What was the total cost Net Value of the communication?37
  38. 38. What is that we’re trying to do here? What matters most to my agency  Improve public health  Provide for secure and the public? retirement  More people get flu What are the specific outcomes shots this program is looking for?  More people apply for benefits online What are realistic contributions  Awareness of benefits of flu shots, clinic that communication can make to locations, and free shot the outcomes? programs  Awareness of benefit application form online38
  39. 39. The Impact of Better Communication Translates to Real Value for Agency & Public  Better health  More flu shots Upstream Metrics  More exercise  Less smoking Easy to measure, but only  Better screening the communications and Web team care… clicks,  More efficient and consistent opens, subscribers, compliance with regulations  Lower administrative costs followers, friends, visits, etc.  Higher revenue  Lower compliance costs for business / public  Lower costs  Fewer inbound calls  Lower enforcement costs  Citizen involvement in building mobile apps  Better mission results Downstream Metrics  Catch criminals These really matter, but they  Get more grant are super hard to measure. applications so funds go to higher quality applicants  Improve recruitment  And more…39
  40. 40. Connecting Upstream to Downstream… Start with Logic More Rain Upstream… Means Deeper Water Downstream40
  41. 41. Private Sector, Non-Profits, Politicians use Simple $ Metrics “ The value of an email address to a knowledgeable marketer is $118. ” -Stan Rapp, former CEO of McCann Relationship Marketing “ Online revenue per usable email address for a non-profit is $3.36 - $27.56. ” Source: Convio Benchmarking Study41
  42. 42. Mission (im)Possible in Public Sector • Use targeted surveys online: – “Did you take a flu shot after visiting our website?” – “Did your experience on our website impact your decision to get a flu shot?” • Use them offline: “What sources of information caused you to get a flu shot?” • Find other points of correlation. Example: “Do you trust the information you see on” • Use logic! Why? Judge outreach in real-time based on upstream metrics that can be tracked because you know they impact downstream metrics that drive mission value.42
  43. 43. Go Back to Real Objectives in Everything You Report and Share From Nerd Metrics To Mission Results We are increasing flu vaccinations by Page Views are Up getting >25,000 people/day to view flu information online We are improving regulatory compliance Subscriber #s Just Passed by directly reaching 100,000 100,000 stakeholders with each new regulation We responded directly to comments We have 5,000 Followers on through social media and redirected Twitter and 2,000 Fans in responders to where they were most Facebook needed43
  44. 44. Creating mission value: U.S. local examples Connects directly with over 1.3M people Communicates with residents on more than 90 unique subscription topicsHigher renewal revenue and >$100K in cost savings in 511 Notify’ alerts deliver accurate and timely the first 3 months through reduced print costs alerts on more than 220 distinct roadways Eliminating traditional print, fold and mail Grown from 200,000 messages per year in 2006 resulted in an annual savings of $265,000 to more than 10.7 million annually in 201044
  45. 45. “Our ROI is more lives saved and less property and fewer homes destroyed or damaged.” Eugene Luke Emergency Management Specialist, FEMA45
  46. 46. Digital Communication Management Value Goal of maximizing direct connections with the public through digital communications. We accomplish that in three ways: Effectiveness – Reach More People Dramatically increase the number of people you reach directly Efficiency – Automate Complex Communications Streamline communication across email, SMS, social media and other channels Engagement – Create Mission Value Drive users to the online and offline activities that create the most value for the public and your agency.46
  47. 47. Lessons Learned on Opportunities for Better Results Reach Matters If you are able to communicate with many relevant people on the issues that matter to your organization, your odds of success are high. The B+ Rule You shouldn’t have to be a genius or an expert to get a “B+” in your communication if the tools are doing their job. It’s Okay to be Greedy You want to do amazing things. You might want and need 90% automation and want most things going on autopilot, but when you want to step back and make a stunning newsletter or send a targeted message to the people who opened your last message, you need a system that can do that too. Nothing Stands Alone Systems need to be open in every respect so they can work together and be easily customized to fit different needs and missions.47
  48. 48. Areas of Functionality We’ve Found Critical Messaging Reach more people GovDelivery Network Cross-promote for more impact Social Drive deeper engagement Automation Enable tight integration Mobile Communicate anytime, anywhere Analytics & Filtering Measure the impact Emergency Notification Keep the public safe and informed48
  49. 49. Summary & Actions Social Media’s Role in Cost-Effective Digital Communication is: Help build audience / reach to drive effectiveness Encourage content sharing and trust Enable user interaction with content Reach users that will not otherwise signup for updates or visit website Actions: 1. Increase focus on the #s that drive value (#1 is reach) 2. Get your organization thinking “Would you like fries with that?” 3. For GovDelivery Clients: Schedule time with us to review your challenges and needs as well as new capabilities available to you49
  50. 50. Contact Scott Burns – CEO & co-Founder (651) 726-7303 @smburns Visit us at Booth 3 to pick up your copy of Social Media Best Practices.50