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Advanced Kml
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Advanced Kml


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. Advanced KML Bent Hagemark May 29, 2008
  • 2. Overview OGC Standard KML Architecture Advanced features Future enhancement
  • 3. OGC Standard
  • 4. OGC KML 2.2 April 14, 2008 Standard: 07-147r2 Abstract Test Suite: 07-134r2 100% quot;Googlequot; KML 2.2 compatible xmlns=quot;;
  • 5. OGC KML 2.2
  • 6. KML Architecture
  • 7. KML Architecture Object Feature Geometry Style Link Extension mechanism
  • 8. Object most complex elements id=quot;IDquot; targetId=quot;IDquot; for Update AbstractXxxObjectExtensionGroup kml:AbstractObjectGroup (8.1)
  • 9. Feature left panel entry: name, snippet, visibility balloon style viewpoint, flyTo custom data kml:AbstractFeatureGroup (9.1)
  • 10. Feature: concrete elements Placemark NetworkLink Container: Document, Folder Overlay: GroundOverlay, PhotoOverlay, ScreenOverlay
  • 11. Geometry 2d or 3d extrude tessellate kml:AbstractGeometryGroup (10.1)
  • 12. Geometry: concrete elements Point (icon) LineString, LinearRing Polygon Model (textured 3d) MultiGeometry
  • 13. Style shared style (6.4) inline style style resolution kml:AbstractStyleSelectorGroup (12.1)
  • 14. Style: concrete elements Style StyleMap styleUrl SubStyle: BalloonStyle, ListStyle, ColorStyle ColorStyle: IconStyle, LabelStyle, LineStyle, PolyStyle
  • 15. Link href network-shared style network-shared schema images, 3d models, more KML balloon ascription
  • 16. Link: concrete elements NetworkLink/Link/href Overlay/Icon/href Model/Link/href styleUrl schemaUrl html:img src=quot;...quot; html:a href=quot;...quot; atom:link
  • 17. Extension mechanism ExtendedData/Data Document/Schema, ExtendedData/SchemaData ExtendedData/XML XSD extension mechanism
  • 18. XML and JavaScript same model (same system!)
  • 19. Advanced features
  • 20. Review: Basic features Placemark Overlay Folder Style NetworkLink
  • 21. Advanced features Region Time Update ExtendedData
  • 22. Region Feature LOD visibility transitions millions of points SuperOverlay
  • 23. Region: any Feature Placemark: visibility NetworkLink: fetch Overlay: fetch of image and visibility Document/Folder: cascade
  • 24. Region: simple effects simple Lod pop in and out fade clean swap with fade
  • 25. Region: Example 1: simple Lod <Placemark> <Region> <Lod> <minLodPixels>128</minLodPixels> </Lod> <LatLonAltBox>...</LatLonAltBox> </Region> <Point>...</Point> </Placemark>
  • 26. Region: Example 2: pop in and out <Placemark> <Region> <Lod> <minLodPixels>128</minLodPixels> <maxLodPixels>512</maxLodPixels> </Lod> <LatLonAltBox>...</LatLonAltBox> </Region> <Point>...</Point> </Placemark>
  • 27. Region: Example 3: clean swap <Placemark id=quot;coarsequot;> <Region> <Lod> <!-- minLodPixels defaults to 0 --> <maxLodPixels>256</maxLodPixels> </Lod> <LatLonAltBox>...</LatLonAltBox> </Region> <Point>...</Point> <!-- quot;come look herequot; --> </Placemark>
  • 28. Region: Example 3: clean swap <Placemark id=quot;finequot;> <Region> <Lod> <minLodPixels>256</minLodPixels> </Lod> <!-- maxLodPixels defaults to -1 quot;infinitequot; --> <LatLonAltBox>...</LatLonAltBox> </Region> <Polygon>...</Polygon> <!-- more detail --> </Placemark>
