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Spencer Ogden Brochure.Cfm

  1. 1. The Energy Recruiter Spencer Ogden is a new and innovative, As the energy sector is currently undergoing specialist energy recruitment company. a rapid period of change, it is experiencing a shortage in the skills needed to accommodate With extensive knowledge and experience in a wide variety of ambitious projects. The quickly each sector of the energy market, we represent changing energy landscape means that there energy professionals at all levels and recruit for is a transition period in which governments and clients both nationally and internationally in the industry must address the adaption of new skills sectors of: and technology needed. At Spencer Ogden, our experienced and forward-thinking consultants • Oil & Gas approach this issue by thinking ‘outside the box’ • Nuclear and working together across sectors in order to • Renewables facilitate the changing needs of our clients and candidates. Energy recruiting is Spencer Ogden’s sole focus. By joining the dots of all major energy Spencer Ogden works in partnership with our sectors and providing dedicated service, skills UK and International client base which includes and expertise as one recruitment company energy & utility providers, manufacturers, we create opportunity for both clients and developers, research institutes, consultancies candidates. We strive to deliver the best quality and international government bodies within the of service to both candidates and clients by energy sector. investing in the best - people, services and infrastructure, systems and training. Spencer Ogden offers a complete recruitment solution encompassing permanent and contract contingent services. We offer the highest level of service for clients across the following The Government wants the country to sectors: generate 30% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. Currently we get 4% • Oil of our energy from those sources. It also • Gas wants to see the proportion of energy we • Nuclear get from nuclear rising from 15% to 25%. • Wind Offshore and Onshore All that is going to require a huge amount of • Solar investment. We expect to see £200 billion • Geothermal of investment poured into the renewable • Biomass energy sector alone in the next decade. • Waste Energy • Carbon Capture • Wave/Tidal
  2. 2. Oil Gas Spencer Ogden has a The natural gas industry dynamic team of continues to be an specialist oil and gas increasingly vital part recruitment consultants, of the energy mix, as a with a combined cheaper, and cleaner experience of over 20 source of energy than years, providing other fossil fuels. It recruitment solutions currently provides across the upstream and downstream sectors, approximately 20 to 25% of global energy globally. Our extended database is developed needs and consumption is growing at a rate through strong, long held relationships of 1.6 percent per year to meet demand. New throughout the industry and through the technologies are opening the door to even more extended network of Spencer Ogden offices, sources of supply and these advancements will in the key market centres of Aberdeen and ensure that the industry sees continued growth London. Our multi-national presence provides and plentifulcareer opportunities. access to a global talent pool through which we are able to move skilled labour between projects and countries, as well as provide a number of value added services to make these moves easier for both client and candidate. The global downturn had an adverse effect on the energy industry as a whole, but there has been a recent recovery in the oil price. This recovery has allowed investors to evaluate the market and subsequently the resurgence in pan European and global project activity has spelt an upturn in the demand for highly qualified Onshore, Offshore, Surface, Subsea and Subsurface Oil and Gas specialists.
  3. 3. Nuclear At Spencer Ogden our Nuclear power began in the 1950’s and has search expertise, since grown to become a vital part of the global comprehensive industry energy mix, with 436 commercial nuclear power knowledge and reactors operating in some 30 countries, and experience, help our providing 16 per cent of the world’s energy consultants to deliver needs. The quest to replace dependency consistently exceptional on fossil fuels with affordable, dependable, recruiting results within low carbon electricity has only increased the the Nuclear sector. We deliver individuals importance of the nuclear energy sector. There across all industry activities within the are a further 30 plants under construction and nuclear field for a number of clients including 90 reactor sites firmly planned worldwide. independent power companies, international The nuclear power sector in the UK is entering utility companies, consultancies, equipment into a period of transition; the 19 reactor sites manufacturers and contractors. We are currently operating within the country provide continuously recruiting technical specialists 15 per cent of energy needs and of these, all from multiple engineering capacities, through to but one are scheduled to reach the end of their senior level international project management life cycle by 2023. In order to fill the oncoming officers. energy gap, the Department of Energy and Climate Change have announced 10 potential sites across the UK with the first expected to come online for 2017.
