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Quest kon consultancy service

  1. 1. QuestKon Consultancy Service  SERVICE PROVIDER QuestKon is a Consultancy Service Provider for Manufacturing,Infrastructure Development,Plant & Machinery, Products & Brand Development,Marketing Development,Networking Development,Reaserch & Development. Questkon is managed by experienced professionals and undertake works on chemecals.Pharmaceuticals, Foods Products, FMCG, Metal Finishing and Pretreatment etc, Read More---------
  2. 2.  Who Are Our Clients 1) An individual Financial Background Very Strong and interested to Setting Up Factory/Business.  Company & Firm:- 1) Proprietorship/ individuals 2) Businessman 3) Pvt.Ltd Company 4) Limited Company 5) NGO and Society 6) Educational Institution Read More-------------
  3. 3.  Frequent Ask Question : What is Brand? A brand is a Product,Service,Or Concept that is publicly distinguished from other products,serivces,or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed.A brand name is the name of the distinctive Product,Service,or concept. Brands are usually protected from use by others by securing a tredemark or Service mark from authorized agency,usually a Government Agency.Before applying for a trademark or service mark, you need to establish that someone else hasn’t already obtanied one for your name.Although you can do the seaserching yourself, it is common to hire a law firm that specilizes in doing trademark searches and managing the application process,which, in United States, take about a year .Once you have learned that no one else is using it,you can begin to use your brand name as a trademark simply by stating it is a trademark (using the “TM” where it first appears in a publicationor website) After you receive the trademark,you can use the registered(?) symbol after your trademark. Brands are often expressed in the logos,graphic,represntation of the brand in computers,a recent example of widespread brand application was the “intel Inside” label provided to manufactuers that use intel’s microchips. A Company’s brands are public’s awarness of themis often used factor in evaluating a Company,Corporation sometimes hire marketing research firms to study public recognition of brand names as well as attitudes towards the brands.Here is the famous advertsing copywriter and ad agency fonder David Ogilvy’s defination of a brand: The Intangible Sum of a product’s attributes: its name,packaging,price,its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.
  4. 4.  What is Marketing? Marketing is an activity,Marketing and strategies result in making products available that satisfy customers while making profits for the companies that offer those products.  What Activites are included in Marketing? Marketing activites are numerous and varied because they basically include everything needed to get a product off drawing board and into the hands of the customer. The board field of marketing includes activities such as : *Desingning the product so it will be desirable to customers by using tools such as marketing research and pricing. * Promoting the Product so people will know about it by using tools such as public relations,advertising,and marketing communications. * Setting a price and letting potential customers know about your product and making available to them. A marketing plan is an essential marketing tool for every small business. Use the guide on the following pages to answer these 10 questions: 1) Marketing Stategy: How Will marketing plan support your business goals? 2) Mission Statement: What are you trying to accomplish and why? 3) Target Market: Who are you trying to reach with your marketing actvities? 4) Competitive Analisis: Who are up against,and Where do you rank?
  5. 5. 5) Unique Setting Proposition: What make your Business unique? 6) Pricing Strategy: What will you charge,and why? 7) Promotional Plan: How will you target market? 8) Marketing Budget: How much money you spend ,and on what? 9) Action List: What tasks do you need to complete to reach your marketing goals? 10) Metrices: How are you implementing,and where can you improve?  What is Product & Productivity? 1) A economic term of the rate at which good or services are Produced. 2) Messurment of efficiency of person,machine,system,workforce,nation,or other entity,calculated by diving out over a specific time priod by input,which includes cost,or resources invested in the prosuction effort.  What is Service? 1) An intangible product sold by business,such as tax return preparation or landscaping. 2) The way a business interact with its Customer.
  6. 6.  What is market and market position? 1) How a business ,product,or brand is perceived by customers to be unique and meaningfully different from other provideds of similar solution. 2) The market share ranking of a business,products,or brand in terms of sales volume with competitive arena.  What is Postioning? 1) A term used by marketers to describe the process of determining what meaningfull an unifilled niche a business, product or brand is designed to fill,filling it,and working,to perform so well that customers have reason to allow any competitive offering into same market position. Customers: One who purchase the good and service of business.The individual may or may not be person who authorizes , orders or purchase of item,in case of software puchases called user. Slogan; tagline: A short, memorable Phase that helps consumer link a business name to its marketing message and brand image. Brand Image: A set of beliefs about the personality arttributes benefits,and promises of a business, product, organization,or person that exists in consumer minds,for
  7. 7. good or bad as result of associations, interaction and experiences with the brand. Launch your Brand: 1) To Wide publicize a business , product,or brand for the first time .2) The event situation in which a business component is launched. Public Or Publicity: A communication approch that results in unpaid mentions in point,broadcast,or onlinenews,or feature coverage,usually the result of public relations, media relations and news releases. Branding Management: 1) The group og individuals who supervise or contrll a business, project, or event. 2) The Skill employed to organize and lead a business to accomplish desired goals efficiently and effectively.3)The act of planning ,organising setting,leading,and directing a project or business. Branding: The Process of building a positive collection of perceptions about a business, product,organizationor person in cosumer minds as redult of all associations, interactions,and experienceswith branded business, product, organization,or person. Benefits:1) In the field of human resourcess,indirect,and noncash compensation mandated by law or voluntarily provided to employees in addition to salary or wages .2) In the field of marketing ,the advantages a customer gains from unique features and offering of business.
  8. 8. Marketing ‘s Four PS:- The Four categories that cover the functions marketers employ to achieve marketing goals and objectives.these categories assress the marketers ,Product,Price,Promotion and Distributon,which is referred to as place.The process of contolling how a brand’s identity, message and experience is developed and conveyed across all points of interation including throughout and entire organization across all points in the purchase, process,and thruogh all communication and distribution channels. Dreft is Created By Goutam Bagchi(Executive Consultant) Questkon Consultancy Service Dated:- 25/01/2013