Google Plus Local for Your Business


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Why use Google Plus Local and How to use Google Plus Local for your business.
A guide to free front page visibility and reaching local
customers by using Google Plus Local
82% of people first search for a local business using the internet rather than phone
books or newspapers. Your business should be the among the first results to appear
when somebody is searching online to capture these customers.
Having your business in Google Plus Local is a vital first step towards
visibility and reaching local customers.
In this pdf, I explain how Google Plus Local work to benefit your business, and why the
use of them is such an important first step. The best part is that you can start making
your business visible in major search engines by following the instructions in this guide.
Let me first explain more about Google Plus Local.

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Google Plus Local for Your Business

  1. 1. Get on the map! A guide to free front page visibility and reaching local customers by using Google Plus Local82% of people first search for a local business using the internet rather than phonebooks or newspapers. Your business should be the among the first results to appearwhen somebody is searching online to capture these customers.Having your business in Google Plus Local is a vital first step towardsvisibility and reaching local customers.In this pdf, I explain how Google Plus Local work to benefit your business, and why theuse of them is such an important first step. The best part is that you can start makingyour business visible in major search engines by following the instructions in this guide.Let me first explain more about Google Plus Local. If you want to skip ahead to the stepby step instructions in this guide, go to page 4.Why Google Plus Local?Google Plus Local is a free business directory that is displayed on the top of searchengine results. Google displays your business on a map and in a list on the top of thesearch results page. This map is highly visible to local customers who are looking foryour product or service.How does Google Plus Local work?Google compiles data from more than 2 dozen major certified information sources todetermine which businesses should be listed in Google Plus Local. The more yourbusiness appears in these data sources, the higher Google will rank you in GooglePlaces.If your business is new, or does not appear consistently in those sources, you may notbe visible to local customers shopping for your goods or services.Secondly, your position (called “rank”) in Google search results are now factored into
  2. 2. Www.TriadInternetMarketing.comyour visibility in Google Plus Local. If you have a website, and that site is ranked highlyin Googles organic search results, you will also be more visible in Google Plus Local. Ifyou do not have a website that appears in organic search results, being in Google PlusLocal as you will still be very visible to potential customers and help your business inother ways. Let me show you....To better understand how Google plus Local works, open your browser window and goto, enter your business type, and hit "search".In this example, I have chosen "car dealer"Your page may look slightly different, but you will notice the same sections ofinformation:1) Paid search results2) Map with markers3) Local Search Results (the businesses marked on the map)
  3. 3. Www.TriadInternetMarketing.comThe Map (2) and the Local Search Results (3) are where we will be displaying yourbusiness. Paid search results (1) are different and are not covered in this guide.How will potential customers see my business?When a potential customer searches on Google, a map appears toward the top thesearch results. This map displays the location of businesses in the area that are relatedto the consumers search as pinpoints on the map. It also displays the top results in alist next to that map.You will see this list of businesses under the heading "Place for (your search term) in(your town)" . Businesses relevant our search term "car dealer" are visible on the mapand in the list to the left.This map stays visible as the customer scrolls down the page, resulting in the topranked business being visible to searchers at all times.The displayed map and list are based on the location of the person using the Googlesearch engine. A well crafted Google Places listing, combined a few optimization tipswill have you positioned at the top of the list of businesses and be more prominent onthe map as well.Will I still benefit from my free Google Plus Local list if I do not have a website?Whether you have a website for your business or not, your business profile in GooglePlus Local will allow you to visible on the map and in the corresponding searchpositions. This allows shoppers to find you. The Google Plus Local listings are used byother search engines for information, so even if you are not in the top 10 results, thereare more ways that your Google Plus Local listing helps make your business visible onthe internet. You will still benefit from Google Plus Local without a website. For bestresults optimizing your business listing and maintain it regularly will help you bedisplayed in the top 10 results.Having a separate website that ranks properly in Google will also impact how highly youappear in the Places results. The nice part about Google Plus Local is that you can login and update your listing any time, so if you build a website later on, you can add thatinformation to your Google Plus Local listing and raise your visibility.HOW TO LIST YOUR BUSINESS IN GOOGLE PLUS LOCAL, STEP BY STEPI have included a checklist at the end of this guide. Filling out this simple checklist firstwill will ensure you have information about your business ready to enter.The entire process of filling out the checklist and entering the information in GooglePlus Local takes less than 1 hour for the average business owner, and is a result wellworth the investment of your time.
