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2009 Gos Fes Programme
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2009 Gos Fes Programme


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Want to know more about GosFes see the 2009 GosFes programme for lots of information …

Want to know more about GosFes see the 2009 GosFes programme for lots of information

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  • 1. st On 31 August 2009 11:00am - 9:00pm Farm Street, Hockley, Birmingham B19 2 TZ Tel: 07968 613 286, 5thAnniversary Programme in association with West Midlands Police West Midlands Fire Service Present Young, and Gifted Talent Contest Hosted by Danny D Sister Belinda & Trevor Junior From Newstyle Radio 78.7FM Artists Such as Junior Tucker, Yaz Alexander, King Arthur, Owen Uriah, Lytie, Simon Farrell performing on the day... Music by Shekinah Sound 1
  • 2. Introduction Firstly I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is Bancroft Tabannor. I'm the person responsible for co-ordinating ‘‘GosFes’’ annual charity based event.As well as being the event-ordinator, I'm also a member of COGOP in Hockley Birmingham. The church has an average Sunday attendance of over 150 people and is well known in the local community for its range of community activities which includes puppet shows and youth talent shows. “GosFes” is one of the Midlands leading outdoor gospel music events aimed at the whole communityfaith or ethnicity. Its also provides an opportunity to bring together people from all sectors of the community to celebrate our common humanity. The event creates an ideal setting where the public can chill, relax and socialise in a family environment and hear great music. Numerous activities for children are also available for the Children to enjoy. Last year over 3500 people attended GosFes 2008 and this year is the fifth annual event and it’s expected to draw its biggest crowd ever. GosFes 2009 will take place on 31st August 2009 at Farm Street Hockley Birmingham. Besides local talent and a range of community activities, it will feature Young, and Gifted Talent Contest, including international artists Junior Tucker, Yaz Alexander, Lytie, Owen Uriah, Simon Farrell and many more. In addition there will be numerous stalls selling goods and providing information during the event. GosFes audience “GosFes” expect between 3,000-5,000 people to be present at GosFes 2009 and the audience will comprise of the following: Church members, of Caribbean and African heritage of the local community music fans (young people aged between 16-30) interested in spirituality of the general public children under 12 2
  • 3. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule to make the effort in attending these events over these past years. email: Tele: 07968613286 Again welcome! Bancroft Tabannor Co-ordinator GosFes 3
  • 4. A Message from The Administrator Tasha Tabannor It gives me great pleasure to send my greetings to all who have gathered each year to support GosFes. GosFes event is for everyone in Birmingham and surrounding areas, which holds great promise for prosperity and bringing peace to the community. As GosFes grows from year to year, we are anticipating GoFes to be a landmark in the community and to do many positive things such as removing all barriers and negativity that currently exists amongst us. It is very important that we as community fight together as one nation towards working with all ages to build a future without discrimination and one which promotes love and harmony. The GosFes Slogan is A VISION FOR CHANGE. We can only make this change by standing together as one people in unity and love, GosFes ACRONYM: Great Outreach Services For Every Soul GosFes works closely with West-Midlands Police I would like to send challenges to the:- Gun, Knife, Drugs Users, Sex Offenders, and all other abusive youths out there - please drop your weapons and make peace, find a church and get help and make a change. It’s time to stop all the killing and live together as one. Peace and Love Tasha Tabannor 4
  • 5. Special Recognition To The Ambassador Mr Cleve Laing ‘’Stitchie’’ (International Artist) who has supported Bancroft and GosFes 2006 / 2007 / 2008 may God Richly bless his ministry as he minister for the kingdom. Lynette White (From the USA) 2007 2008 Junior Tucker King Arthur 2008 2009 2008 2009 Wesleyan Holiness Church Handsworth 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 The Church of God of Prophecy, Farm Street 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Maureen Tabannor 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Gospel Kontac 2006 2007 2009 Doreen Makaya Senior Pastor COGOP Farm St 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Pastor Neville Brown 2004 2005 2006 2007 2009 Living Stone Revival Centre 2006 Allen Charles 2006 2007 Witness 2007 2008 Lytie 2005 2006 2007 and 2008 2009 Simon Farrell 2005 2007 2009 Spanna (Shekinah Ministries Sound) 2007 2008 2009 ZORRO the Gospel DJ 2007 Danny D Gospel Mix New Style Radio 2006 2007 2008 2009 Trevor Junior Urban Gospel New Style Radio 2007 2008 2009 Belinda Gospel Mix New Style Radio 2006 2007 2008 2009 Owen Moore (OG Moore Transport Ltd) 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Pro B Accounting Services 2005 2006 2007 2009 Just Ask the printers 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Young disciples youth 2008 5
