Leasing medical equipment

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  • 1. Leasing Medical Equipment -Should We Buy or Lease Medical Equipment? The argument involving leasing and buying medical equipment remain a hot issue for the past years. Those medical facilities and organizations where such type of equipment may be required are encouraged to lease instead of buying any medical equipment needed by their organization. Some organizations agree with the concept yet there are few who are not convinced that leasing medical equipment is a good choice. Every organization should understand the total difference between leasing and purchasing medical equipment. To understand why every organization can benefit from leasing over buying, it is very important to enumerate and identify the incredible benefits that any organization can obtain from choosing to lease medical equipment. First of all, any organization that makes use of medical equipment will gain some financial benefits if they will simply prefer to lease medical equipment. Leasing keeps the capital of a business and it also promotes better predict flow of cash. Leasing permits more precise forecasting of free cash flow and it makes the process of budgeting simplified. Leasing offsets your taxable profit because leasing can be used in reducing the taxable profit of a certain organization. It also minimizes the “soft cost” capital outlays and preserves superior credit lines. Aside from financial benefits, leasing medical equipment also brings technology benefits. These include end technology obsolescence. Apart from leasing, every organization should be aware of the NFS Factor in the lease versus buy decision. Leasing makes financing 100% available. It takes away the demand for upfront deposits as in certain cases NFS Leasing would lease soft costs as compared to other leasing companies. They take on story credits as well as complex relationships for the reason that NFS Leasing can help even the most difficult & financially challenged businesses in achieving their financial and technology goals. NFS Leasing helps in creating flexible payment terms in order to meet specific financial situations and budgets. The company also takes out the complexities in leasing. Their clients are free to choose the medical equipment and they will provide the financing. It is very clear that leasing medical equipment comes with more benefits over purchasing yet there are also a lot of questions to be answered. The main point here is that every organization is different. NFS Leasing worked with thousands of organizations from venture-backed startup to Fortune 1,000 in order to assist in making the best decision. This company is an independent equipment leasing firm that serves development oriented companies from various fields. This company specializes in leasing scientific, medical and technology equipment including other sorts of equipment such as construction and robotic. To learn more about NFS Leasing, please visit www.nfsleasing.com. For inquiries, please call them at 866-970-4637 or send them an email at info@nfsleasing.com.