Infographics for your business


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How can infographics help your busienss ?

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Infographics for your business

  1. 1. Infographics An IntroductionFor Small Business Owners Terry
  2. 2. IntroductionThank you for downloading this report. In thisreport you are going to find out how you can usethe power of Infographics for your business andhow you can go about increasing your brand usingthese cool graphical representations.In this report I am going to show you how you canuse Infographics to not only drive customers toyour website but also spread word about yourbusiness.You can use this report as an educational tool toremind yourself of the importance of usingInfographics for your business. You will alsodiscover the advantages of using Infographics andhow they can help your business.Please head over to the next section so I can sowyou how you can use Infographics for yourbusiness.Terry Power (
  3. 3. What are Infographics?Infographics are graphic visual representations ofinformation, data or knowledge. These graphicspresent complex information quickly and clearly(Doug Newsom & Haynes 2004)Over recent years the growth of Infographics hasbeen phenomenal. More and more businesses,media outlets and organisations are usingInfographics to illustrate their data.A recent IDG survey revealed that Infographics arethe fastest rising content type on the web.The Survey found that Infographics are used formarketing by 20% of B2B companies.So why should your business start usingInfographs?In the next section I am going to reveal why theseare going to change your business forever.
  4. 4. Why you should use Infographics for your businessThere are many reasons as to why you should useInfographics for your business.In this section I will outline several reasons whyyou should consider using Infographics for yourbusiness.Whether you’re a Dentist or a Plumber you shouldbe using Infographics to communicate with yourcustomers in this digital age.AttractiveThe great thing about Infographics is that they aregood to look at and stand out from the crowd.They are very attractive to look at and people arealways interested in graphical visualrepresentations of something. Therefore, by usingan Infographic for your business you are going toget people noticed about your brand.
  5. 5. Easy to ShareOne of the best things about Infographics is thatthey are very easy to share. People already lovesharing content online. By using Infographics yourcustomers are more likely to pass on yourInfographic to their friends etc.
  6. 6. People tend to share Infographics on social mediawebsites such as Facebook and Pinterest. By usingInfographics you are going to help generate moreinterest in your brand.Infographics can go Viral!The same way videos can goviral in a short space of time the same can be saidabout Infographics. The more people share yourInfograph the more people they reach. By goingviral you are going to spread your message acrossthe world quickly and educate your audience.The embed code that is provided helps theInfograph to go viral in a short space of time.People can embed this code onto their websiteand then be linked back to your website/blog.
  7. 7. If your Infographic has lots of interesting facts andinformation about your company’s brand thenpeople are going to share them or “embed” themonto their website/blogs/forums etc. By doing thisyour Infograph will reach a much bigger audience.Make a good impressionBy using Infographics for yourbusiness you are going to comeacross as an “expert” in yourbusiness and your customers will pick that up.This will also help them respond to you more andmake your business set a good example.By coming across as an expert in your field youare going to make it much easier for customers tocommunicate with you.
  8. 8. Increase traffic to your websiteYou can also use Infographics to direct traffic toyour website. The more people share yourInfograph and embed it onto their website andblogs the more traffic your site will receive, justfrom an Infographic!This will give your business potential newcustomers through your door, whilst at the sametime promoting your company’s name.In the next section I am going to show you a fewexamples of different types of Infographics.
  9. 9. Examples of InfographicsHere are several different Infographics fordifferent industries. An Infographic for an Ice Cream Company
  10. 10. An Infographic highlighting the importance of Social Media
  11. 11. An Infographic on Pinterest
  12. 12. I am sure you have a pretty good idea on howInfographics can help your business.For a FREE consultation please call (336) 310-9322or email me at Power (