IRCE 2013 Gorilla Group and Young America


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Gorilla Group and Young America co-presented at IRCE 2013

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IRCE 2013 Gorilla Group and Young America

  1. 1. BORROW THIS, LOSE THAT Lessons From the Competition Ethan Smith Creative Director Gorilla David Petersen V.P. Retail and Brand Development Stanley Furniture Co., Inc.
  2. 2. What’s happening today?
  3. 3. What's Different About You? Dyson Tom’s Shoes
  4. 4. What's Your Story? American Muscle Lush Cosmetics
  5. 5. Set Purchase Expectations in Advance Northern Tool
  6. 6. Engaging the Ever-Connected Consumer gorillagroup.comConfidential Material | Brought to you by Gorilla Active Evaluation Loyalty Loop Post-Purchase Experience USE TRUST EVANGELIZE FRIEND GET HELP SHARE PERSONALIZE SEARCH RESEARCH COMPARE DECIDE PURCHASE DISCOVER Forrester
  7. 7. Creating a stronger digital presence and melting it into the overall omnichannel experience are key components for future retail growth, and the winners will be the ones that focus more on customers and less on channels. MIKI BERARDELLI, TORY BURCH CMO NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2013 “
  8. 8. gorillagroup.comConfidential Material | Brought to you by Gorilla Design for Context | Common Business Model PRODUCT TAXONOMY RETURNS RETURNS WEB STORE MOBILE SITE / APP RETAIL STORE USERS
  9. 9. gorillagroup.comConfidential Material | Brought to you by Gorilla Design for Context | Aligned Business Model A B C RESPONSIVE WEBSITE USER PERSONAS STORE LOCATOR RETAIL STORE RETURNS PRODUCT TAXONOMY
  10. 10. Allow People to Purchase on Their Terms Trek Bikes Sonos
  11. 11. Conversion isn't always Add to Cart Subzero/Wolf Shure Axient
  12. 12. Conversion isn't always Add to Cart The Federal Savings Bank Stihl
  13. 13. Facilitate Post Purchase Action Online Britax Zappos
  14. 14. Background • Young America needed web presence to NOT sell online • Independent retailers need online presence to reach prospects • Target consumer considers offer online, concludes purchase in-store • Independent retailers presume the worst of a manufacturer’s website • Retailers equate online retailing with price competition
  15. 15. Background • Very few retailer distributed brands in home furnishings online • No closely allied brand examples to borrow from • Principal competitors have vertical models • Verticals are more transactional with broader merchandise assortment
  16. 16. Background • Challenges to making the website the center of the universe - from scratch • Furniture manufacturer established in 1924 • Previously pure B-to-B marketing – retailer responsible for consumer engagement • No organizational experience with online marketing/ retailing • Consumer brand story not previously told – strong trade brand history • Retailers and field sales organization are very skeptical
  17. 17. Background • Imagined a website as the principal brand medium for Young America • First consumer contact with brand online through search/ referral • Products intensively researched • Relatively short purchase cycle for capital • Extended family involvement in purchase • Participate in event purchase – with retailer acceptance
  18. 18. BORROW this
  19. 19. Involve the retailer upfront in the website centric strategy • Get permission to take charge of front end of purchase process • Take responsibility for pain points - building store traffic • Leverage website to give retailer access to online presence
  20. 20. Proactively manage retailer concerns of channel conflict • Ask for permission and get involvement of retailer • Show them project in process – give them a visual • Create price incentives for consumers to buy through retailers
  21. 21. Celebrate the retailer through dealer locator • Make the locator prominent • Make locator decisions important – think about the prospect • Create over-the-top referrals to retailers
  22. 22. Involve the retailer • Put the website in the retailer’s store • Create co-operative web-based marketing - online advertising • Share creative content with retailer for their banner campaigns and website • Build trust and commitment by making the brand website invaluable to them • Encourage retailers to develop their own website strategies
  23. 23. Look to Allied Industries for Inspiration - Consumer Capital • Companies face many of the same challenges • Consumer behavior is similar • Distribution issues are similar • Allows for a sober appraisal of challenge and opportunity
  24. 24. LOSE thAT
  25. 25. Emulate transactional strategies of verticals • Imagine Internet can’t support alternative strategies • Chase typical website strategies • Race into broader merchandise strategy • Lose sight of supporting principal distribution channel/revenue streams • Resist temptation to ask consumer to order
  26. 26. Make big plans for immediate direct-to-consumer revenues • Opportunities to expand direct business will come later • Online retail takes time to develop • Early traffic exists because of your retailer’s activities