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Lay tec in-line_datasheet_x_link mail Lay tec in-line_datasheet_x_link mail Document Transcript

  • DATASHEET The X Link system enables fast and accurate evaluation of the level of EVA cross-linking after lamination. It can be integrated into any solar module production line, and offers 100% co - verage for process control and quality assurance: - non-destructive method - testing time of seconds - in-line measurement capability - - module mapping option - data output in “% gel content” - multi-point measurement capability - sturdy design for industrial application Features: XLink Benefits: LayTec X Link measurement systems predict the long-term stability of solar modules by evaluating the level of cross-linking in EVA solar module encapsulation: within seconds, non-destructively and accurately. It enables in-line monitoring of the solar module lamination process. Customized systems are available. - no more scrapping of laminates - easy integration into existing production lines - - feedback control of lamination process - gapless quality assurance Distributed by
  • Specifications are subject to further technical development and may differ from those given in the datasheet. DATASHEET | XLINK Performance and requirements duration of measurement accuracy range measuring probe size working distance contact, non-destructive required temperature of laminate/module during measurement size of measurement head hardware type PLC based backbone bus interfaces and others weight maintenance cycles yearly check-up power supply safety certificate CE data output LayTec cross-link metric (LXM), % gel content equivalent The measurement requires the module to have a temperature of 80 °C or higher. Ideally, it is installed immediately after the lamination process. Optional heating stages are available for measurements further along the production line or for off-line measurements. During the measurement, physical contact to the back sheet is required. The in-line version is based on highly robust industrial grade embedded system protocols and can be directly connected to production systems and SPC databases by a large variety of protocols along with clear user visualization for quick on-line inspection. In-line measurement capability: Software: Developed, manufactured, qualified in Germany. Manufactured under a License Agreement with the Fraunhofer USA, Inc. Center for Sustainable Energy Systems. For further information please contact: Tel.: +49 (0)30 89 00 55-0 Fax: +49 (0)30 89 00 55-333 Email: Web: LayTec in-line GmbH SeesenerStr. 10-13 10709 Berlin, Germany Distributed by