  • 6. YD Young Disciples LTD (YD) is a youth development project that engages and works with ‘socially excluded’ and disaffected persons a cross some of the most, deprived wards of Birmingham (Loz ells, Nechells ,Aston, Ladywood). Many young persons from our inner cities remain marginalised and disenfranchised from main stream service provision consequently as a result YD ltd develops creative and strategic ways to work with groups who fall into the ‘socially excluded’, ‘hard to reach’ or ‘deprived black and minority ethnic (bme)’ context. Activities and programmes are delivered through the following means: • Sports and health development • Media and publicity engagement • Arts and Music inclusion • Education and training • Youth council / forum, Mentoring and coaching One of YD’s most current projects is ‘Life’ a music video produced by Ben Robinson of Isis Media. This Music video showcases the creative musical talents of young people in deprived areas through lyrics that relate to real life issues that affect them. Music is one of the key methods Young Disciples uses to engage disaffected young people. Part of the Volunteer Films project. LIFE: How young people perceive life, how it is living in the inner city, the peer pressure and issues of their community and how they view life. ‘Don’t write us off because we come from the inner city we have aspirations and dreams too.’ For more info: Contact Marc Edwards C.E.O. Young Disciples Ltd or visit the office 42a Lozells Road Birmingham B19 2TH 6
  • 7. Your local Neighborhood Team: Sergeant Shortall Sergeant Tringham PC Baggott PC Boyden PC Cook PC Wolverson PC Minshull PC La Planche (Holte School based officer) PCSO Donovan PCSO Hagans PC Booker PC Sumar PC Williams PC Lacey PC Partridge PCSO PCSO Rafiq Bridge Street West Police Station Bridge St West Newtown Birmingham B19 2YT 0845 113 5000 Extension 7814 6534 7
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  • 9. The History Looking back when GosFes first started 29th August 2005 to 31st August 2009 Celebrates its 5th Anniversary.. Turn the page over, Can you remember? 9
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  • 15. About Sista Michelle Mckenzie Michelle’s encouragement to everyone "Only what We Sincerely Do For Christ Will Last" About Apostle Ukachukwu Ezenwere Album Titled: VICTORY. Apostle Ukachukwu Ezenwere was born in Nigeria, where he grew in a local community church called C & S Church since his youth. He has been committed to the work of God. He has performed with so many churches, artists and gospel bands in Nigeria and South Africa, before moving to UK. Apostle Uka is one of the well known African artists in the UK. He is a writer and composer, and has written so many songs both western and African style songs through God’s' inspiration, which are yet to come out, his first album was release in march 2009, apostle Uka released his first solo album titled (victory), which he played in African style, singed in four languages: English, Zulu, Igbo and Yoruba, his album has sold many copies in Africa, and is now on sale in the UK 15
  • 16. About Owen Uriah & Lyite Owen Uriah is a very established gospel singer who has worked with many international artists. He has been compared to artists such as George Nooks, Junior Tucker, Cedrick Mton Stitchie,and Sanchez. His album ‘More than a Conqueror’ is a very unique and spiritual album. His number one single to date is ‘High Praise’. The heart of Uriah The Same Yesterday More Than Conqueror High Praises Lyite comes from a Jamaican background but was born and bread in Birmingham, England. He worships at the local church here at Farm Street. He has been a Christian for the past seven years. And has been singing Gospel Music since he gave his live to the Lord, Before his conversion to God he used to sing with secular artists such as Franky Paul, Gregory Isaacs, Sanchez and Yellow Man amongst others. When God turned his life around Lytie has dedicated his musical career to lifting up the name of Jesus. Recently he has shared a stage with famous gospel artists such as Papa San and Carleen Davies. Repent I believe The King 16
  • 17. A BIG Thank You We would like to say a big thank you to Bancroft Tabannor and GosFes for donating a wheelchair to our Nehemiah Court retirement scheme in Caldmore, Walsall. Pictured is Bancroft and trying out the new wheelchair is 89 year old Hilda Lines a resident of Nehemiah Court since 2003. Hilda and her fellow residents are extremely happy to have the use of a new wheelchair and are very grateful to Bancroft and the GosFes team for donating the chair. Nehemiah UCHA has close links with GosFes, the annual music festival designed to use gospel music as a tool to bring members of the community, different faiths and backgrounds together under one banner, to celebrate diversity and tolerance. But GosFes is much more than a music festival. The key aim of GosFes Is to take the church out into the community and provide an opportunity for the church to interface with the wider community. GosFes will be a safe and secure event bringing together residents, local congregations, organisations and businesses to celebrate life and the things that we have in common. GosFes also seeks to contribute to the quality and diversity of community life and to challenge some of the negative stereotypes that currently exist about the area. The organisers expect GosFes to attract people of all ages and races. It will give the public an opportunity to chill, relax, socialise in a family environment, hear great music, plus it provides numerous activities for children. For those interested in knowing more about GosFes they have a website 17