  4. 4. Renewable Energy The renewable energy sector is at the forefront Energy Sources in 2010 of the world’s attention as governments around the globe seek to curb their carbon emissions and ease dependency on imported fossil fuels. Total investment in the sector reached £85 billion last year, a number that far outpaces any other sector including IT and biotech. Jobs in the renewable energy sector have experienced what could only be described as three years of explosive growth. It is estimated that the industry currently employs 2.3 million, and this number is expected to grow exponentially as governments continue to push growth in the sector and look to invest a further £200 billion. Energy Sources in 2020 We are continuously recruiting for a complete range of skilled candidates across all renewable disciplines including Wind energy offshore and onshore, Solar, Geothermal, Wave/Tidal, Bio fuels, Hydro, Waste to Energy and Carbon Capture. We supply engineers, consultants, project managers, technicians, grid connection specialists, and analysts to our clients.
  5. 5. Solar Geothermal Solar power, in both Although geothermal solar thermal and power accounts for only PV forms, is swiftly a small percentage of catching up with wind global energy, some 50 as the fastest growing countries (14 of which renewable. New are in the EU) are set up investment in the sector to harness this natural has outpaced that of resource. The deep any other renewable and global grid connected geothermal resources in South West England capacity has increased 70 per cent in 2008 alone are thought to be enough to provide 2% to 3GW. Government support in the form of of the country’s annual electricity demand. subsidies and feed-in electricity tariffs has seen England’s only operating geothermal plant has Germany and Spain take the lead in producing existed in Southampton for the past 20 years solar energy. The European Commission has and the government is pushing the industry by earmarked £16 billion towards the development providing £6 million for the purpose of deep of the solar sector over the next 10 years in underground heat exploration in the next couple anticipation of it providing 15 per cent of the of years. EU’s electricity needs.
  6. 6. Biomass Carbon Capture The biomass and The carbon capture biofuels industry is and storage industry growing quickly in the is gaining strength as UK and across Europe governments look as it becomes an for ways to harness increasingly important emissions in tandem renewable energy with renewable energy option. Currently technologies. The UK only 3.7% of Europe’s total energy usage is is at the forefront of the industry along with sourced from biomass fuels, however the UK’s countries such as Canada, China, Norway and Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation target Australia who all have carbon capture projects of 14% of fuel to come from biofuels by 2020, in development. The first commercial scale and the EU’s target of 10% means that there project in the UK is set to open in 2014 to is strong incentive and job creation occurring harness the emissions from coal plants which in the industry. In the UK some 550 MW of provide 37 percent of the UK’s total energy. biomass plants are in the building and planning The April budget outlined that the UK would stages and will add to the 1500 MW capacity eventually fund as many as four CCS projects. currently in operation. The EU has also earmarked a large sum to be awarded to carbon capture projects and must be awarded to developers by 2010. Waste Energy Waste Management or Wave / Tidal Energy-from-Waste (EfW) is a technology Europe is the global has been steadily leader when it comes growing worldwide due to tidal and wave to its multiple benefits, energy, with projects including negative considered, planned or variable input costs, installed in Spain, waste removal and storage solution, and Portugal, Scotland, energy production. Incineration plants have Ireland and Norway. traditionally been public sector but they are now While the sector is still underdeveloped, the attracting large scale investment as technology UK government is showing its support with £60 has advanced the plants to produce profitable million in funding earmarked to be invested in electricity/heat. Approximately 5,000 plants are ocean energy sources. The British coastline is in operation across Europe, with 30 currently 11,072 miles long and has some of the highest located within Britain and the ambition of 1,000 tidal ranges in the world making it naturally plants to be in operation in ten years. endowed to be a global leader in the industry.
