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French N American Colony
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French N American Colony



Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. French Colonies North America
    By: Cara Treneer
    History 140
  • 2. Chapter 5 Canada & Iroquoia
    16th century
    The French along with the Dutch and English came to the new world to claim new colonies.
    They were looking for riches in trade and to start a better life.
    St. Lawrence Valley=Canada
    Modern Colonization with Indian and French Trade
    Originally only traded within their own tribes.
    Indians thought objects and materials, alive or not to have spiritual powers.
    After starting to trade for shiny objects like beads, copper, and polished seashells; the Indians started to think of goods as commodities with a negotiable price
    fish and furs were profitable commodities funding northern colonization.
    French exchanged metals kettles, alcohol, guns, and knives for food and meat from the natives.
    Indians now equipped with European modern firearms=treat to French colonies and well as other European colonies.
  • 3. Chapter 5 Canada & Iroquois Continued
    French in St. Lawrence Valley
    It offered the deepest access westward.
    Quebec offered good harbor for ships
    High ground for fortifies posts.
    Natives were more skilled as hunters
    It was a safe distance from the Spanish reign.
    Religious Influence
    Jesuit Priest established among the natives to convert them to Christianity
    Causing conflict splitting the Huron tribe into Christian converts & those against converting
    Campaign 1648-49 destroyed Huron tribe
    Jesuit Priest known as “Black Robes” influenced natives by their devotion to their god & faith
    Natives of settled area
  • 4. Chapter 5 Canada & Iroquois Continued
    Iroquois Indians
    Hunters and Getherers
    Located on lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence Valley
    Enemies of the French
    Made by fur trade which brought on violence.
    Samuel de Champlain and 2 French musketeer assisted their Indian allies to defeat the Iroquois warriors.
  • 5. Chapter 5 Canada & Iroquois Continued
    Trading for fur was a huge industry made in America and Canada starting in the 16th century.
    Indians Role
    Hunted the animals
    Prepared the fur for trade by skinning and treating it.
    Had a new found appreciation for knifes, metals arrowheads, hatchets and axes.
    Fur industry developed by French explorers and fisherman arriving in Eastern Canada.
    Beaver fur was very much sought after along with fox, mink, bear and others.
    Tension with the Iroquois escalated with fur trade competition.
  • 6. Chapter 16- French America
    17th century
    French founded Louisiana colony
    Spanish power was declining in Florida
    Although Growing frustrated with their lack of control of the natives, the French had established good trade with them.
    British were the French rivals
    French America stretched from gulf of St. Lawrence to the gulf of Mexico.
  • 7. New Promise & Opportunity
    “Seigneurs” brought 1st farm families
    French peasant Canadian settlers were able to improve their status and their standard of living
    Things that were too expensive like homes and horses back home were made more affordable
  • 8. Chapter 16- French America
    French America was an economic disaster
    French often sold goods under market value to compete with the British trade with the Indians
    It became too expensive for the maintenance of their forts
    Hard to please the natives
  • 9. Chapter 16- French America
    French Voyagers
    The crown started populating their new colonies in 1663 after taking over “New France.”
    Many fled Canada looking for better climate conditions and more favorable terms for agriculture.
    12% of emigrants were female, most came from French orphanages.
    Most of the emigrants were made up of men, looking to better themselves financially.