  • 18. Biography Simon Farrell Simon Farrell has been singing from the age of nine (9), He started singing in church and at school. As a young man he continued singing and never stopped, for this is something he really loves and enjoys. Simon (aka Ivan) in his earlier years sang various types of songs. This included Reggae, Country & Western, Rock Steady, Soul Music and his favorite then was Calypso. Simon is married and standing with him is his lovely wife and six (6) beautiful children. In the year of 1983, something wonderful took place in this young man’s life. He repented to God for transgressing his laws; God saved him and transformed his life tremendously. He then realized the calling on his life to be a minister of the gospel of Je- sus Christ. As this Evangelist continued to preach the good news of The Kingdom of God his singing ministry continued to grow. He then realized and understood that God has given him a ministry in singing and this is to sing to the honour and glory of God. In 1986, he wrote his first gospel Christian song entitled 'Jesus is Sweeter,' since then he continued to write sing and perform his songs throughout the Caribbean and different parts of the world in conventions and different churches. Mr. Farrell is from the island of Montserrat and he is presently living in Birmingham, England with his family. It was al- ways his desire and his dream to record a gospel Christian album in his country Montserrat. This was not to be for in 1997, like many other Montserratians he too had to leave his country with his family because of the volcanic eruption on the island, but this did not detour his dream neither his goal one bit. As he continued to fellowship and worship with the brethren at the Church of God of Prophecy, Farm Street, through the relationship of his friend John Wade, God led him to a gentleman, his name was Ruben King of Kingship Music LTD. As they teamed up together, God made it possible to bring his dream to pass and made it a reality. It is very important to note that over the past years throughout his singing ministry the Holy Spirit of God continued to teach and reveal songs to Simon daily, enabling him to use scripture verses from the Bible to write these songs. This album is very unique it is an album prepared for all people of all nations; the music is blended with Caribbean Rhythms including Calypso, Reggae, Ska, Soul Music and Tradi- tional Gospel Songs. However I am not the author of this album, the author is the Holy Spirit but I am excited that God has blessed me with the privilege to bring forth His last day message in song. I trust and hope that as you listen to these songs your life will be changed and transformed that you will come to know the Jesus that I am singing about and declare the divine fact that 'Jesus is Sweeter.' Hear The Music, Listen To The Lyrics Bless Your Heart 18
  • 19. About Yaz Alexander Birmingham-based singer-songwriter Yaz Alexander is a vocal force to be reckoned with. Her performances are characterised by a passion and energy for her music that captivates and commands an audience under her hypnotic spell. Already established as one of Britain's most in-demand session and backing vocalists, she's now forging her own path as a solo artist with the release of her album Life Begins. Yaz Alexander is a name to watch out for and a performer not to be missed. She has toured across great chunks of the globe as part of international reggae star Pato Banton's touring Reggae Revolution entourage. Her partnership with Banton began in 1990 and two years later she joined him and friends including Ranking Roger, Macka B and David 'Skipper' Largie on vocals on his album Universal Love. She also contributed vocals to his 1996 album, Stay Positive, co-writing the track One People. "I learned my craft over the years through countless studio and live sessions, etc...mainly with Pato who gave me the blessed opportunity to perform on many stage in various beautiful parts of the world. Without his support I wouldn't have the confidence I have. Their performing relationship continues to this day, whilst Yaz has also worked with youngsters as a vocal coach at Banton's School of Music at The Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham. Her passionate style is born out of her profound love of both reggae and jazz music, she is at home in both genres and has collaborated with luminaries of the calibre of Mighty Diamonds, Eddy Grant, Peter Hunningale, Vivian Jones, Nerious Joseph, Musical Youth, Soweto Kinch and veteran jazz performer Andy Hamilton. I first heard Yaz in February 2003 when she