  4. 4. Www.TriadInternetMarketing.comTo begin your business listing:Connect your web browser to the right hand side is a button that will tell you to either log in with your Googleaccount, create an account, or list your business. Register for an account if you do nothave one already, and sign in; it takes less than 2 minutes to register. Once you log in,you can begin your listing.Step 1: check to see if Google has information about your business.Enter your country and your phone number in the 2 boxes. If any information aboutyour business is already in Googles database, it will be displayed here. If there is noinformation, click on "Add a Business".If you have an entry in Google Maps, a screen will appear with that listing. You will seean "edit" button. Click here to reach the account information screen.Unless you have entered this information in Google Plus Local and Google Mapsyourself, do not assume the information is correct. Unethical companies have beenknown to "hijack" business listings to steer traffic away from their competition. Byfollowing my instructions, you will have properly "claimed" your business back.A form will be displayed; enter your business information here.1) Your business contact information with your direct phone number goes in the firstarea. You must use your direct number, as Google will call this phone number to verifyyour business listing.2) Enter your service area or address, hours, payments accepted, photos, videos, andany additional details that you would like to add to the listing. You will then choose yourexact location on the map and submit your form. The more information you enter, thebetter your listing will appear to people searching for you.3) Once you review the information, submit the form and validate the information.After you submit form, you will be able to choose your validation method. This is done
  5. 5. Www.TriadInternetMarketing.comby mail or phone. When you are editing an existing listing to change the address, thedefault option of verification by postcard will take automatically be chosen. If the optionfor telephone verification is visible, pick that.Validation by telephone is fastest; you will receive a verification number within minutes,and enter that number in this page. When you are editing an existing listing to changethe address, however, the default option of verification by postcard will takeautomatically be chosen.4) Once you have chosen your verification method, click “Finish” and you will be broughtto the “Thank You” page.At this point, your business will be submitted into Google Places. Your listing is visibleas soon as it is processed. I have had listings that were verified by telephone appear inGoogle Plus Local and Google Maps within hours of submission.When you are visible in Google Plus Local and Google Maps you may wish to edit yourbusiness information. Simply log in to your Google Plus account, and edit your listing.You will be offered the option of editing, or suspending your business information.
  6. 6. Www.TriadInternetMarketing.comWhat if I do not appear on the first page of Google Plus Local results?Some businesses have more competition than others, and your business may notappear in the top 10 results from Google Plus Local right away. However, this can befixed by giving Google a more information about your business.Log into Google Plus, and click on Help. You will see detailed, free information aboutusing Google Plus Local in competitive areas. These are some of the same steps thatmy company, follows when submitting business profiles to Google Plus Local.The 12 step "Create a Great Listing" tool, is in the top left area on the Google PlacesHelp page. This will walk you through the basic additional steps you need to perform foryour listing to bring in good results. If you follow this guide, your listing should becomemore visible over the next few weeks.
  7. 7. Www.TriadInternetMarketing.comIn Summary:Having your business name and information prominently displayed to local customerswho look are looking for your goods or services is, of course, worth the hour of time youinvested into this first step.Some markets are more competitive than others, and you may need to take additionalsteps to increase your visibility.Remember earlier when I said how Google gets its data from over 2 dozen majorcertified data sources? In competitive markets, you need to have all of your informationcorrect and entered exactly the same way in those data sources to show in top 10results where there is a lot of competition.You can do all of this yourself for very little money, as you have done with your GooglePlus Local listing. However, you will need about 25 hours to do this.Fortunately you can have this work performed by a company like ours.We are updated daily on the information Google wants to see, and how it needs to beorganized, to yield the best results.We update your information with the certified data sources that Google relies on as well,ensuring your business information is accurate across the internet.We also update your information with other major services that supply additionalinformation to Google, Yahoo, MSN / Bing, and hundreds of search engines, maps, anddirectories.This increases your business "citations" that determine how visible your business will bein Google Plus Local.We will also provide your business information to dashboard navigationsystems like "On-star", so new customers can always find your business.In an area near a major highway, visibility to drivers "passing through" or people onvacation will bring in extra customers over time.And any appointment based business knows how much money late arrivals and “no-shows” cost your business; being available on GPS systems and directories will make iteasier for your customers to arrive on time.An added bonus of using a reputable SEO company to perform this work is the value ofadditional services that you can purchase.For instance we offer hard-working websites, with your domain name and hostingincluded, for a small additional fee.
  8. 8. Www.TriadInternetMarketing.comThis allows internet users to find out more about your business directly from thehundreds of business listings across the internet that stem from our work on yourGoogle Places listing service.With a local search package, you will be correctly listed in all major business directories,you will be visible in all major search engines, you will be visible on cell phone andGPS navigation systems, and you also have the additional option of getting a basicbusiness web site with your own domain and hosting at a rock bottom price.Our Google Plus Local service will have your business available in Google, Yahoo, andBings top results for a one time investment. This guarantees your listing will be correctlysubmitted to all of the certified directories and data sources, and will be maintainedthroughout the year.We also can offer simple business websites that can be added to your service. Afull website with your own domain and hosting, are quoted based on your businessneed, discounted with the purchase of a local search package, and monthly paymentsare availableI hope this introduction to Google Plus Local was helpful. There are many more ways touse free or inexpensive resources on the internet to boost your local business.I have more tips and valuable information help you market your business on the internetavailable and am always happy to answer any questions you may have about promotingyour business.Wishing you a profitable year.Terry 310-9322