How to stay in control of you transition


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Major life transitions such as downsizing or settling an estate can be overwhelming. However, the situation can be made easier by remembering that you are in control of your transition. Better understand the transition process and get helpful information about maintaining control. We want you to move on with confidence.

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  • Introduction: Thanks ________________.- That was the best introduction I’ve ever written It’s a pleasure to be here and have a chance to tell you what I do and why that’s important to you. Many of you know me from the charities I’ve been involved with over the years, or from appraisals, or auctions, or even from the cattle market where it all began. Born and raised Gananoque. Married at 19. 3 Children. Cattle market. Farm auctions. Napanee estate. Auction school for me. Evolution of moving from cattle to farm estates, to urban estates- mostly centred around auction. Then real estate license, real estate company- and today I get to tell you where that has all lead and why it’s the best job in the world. Today for the next short while we’ll talk a bit about demographics. We’ll have a look at the challenges facing you and your friends and family, and finally what we do to make things better for you.
  • Encourage audience participation
  • When you choose to downsize, these are some of the many things that you will need to take care of. That’s a lot to think about.
  • Many people are so overwhelmed at the thought of downsizing that they put it off indefinitely. They don’t know where to start. They’re overwhelmed by the physical aspects: Moving, packing, sorting, lifting boxes Emotional aspects: giving up your family home, parting with some of your posessions People think selling the house is the toughest part when in reality, everything else can be difficult.
  • In response to this growing need, and having developed skills and resources to be able to do a lot more than just sell your house, we decided to build a company based on all the needs of our seniors downsizing and executor clients. We put it all together and base the cost on the real estate commission. We let the real estate fund the whole transition.
  • In between services can include cleaning, packing...
  • No one has been able to duplicate this service. We are the only ones who offer this complete suite of services all under one roof and all as part of the real estate transaction
  • This is a new category. We’re trying to spread the word that there is a company that can handle your entire transition. Would you rather have to hire a realtor, a mover, a cleaner and a slew of other service providers, or would you rather deal with one company?
  • It’s dangerous to assume that your children and family members will have the time or energy to help you with such a big process. Times have changed and so have family obligations.
  • Almost a quarter of us find our families more than 1 ½ hours away.
  • This is some of you. And what happens to a lot of your children caring for family at both ends. Everyone is overloaded How many people here are in this position? How many know someone who is?
  • 30% with teenagers in the home, are also providing care to a senior- and not in their home- which means they are running around. These are a lot of your clients.
  • This doesn’t leave much time for anything let alone helping out with the monumental task of downsizing.
  • And it hurts their performance at work. And why wouldn’t it? You are barely able to keep up with your double or triple home responsibilities- how can you perform well at work? There has also been a rise in stress related illness amongst adult caregivers because they have no time to partake in stress relieving activities.
  • Women spend twice as much time as men being pressured due to Sandwich situations. Women carry the load. You ladies will know this already without me having to tell you.
  • An example of a client who assumed his daughter would help out. She lived just two doors down the street and was unable to help out to the extent that he expected.
  • Client’s children lived out of town. This is very common. Coming to help with downsizing requires time off, vacation time used up. It’s not a matter of just a few days here and there. This process can take months.
  • This is something we hear a lot. Realtors are not the same across the board. It is especially important when you are downsizing, to make sure that your realtor understands the unique needs of someone in your situation. An average realtor is not equipped to deal with a whole life transition. Moving is very different when you are a senior.
  • Moving in your 20’s. No work required, friend will help out, very little belongings. Moving up in the world.
  • Mid-life moving. Often moving to a bigger space to accommodate family. Don’t need to get rid of possessions. Just need to pack the moving truck and go. Usually still physically capable of labour at this age. Most often have the capital to hire a moving company.
  • It’s different when you’re a senior. Seniors have different and unique needs than the rest of the population. Talk about how it’s different when you downsize.
  • This lovely lady listed her house with us for a traditional MLS listing. Our process works equally on an auction platform or on a traditional listing platform. Both use MLS, and we typically discuss the merits of both in a listing presentation.
  • After a week she called and said she was too nervous about her upcoming wedding to wait while people poked around her house hoping to see an offer. She asked us to switch her to an auction plan so she could plan which day it would sell and when she could close. In her early 80’s, she wanted to make sure she had this business behind her so she could relax and move in with her new husband AFTER she had the ring.
  • More often than not, people underestimate the actual time it will take to pack and sort belongings and clean a house. We have had more clients come to us for help because the job was taking weeks or months longer than expected. Downsizing a home can be a full time job and most people can’t devote themselves to the task full time.
  • Estate executor. Hired a dumpster and enlisted family members to help clean out a house and pack up belongings. This was BIG job. A week in, she realized she was over her head and called Gordon’s to handle everything.
  • We have structured our service in a way that this won’t be a great expense to our customers.
  • We charge an extra 1% which covers the cost of our transition tram and their service. Your real estate covers the cost of your transition!
  • There are additional services you can request based on need. We will coordinate everything. It doesn’t cost for us to organize and coordinate these extra service providers.
  • Our services are customized to suit your unique needs and situation. No two transitions are the same
  • People often think the scope of this work is too large for one company to handle. They often wonder how we’re able to do the job quickly and efficiently when they are struggling.
  • We have an amazing team!
  • Our team has a unique background and a diverse skill set that allows us to tackle every aspect of your transition. Auctioneers, realtors, transition specialists, appraisers, movers, everything you need all under one roof.
  • Talk about years of experience as realtors. Also talk about how we don’t work on commission. Your real estate commission goes to pay our salaried team. Barry is one of longest standing brokers in Kingston.
  • We’re Realtors having full access to the MLS system.
  • We have a trained, accredited transition team. They have been trained to specialize in working with seniors and fully understand everything that goes into a smooth transition. Accreditations include relocation and transition specialist, senior move manager, active members of association for senior move managers. We are some of only 17 certified relocation and transition specialists in the country.
  • Years of experience in appraising art, antiques and collectibles. Makes a difference having an expert go through your home to help you determine the value of your posessions.
  • The end result? You move on with confidence.
  • It’s as easy as this
  • And. You get the final say about how well we did.
  • And. You get the final say about how well we did.
  • And. You get the final say about how well we did.
  • Explain the customer satisfaction survey. This is a way to hold ourselves accountable, our customers get the final say in how we did. All of our surveys, regardless of score are displayed on the website so you can see how we’re doing. We use this as a mechanism to continually improve our services. Can talk about Helen’s comments.
  • 2008 results. We got an average of 9.65 across all categories. Our goal is to always maintain a minimum of 9.5 across the board and improve every year if we can.
  • Downsizing does not have to be overwhelming. There is someone out there who can help. Our goal is to help you move on with confidence knowing that all the details of your transition are taken care of. We help you move on.
  • For those of you who are happy living where you are, but are afraid of leaving your family members who are too busy and too far away with a lot of work, we offer pre arrangement planning. You can meet with us now, and arrange for us to handle all of this for your executor. That may be of value to someone you know.
  • How to stay in control of you transition