  7. 7. Wind On-Shore Wind Off-Shore Wind Wind is the fastest The development of growing source of offshore wind energy clean renewable energy is seen as an important in the world today with factor in meeting more than 100,000 large proposed renewable turbines installed energy targets in worldwide; more countries around the wind power is being installed then any other world. Currently, ten offshore wind farms are in electricity generating technology. In the operation worldwide, all located within the EU, UK the wind energy sector has exploded with another ten European and two American over the past 15 years due to the country’s projects in proposal. The UK is a global leader natural abundance of this resource, with the in this sector with a current operating capacity amount of energy generated by wind turbines of 598MW and another 33GW of potential increasing by almost 30 fold to 120 GW of offshore wind farm sites being made available. operating capacity with another 3.5 GW in the construction and development stages. This is expected to create 60,000 green collar jobs in the coming years.
  8. 8. Our Culture Quality & Service We strive to deliver the best quality of service to both candidates and clients by investing in the best - people, services and infrastructure, systems and training. We are devoted to being a pioneer by fore fronting the necessary change towards integrating the energy verticals and connecting the energy sectors. In order to facilitate across projects and countries, Spencer Ogden also provides a full breadth of value-added services that aid client and candidate to achieve an easy transaction.
  9. 9. Why Clients choose Spencer Ogden Our Clients Spencer Ogden works in partnership with our UK and International client base which includes energy & utility providers, manufacturers, developers, research institutes, consultancies and international government bodies within the energy sector. Candidate Search and Selection By focusing on specific Energy Markets, our comprehensive selection process provides the best candidates available. We invest heavily in a variety of media including the internet, national and local press, job boards and sponsorship. Utilising state-of-the-art sourcing techniques, coupled with our market specialisation, we have access to high calibre job seekers, and our targeted head hunting approach connects us with ‘passive’candidates not actively looking to move. Why Candidates choose Spencer Odgen We focus on the quality of the jobs we provide and ensure we have the depth of knowledge to be able to communicate with both the candidate and the client. Our consultants will guide a candidate professionally through the recruitment process from initial selection, submission and shortlist through to interview, offer, negotiation and acceptance. Spencer Ogden’s consultants are consistently trained in their specialist markets and the end to end recruitment process.
  10. 10. We’re passionate about energy recruitment. If you’re into energy contact us at one of our offices or visit us online at www.spencer-ogden.com Contact Offices:
  11. 11. Spencer Ogden Limited Terms and Conditions of Business Definitions A2. The FEE payable by the Client to the Specialist for the introduction of a Candidate is calculated as presented in the The Specialists: Spencer Ogden Limited Office 839 Al Fardan Scale of Fees below, on the remuneration agreed between Office Tower, PO Box 31316 the Candidate and the Client .The Client will disclose to the The Client: The Company, Firm, Entity or Person requiring Specialists full details of remuneration offered as soon as the the introduction of full-time, part-time, contract or contingent engagement has been accepted. workers from the Specialists. Engagement: The engagement by the Client of the person, or SCALE OF FEES AND PAYMENT limited company, introduced by the Specialists. 25% of TOTAL RENUMERATION. Candidate: Any third party introduced by the Specialists to the Client Payment terms - 14 days from candidate start date. Introduced: The provision by the Specialists to the Client of all A3. All Introductions are confidential and the communication or any details of a candidate, whether in oral or written form, for of an Introduction to a different employer, which results in an any potential engagement. engagement, will render the Client liable to that FEE calculated Remuneration: Total pay , comprising basic salary, housing in Clause A2. allowance, transportation allowance and bonus payments to be paid over 12 months before applying any exemptions, A4. An introduction fee is calculated in accordance with Clause allowances or deductions. A2.This will be charged in relation to any Candidate engaged Client Paid Advertising: The Provision by the Specialists of as a consequence of or resulting from an introduction by or an Executive Search service, including