  • 29. Region: NetworkLink <NetworkLink> <Region> <Lod> <minLodPixels>256</minLodPixels> </Lod> <LatLonAltBox>...</LatLonAltBox> </Region> <Link> <href>load-when-viewer-close-enough.kml</href> <viewRefreshMode>onRegion</viewRefreshMode> </Link> </NetworkLink>
  • 30. Region: quot;RbNLquot; and tools cascade of Region-based NetworkLinks KML Layers - CSV -> RbNL - KML -> RbNL - walks RbNL - checks RbNL Regions
  • 31. Region: quot;RbNLquot; Google Earth layers Rumsey Historical Maps Gigapan/Gigapxl Photos YouTube Books News Weather
  • 32. Region: SuperOverlay quot;RbNLquot; of GroundOverlays Examples: Google Earth Weather disaster imagery
  • 33. Region: tips and tricks focus on Lod, especially minLodPixels minLodPixels most likely > 128 Region with any Feature including ScreenOverlay minLodPixels = 1/2 wid/ht of image tile 256x256 image -> minLodPixels 128 512 is 1/4 a typical screen
  • 34. Time Feature TimeStamp TimeSpan Example: Google Earth Weather
  • 35. Time: tips and tricks TimeStamp for Points TimeStamp: geographically non-coincident TimeSpan for Overlays TimeSpan: geographically coincident Containers cascade checkHideChildren
  • 36. Update Change Create Delete Example: Santa
  • 37. Update: Change <!-- original fetched with NetworkLink --> <kml xmlns=quot;;> <Folder> <Placemark id=quot;p1quot;> <name>Point @ 3,-4.2</name> <description>My movable Point</description> <styleUrl>#some-style</styleUrl> <Point> <extrude>true</extrude> <coordinates>3,4.2</coordinates> </Point> </Placemark> </Folder> </kml>
  • 38. Update: Change <kml><NetworkLinkControl> <Update> <Change> <Placemark targetId=quot;p1quot;> <name>Point @ 3,-4.2</name> <Point> <coordinates>3,4.2</coordinates> </Point> </Placemark> </Change> </Update> </NetworkLinkControl> </kml>
  • 39. Update: NetworkLinkControl and cookie <kml><NetworkLinkControl> <!-- name=value compat with cgi parsing --> <cookie>count=123</cookie> <Update> <Change> <Placemark targetId=quot;p1quot;> <Point> <coordinates>[coords for 123]</coordinates> </Point> </Placemark> </Change> </Update> </NetworkLinkControl></kml>
  • 40. ExtendedData Feature Data: untyped data Schema and SchemaData: typed data quot;<xs:any>quot;: any XML balloon templating with shared style Example: Google Earth Weather (Metadata deprecated)
  • 41. ExtendedData: Example: Weather <Placemark> <name>...</name> <styleUrl>http://.../style.kml#sunny</styleUrl> <ExtendedData>...</ExtendedData> <Point>...</Point> </Placemark>
  • 42. ExtendedData: Example: Weather <!-- style.kml --> <Style id=quot;sunnyquot;> <IconStyle> <Icon><href>sunny.jpg</href></Icon> </IconStyle> <LabelStyle>...</LabelStyle> <BalloonStyle> <text> <!-- 50 entities replaced in one template --> ...<td>$[01_Temperature]</td>... </text> </BalloonStyle> </Style>
  • 43. ExtendedData: Example: Weather <ExtendedData> <Data name=quot;locationquot;> <value>Shillong, IN as of 2008-05-28 17:00</value> </Data> <Data name=quot;00_Temperaturequot;> <value>80°F / 27°C</value> </Data> <Data name=quot;00_Phrasequot;> <value>Haze</value> </Data> </ExtendedData>
  • 44. ExtendedData: Example: weather Feature Data: untyped data Schema and SchemaData: typed data quot;<xs:any>quot;: any XML balloon templating with shared style Example: Google Earth Weather (Metadata deprecated)
  • 45. ExtendedData: tips and tricks ExtendedData/Data the comment trick
  • 46. Future enhancement
  • 47. Future enhancement ExtendedData XSD extension mechanism OGC SWG
  • 48. Demo
  • 49.