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biNu - Engage Mobile Consumers in Emerging Markets
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biNu - Engage Mobile Consumers in Emerging Markets


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How to reach, engage and understand mobile consumers in high growth emerging and developing markets …

How to reach, engage and understand mobile consumers in high growth emerging and developing markets

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Engage mobile consumers in emerging markets “Now we will accelerate the implementation of our strategy by raising our targets from 35-40% for both fast-growth markets and new media to at least 40-45% each over the next five years.” Sir Martin Sorrell, 2013
  • 2. 3,244m 489m 130m 559 m 991m 1,359m 347m 305m 673m 383m The Mobile-First Opportunity Regional Installed Base of Mobile Phones - 2016 forecast Feature Phones Smart Phones Source: Portio Research 2013 •  Less than 2 in 5 mobiles will be smartphones by 2016 •  Most smartphones in emerging markets will be low- cost Android devices on congested networks
  • 3. biNu’s mission is to reach, engage and understand mobile consumers in high growth emerging markets “…global advertisers are spending more than $150 billion to reach them [emerging market consumers] through traditional advertising channels”…. Maurice Levy, The Publicis Group.
  • 4. Today, up to 85% of Ad Spend in Emerging Markets is on TV and Newspaper 0   50   100   TV   Newspaper   Outdoor   Internet   Magazines   Radio   Cinema   Asia  Pac   Latam   Africa  &  Middle  East   Source: ZenithOptimedia 2012 forecasts for Microsoft Advertising. Mature markets (Western Europe) have an internet spend of 20% growing at 28% p.a. Although Internet spend in emerging markets is growing at around 80% p.a., given that mobile penetration dwarfs fixed internet in many of these markets, it is logical that there is substantial upside for mobile. •  Which is inefficient, unfocussed and impersonal •  In countries where TV penetration is less than 20% but almost every household has a mobile (65%+). •  Mobile facilitates engagement - a more efficient flow of ad dollars through one to one messaging and rewards.
  • 5. How biNu Does It 1.  Reach – patented, lightening fast, low data, cloud-based mobile app technology that delivers internet services to feature phones and Android phones, even on slow 2G networks. 2.  Engage - easy-to-use, fast, compelling mobile content and social networking experiences. 3.  Understand – demographic and behavioral profiling (every user key press / touch is recorded) with communication tools and a feature rich online survey platform to engage directly with users. 4.  Reward – virtual currency and rewards platform including mobile airtime top-ups covering 100+ countries, 350+ mobile operators and 3.6 billion prepaid users.
  • 6. biNu has built a engaged community of millions of users in emerging markets across Android and mobile feature phones and actively partners with mobile communities and content providers to monetize audience via market research and rewards based marketing.
  • 7. Understand (Market Research) •  $39 billion global industry •  Emerging markets $8 billion •  Growth in developed markets flat •  Emerging markets growing strongly
  • 8. Online research growing fast ... but emerging markets far behind Big brands are pushing research providers to go digital, everywhere. It’s faster and more reliable.
  • 9. The Challenge.. •  FMCGs targeting high growth markets for the next billion consumers need fast, reliable consumer insights data. •  Increasing pressure on research providers to use digital channels - no more pen and paper! •  Emerging markets are “mobile-first” communities and mobile research is different from traditional online – small screens, less time and tolerance, different engagement dynamics. •  Feature phones and low-cost smartphones dominate, and mobile networks more congested and slow. •  Current mobile research platforms for emerging markets are fragmented, cumbersome and expensive: –  clunky SMS, USSD and WAP at one end through to high-end smartphone only solutions at the other –  people in passive panels are hard to engage - poor response rates –  need different reward and incentive mechanisms
  • 10. The biNu Solution 1.  Core Technology that optimizes the mobile data experience. 2.  Build and keep audience engaged with compelling mobile content (not passive panels that are difficult to engage). 3.  Comprehensive, mobile-first, survey and rewards platform with demographic and behavioral profiling.
  • 11. •  Designed ground-up to to optimize mobile data services •  Two approved US Patents •  Lightning-fast, low data (even on 2G) •  Android and Java feature phones •  Cloud-based – “virtual smartphone” experience •  Apps run 100% in the cloud – no downloads and updates •  10x faster than standard mobile browser and 10x less data (on 2G feature phone) Core Technology
  • 12. Core  in-­‐house  apps   Selected  Early   Content  Partners    Community   Content  Partners   Engaging mobile content focused on emerging market audiences. •  News •  Sports •  Social & messaging •  Search •  Worldreader (books) •  Play It Interactive (social gaming) •  EcoSchools (education) •  Tavoom (music) •  Digital publishers •  Community platforms •  Telcos •  Corporates (e.g. banks) Content Strategy
  • 13. biNu Content Partner Proposition Technology: •  Compelling mobile data experience, Android and feature phones, 2G networks up •  10x faster than standard mobile browser, 10x less data cost •  Rapid development – easier and faster than native apps, XML based, host anywhere on the internet •  Java and Android - in one build •  Instant deployment and updates in the cloud – no need for app installs and updates Engagement Tools: •  User registration, social networking and messaging APIs •  Access to other biNu content such as news, sports, books, search etc. •  Virtual currency and rewards platform, incl. airtime top-ups •  Comprehensive online, self-serve market research platform •  Advertising and promotion platform to manage full-screen, targeted interstitial ads •  Reporting and analytics Commercial Model •  Share audience and earn rev-share from market research & rewards activity, OR •  Pay biNu platform service fee based on monthly active users
  • 14. biNu Research & Rewards
  • 15. Engage   Understand   Reward   Reach   •  Reach millions of already engaged mobile consumers in emerging markets •  Android and Java feature phone app, plus web •  Demographic and behavioural profiling •  In-built incentives and reward management •  Mobile airtime top-ups covering 100+ countries, 350+ operators, 3.6 billion prepaid users
  • 16. Self Service Dashboard •  Self-service online dashboard •  Easy survey scripting •  Comprehensive question definition •  Logic control •  Multiple language support •  Video play •  Photo and audio upload •  Targeted user lists •  SMS outreach •  Integration with external survey platforms •  In-built rewards, including mobile airtime top-ups •  Real time analytics •  Data export
  • 17. 240x320 320X240 128x160 Feature Phones
  • 18. Android
  • 19. About biNu •  Founded Sep 2008, launched Jan 2011 •  Offices in Sydney and Cape Town (India next) •  Co-founders – Gour Lentell (CEO) and Dave Turner (CTO) v  two previous successful internet startups, Sabela Media and Decide Interactive, both acquired by 24/7 Real Media, now part of WPP •  Mark Shoebridge – SVP Marketing and Business Development v  Co-founder at Proxima Technology, acquired by Compuware •  Jeremy George – VP Africa •  Experienced Engineering Team  
  • 20. “I am not aware of any other company that covers mobile feature phones and smartphones across multiple countries…” (senior research industry executive)