writing and creative through the Specialists, whether direct or indirect, within 12 services and the subsequent placing of an advertisement in a months from the date of the Specialists introduction. This publication with the full agreement of the Client and at full cost applies regardless of whether not the Client knew the candidate re-charged to the Client. previously. LAW A6. In the event that any employee of the Specialist with whom the Client has had personal dealings, accepts an Engagement For the avoidance of doubt, Qatari law shall apply to this with the Specialist within 3 months of leaving the Specialist’s agreement and any disputes arising from it are subject to the employment, the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Qatar Client shall be liable to pay an introduction fee to the Specialist in accordance with Clause A2. THE CONTRACT A7. Details regarding a Candidate will be deemed to have been A1. These terms constitute the contract between the Specialist passed on, and an introduction fee payable by the Client in and the Client which are deemed to be accepted by the Client consequence, if a Candidate is engaged by a person connected by virtue of an introduction to, or the Engagement of, an with the Client within twelve months of any information applicant or the passing of any information about the Candidate concerning that Candidate being supplied to the Client by the to any third party following an introduction. Specialist. The phrase ‘connected with’ has the meaning set out in regulation 3 of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and These terms contain the entire agreement between the parties Employment Businesses Regulations 2003. and, unless otherwise agreed in writing by a duly authorised officer of the Specialist, these Terms prevail over any other A8. In the case of each Candidate there is a minimum fee of Terms or purchase conditions put forward by the Client. £5,000. No variation or alteration to these Terms shall be valid unless the details of such variation are agreed between the Specialist and the Client and are set out in writing, with a copy given to the Client.
  12. 12. Spencer Ogden Limited Terms and Conditions of Business SCALE OF REFUNDS RESPONSIBILITIES Occasionally, for whatever reason and because of the human The Specialists can be relied upon to do their professional, element involved, engagements break down. The Specialists level best to ensure the suitability of every candidate in recognise this and have provided a scale of refunds which will accordance with all relevant statutory obligations. It is compensate the Client over a period of ten weeks in the event incumbent upon the Client, however, to satisfy themselves as of such a situation. to the appropriateness and usability of a candidate. The Client is strongly urged to personally take up any references and i.So long as the Specialists’ Fees have been paid in full by the testimonials provided by the Specialists and/ or the Candidate Client in accordance with Clauses A2 and A3; and before an engagement. Furthermore, the Client shall always ii.So long as the Client, within SEVEN DAYS of the termination be responsible for obtaining work and other permits, for the of the engagement, provides details in writing to the Specialists arrangement of medical examinations and/ or medical history the Client will be entitled to the following refunds: enquiries, where considered appropriate, and satisfy any other statutory or legal requirements pertaining to their specific Refunds relate to permanent engagements only and are only engagement. for clients who pay within the Client’s payment terms (14 days) 0-4 weeks 100% RETAINED ASSIGNMENT 5-8 weeks 50% 8-12 weeks 25% The Specialist’s fees for this service are based on remuneration as described in definitions above and are as follows: A9. Should the Candidate’s engagement be terminated within ten weeks and subsequently reengaged on any basis 33% of remuneration, payable in three stages. whatsoever by the Client or by any subsidiary, associated or tied company within twenty six weeks of the termination of 11% on agreed acceptance of the assignment. the engagement, a further FEE will be charged, calculated in 11% on presentation of shortlisted candidates. accordance with Clause A2. 11% on completion and subsequent engagement of candidate terms for the introduction of staff for contract and temporary LIABILITY assignments. The Specialist shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by the The Client authorises the Specialist to advertise the availability Client arising from or in any way connected with the Specialists of the position which the Client engages the Specialists to seek searching for a candidate for the Client or the Introduction to fill. to the Client by the Specialists of any Candidate or the Engagement of any Candidate by the Client.