guested with a superbly powerful rendition of Forever Loving Jah, the Bob Marley classic, alongside the Gabbidon band at The Drum in Birmingham. In October 2003, she helped launch the Black History Month at The Drum. With a typically charismatic performance, Yaz and her backing band Urban Elementz delivered a fine set including two compositions of her own, Hold On and Freedom, and closed her set with a compelling repeat of the Marley classic, Forever Loving Jah. December 2007 Yaz release her first solo album, Life Begins. Of the seventeen tracks, includes her singles This World and Empress, a reprise of Bob Marley’s Get Up Stand Up, three songs written by her producer Dennis Edwards and two from Steel Pulse’s producer Paul Horton. The tracks are: This World, Empress, Still Burning, Why Me, Don't Trust Love, Step Right Ahead, Love Has Got A Hold, How Could I Leave, Sister, Get Up Stand Up Interlude, I, More Love, Black Pride, Mama, Beautiful, Out In The Rain, Still Burnin' Remix. Get hold of a copy today. Visit Yaz's website's at and at to listen to some of her latest offerings. 19
  • 20. About King Arthur King Arthur Realizing his strength as a singer, song-writer, musician and recording artiste, Winston "King Arthur" Blake is aware of the many challenges a gospel singer encounters, in his quest to inspire, uplift and entertain people, who comes in contact with his music. His current debut album entitled "unfolding The Truth’’ Time "delivers a number of thought provoking songs that includes "Receive It" My God Can Do It, His music echoes a call to consciousness and to a new awareness of God. His songs also bring into sharp focus an in-depth understanding of God's truth, the foundation on which he has built his ministry, In regards to directing his path as singer, songwriter, musician, pastor, writer and publisher of God's principles and truth. What is encouraging is that people are enthused by reggae driven gospel music, and whole-heartedly embrace gospel music that allows them to express themselves in their own unique way. 20
  • 21. TELEPHONE: 0121 328 4446 Unit 41, Birch Road East, Wyrley Road Trading Estate, Witton, Birmingham, B6 7DA 21
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  • 23. Only God can get the credit for all that has taken place in the extraordinary life of Junior Tucker. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Junior began singing at the age of 5.At age 7 he became a household name in his country performing his first #1 song “Happy” and also began travelling internationally. Without a shadow of doubt everyone knew being on stage was what he was born to do. With tremendous success, he navigated his way through three international recording contracts which have literally taken him across the world. He has toured throughout the United States, UK, Japan, Mexico and the Caribbean. at 12 years he was signed to Island Records and at 14 he had a recording contract with Geffen Records USA. At 23 he signed to Virgin Records UK. 1991 Junior was released from Virgin and returned to his roots to pursue a career in Jamaican Dancehall Music. Dancehall brought its accolades, number one songs, singer of the year titles and a high profile lifestyle. As time progressed his life became far from “Happy”. Despite so called fortune and fame, behind the scenes his life was in pieces, spent chasing the next hit song to stay on top and fill the void in his life. The death of his father and the birth of his first child; lead to a period of searching for answers to a deeper meaning to life. He investigated various religions but still no answers. He penned songs like “I pray” and “Praise His Name”, having no true knowledge of the God he was singing about. Bombarded by religion, a distorted childhood and being plagued by nightmares, he cried out one night “God if you are real, allow me to sleep?” God answered, he slept as never before. He woke up completely delivered, knowing that he was a Christian. He publicly confessed Jesus as his Lord and Savior that week at a gospel concert in Kingston and soon after was baptized. It has been 9 years and he has never returned his secular career. He states, “There is nothing to go back to”. Coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ has brought clarity to his once hazed purpose and destiny. To his life God has given direction, and to his gift God has given purpose. Junior, his wife Trudy and their 3 girls, Chyna, Zoe and Paige now reside in Clewiston, Florida. For the past 5 years he has submitted his life to his pastors, Pastors Chuck and Karen Pelham and his bishops, Bishops Tony and Kathy Miller, whom God has used to mould and shape first the man and then his ministry. 23