    1. 2. What do you think of when you hear the word downsize?
    2. 3. I need to find a new home Where do I find a Realtor? I need to sell my current home I have to pack my belongings I need to sort my belongings. What can I take with me? What will I do with all this stuff? The house needs paint... There’s so much cleaning to do Does my home need staging? I must prepare the house for sale Who gets what? What about shipping? What do I want to keep? Where do I start? I need to find a mover Are these antiques worth anything?
    3. 4. Downsizing is a monumental task that goes beyond just selling your real estate
    4. 5. What if I told you there was a company that could handle everything for you?
    5. 6. Gordon’s Estate Services offers integrated real estate and transition solutions
    6. 7. This means we’ll take on the entire challenge of selling your real estate while handling every last detail of your move
    7. 8. We will sell your current home, find you a new home and everything in between
    8. 9. Cleaning, packing,sorting shipping, preparing your home for sale anything else you need to move on with confidence
    9. 10. Gordon’s Estate Services is the only company in Canada that offers this complete service
    10. 11. Because we are building a new service category, our potential customers still have a lot of questions
    11. 12. These are the most common issues and questions we hear from people:
    12. 13. “ Why would I hire someone to help me downsize? My family will help me”
    13. 14. Did you know... 18% of those over 65 have no living offspring
    14. 15. Nearly 20% have family living more than 90 minutes away by car
    15. 16. Sandwich Generation
    16. 17. Sandwich Generation <ul><li>Almost 3 in 10 of those </li></ul><ul><li>aged 45 to 64 in 2002, with </li></ul><ul><li>unmarried children under  </li></ul><ul><li>25 in the home, (712,000 individuals) were </li></ul><ul><li>also caring for a senior </li></ul>
    17. 18. The average caregiver to elderly parents is a 46 year old female with a full time job, children, family responsibilities & obligations
    18. 19. <ul><li>80% report impact </li></ul><ul><li>on ability to work and enjoy stress relieving activities </li></ul>
    19. 20. <ul><li>Women were more likely than men to be sandwiched. </li></ul><ul><li>On average, women spent 29 hours a month providing care to seniors, compared to just 13 hours </li></ul><ul><li>spent by their male counterparts </li></ul>
    20. 21. 10 Glendale, Belleville
    21. 22. - Daughter lived 2 doors down and was too busy to help out - Full service package - House required cleaning - Sold through traditional real estate methods in about 10 days
    22. 23. 60 Jorene, Kingston
    23. 24. - Kids lived in Montreal and couldn’t keep taking time off work to help out - Full service package - Required cleaning &packing - Also needed management of extra assets
    24. 25. “ I already promised my friend that they could sell my house”
    25. 29. 1102 Howe Island Drive
    26. 30. - Client’s husband passed away and she wanted to sell quickly - Hired a friend to sell her home - Sat on market for one year with no offers - Came to us and we sold using auction method in 2 months
    27. 31. “ I can handle the packing and cleaning myself”
    28. 32. 187 Glen Castle Rd, Kingston
    29. 33. <ul><li>Executor ordered a dumpster and enlisted help of family members </li></ul><ul><li>After a week, she realized she was in over her head </li></ul><ul><li>Gordon’s team handled job in 2 weeks. </li></ul>
    30. 34. “ This sounds expensive ”
    31. 35. Our services are offered as part of the real estate transaction
    32. 36. Your real estate covers the cost of our transition team and their services
    33. 37. You can also choose from a suite of additional services to make your transition as easy as possible
    34. 38. Our service is not one size fits all
    35. 39. “ This sounds like a huge job. How are you able to do all of this?”
    36. 41. Our team has a unique combination of skills, which make us perfectly suited to help people with transitions
    37. 42. Real Estate Experts help you get the best market value for your property, quickly and efficiently
    38. 44. Transition Specialists take great care cleaning, sorting, appraising, packing, moving and managing the sale of your extra assets
    39. 45. Certified Appraisers Will help you determine the value of the things in your home
    40. 46. YOU move on with confidence knowing that all the details of your transition are taken care of smoothly and with unconditional care
    41. 48. Our service is based on a simple, yet powerful promise:
    42. 49. We’ll tell you exactly what we’re going to, when and how we’re going to do it and we follow through every single time.
    43. 50. We hold ourselves accountable to this promise 100% of the time
    44. 52. 2008
    45. 53. The number one comment we hear is: “ I wish someone had told me about your service earlier”