  • 24. Through Junior Tucker Ministries, Junior not only sings but preaches the Gospel and conducts praise and worship workshops. God has taken him back to many of the nations where he performed as a secular artiste to now win souls for the Kingdom. God has even given him new territories to take the gospel and to set the captives free. His fourth Reggae Gospel Album titled “Victory – Worship from the Islands II” is definitely a reflection of his growth and maturity in Christ. Not only are there great foot stomping beats but also powerful praise and worship songs designed to usher in the presence of the Lord. To God Be the Glory! When the Lord led Rico to form Shekinah Ministries Sound System in 1996 it was seen as very controversial because many Christians believed Reggae music had no place in the church and neither did a sound system playing with 18 inch speakers. Some Pastors told members of their congregation not to attend Shekinah Outreaches for fear of being corrupted. But just as Jesus did not come for the righteous, Shekinah was not built for the Church! There were no qualms in going against the grain and breaking through barriers as far as the church was concerned. After organizing a series of free outreaches in the city of Birmingham U.K., It soon became clear that Shekinah was tapping into something unique with regards to spreading the gospel. The fruits of this were many accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Presently the Sound System consists of four key members, Spanna (The Tool in God's Hand, Who is also a recording artist; Miller the Selecta; Brother Keith (The Poet) and Singing D, the singer who has been likened to the late Garnett Silk. The Shekinah Sound System has played alongside top Gospel Reggae artists like Stitchie, Junior Tucker, Chevelle Franklyn and Judy Mowatt to name a few... They have also been privileged to link up with top secular sound systems like Stone Love from Jam Down and Luv Injection from the UK. No matter what the occasion, Shekinah always seeks to promote the Love of Jesus Christ and have been truly blessed to have been the ones chosen to pioneer a move of Christian Sound Systems that gives God all the Glory while making a difference. Shekinah Ministries is a group of Christians who regard Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Our aim is promote Jesus Christ through contemporary Christian music, which we believe to be a powerful medium reaching out to lost souls. 24
  • 25. COMMUNITY FIRE SAFETY FEATURE HELP US KEEP YOU SAFE IN YOUR HOME West Midlands Fire Service is offering people a free Home Fire Safety Check. This involves fire-fighters calling at your home giving advice on fire safety and associated hazards. They will talk to you about a wide range of topics, such as hazards in the kitchen, safe disposal of smoking materials, heaters, candles and electric blankets, offering practical advice on how to stay safe from fire and what to do should you be unfortunate enough to have a fire in your home. Visiting fire-fighters may fit smoke alarms if necessary and extra help can be provided for people with additional needs, for example, there are now smoke alarms specially designed for deaf and hard of hearing. Home Fire Safety Check appointments are made in advance, at a time that suits you with a password agreed, so you know the right people are calling at your door. The fire-fighters will be in uniform and carrying ID cards that they will be happy to show you. If fire fighters call without a prior appointment it is probably because there has been a fire in your area and they want to check you are okay, and ask if you would like to arrange a Home Fire Safety Check with them whilst they are in the neighbourhood. Chief Fire Officer Vij Randeniya said: “The Home Fire Safety Check is a completely free service that we are offering to help keep people safe in their homes. “Our fire-fighters are experienced at carrying out these checks and their visit to your home will be undertaken with the minimum disruption. Having a Home Fire Safety Check is a simple way of making your family safer in the home.” To arrange a FREE HOME FIRE SAFETY CHECK call Freephone 0800 389 5525 25
  • 26. 31ST August 2009 Programme Presented by Activities Danny D Trevor Junior & Belinda New Style Radio 98.7 Float 1: King Arthur Community Float and foot procession follow s Float 2: (International Artist Junior Tucker) Shekinah Sound Ministries 1. Praise and Worship Farm Street COGOP 2. Farm Street Children and Puppet Show 3. Young Disciples Youths Development Project Its time to make a change, we are the youths who can do it 4. Apostle Ukachukwu Ezenwere 5. Rev Michael Ekwulugo (Message for the youths) 6. Young Gifted Talent Final 7. Yaz Alexander 8. Simon Farrell 9. Michelle Mckenzie {USA} Break (30 minutes) 10. Special Charity Offering towards the funding of future GosFes events 11. Sponsor’s time 12. Owen Uriah 13. King Arthur 14. Junior Tucker International artiste 15. Shekinah Ministries Sound Play us out - See you next year... 26
  • 27. “GosFes” Site Map “GosFes” Site Map “GosFes” Site Map “GosFes” Site Map 27
  • 28. GosFes is supported and sponsored by: Administration office COGOP Anchor Trust Queen Elizabeth Court Church of God of Prophecy, Farm Street Community Christian Fellowship (Walsall Rd Great Barr) New life Wesleyan Church (Handsworth Birmingham) Maureen Tabannor Website: Pro B Accounting Services OG Moore Transport Ltd Steve Benton Transport “GosFes” Co-ordinator Bancroft Tabannor and the team would like to first thank the Lord, Artiste, Lecturers and Sponsors for making this annual event a success, Without your support we wouldn’t be able to make this event possible. Company Register No: 5674930 Charity No: 1114879 Programme Design by Bancroft Tabannor 28