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Telling Your Story through Social Media

Telling Your Story through Social Media



The Association of Fundraising Professionals reviews how to tell stories that inspire people through social media, use those stories to develop an engaged community, and motivate that community to ...

The Association of Fundraising Professionals reviews how to tell stories that inspire people through social media, use those stories to develop an engaged community, and motivate that community to become financial supporters.



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    Telling Your Story through Social Media Telling Your Story through Social Media Presentation Transcript

    • Telling Your Story through Social Media Marcus GoodyearSenior Editor, The High Calling
    • Overview• The challenge of online community• How to structure your team• Case Studies: email and Facebook• Facebook specific tips 2
    • The problem is simple: TOO MUCH NOISE 3
    • What is community?Local community Community theater 5
    • “Community and collaborationare no longer defined byphysical proximity but bycommon interests.”--Brian Solishttp://www.socialmediarelease.org/2006/11/02/elements-of-the-social-media- release/ 6
    • What is community?comitatus communion 7
    • Real community. 8
    • How do we listen in meat space? • Eye contact • Relevant conversation • Active listening techniques 9
    • Working Wikily“…leaving a trail of network-related activity signals to those within and outside of the network that the community is alive...” Scearce, Diana et al. “Working Wikily 2.0.” March 2009. www.monitorinstitute.com. 10
    • Trust Agents (2009)“Simple gestures matter. Saying a few words back to everyone you can touch in a given hour… visit other people’s sites… Give as much as you can to your loyal community. Brogan, Chris. Trust Agents. Wiley. 2009. 11
    • www.omniture.com“Social media is human capital intensive, salaries are the bulk of spending.” “The Interactive Marketing Metrics You Need.” www.omniture.com 12
    • Listening so the network hears  Engage other sites – Leave comments on their articles – Link to and feature them on your site – Share their articles/posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. – Tag friends and pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Respond to comments – On your site – On other sites – Via email – On Facebook  Spend time engaging at least 1x /week  Empower volunteers to engage on your behalf 13
    • How to Structure a Volunteer Team
    • Editorial DirectorSenior Editor Web Coordinator• Managing Editor • Development Team (3) – Content Team (8) • Technical Assistance (1) – Photography Team (2) – Engagement Team (8) 15
    • A few notes• Money accelerates growth because it can produce energy and enthusiasm.• This isn’t a formula.• Know your community. Find them online, listen to them, and meet their needs.• When your selfish goals overlap with the selfish goals of your community, you will have an opportunity for real growth. 16
    • Case Study:Email Campaigns Trying to turn emailnewsletter subscribers into new donors.
    • Email Stream toReach out to Email Subscribers:1) Opening letter2) Three offers with links3) Closing signature and picture4) Additional link opportunities 18
    • Give Page Provided a Landing Page for Social Media Subscribers1) Opening letter2) Three offers with links3) Testimonials4) Additional link opportunities 19
    • Give Page for accepting actual donations:1) Opportunities match offers2) Opportunity to give other3) Donor information4) Comments 20
    • Don’t forget to Thank Your Donors!1) Tell them how much you raised.2) Share the positive comments you received. 21
    • The Results• $5000 Spring matching gift• $11,253 from Spring donors• $27,752 total donations in 2011• $103 average donation• 201 new donors 22
    • Email Campaign Summary• Three specific offers• Time sensitive element to campaign• Complete the following elements: 1.Email Stream (4 emails) for email subscribers 2.Landing Page for social media donors 3.Give Page that matches the offers 4.Personal Thank You page recording 5.Community Thank You page after campaign 23
    • CASE STUDY:Facebook GrowthTurning a Facebook Page into an alternative to email subscriptions.
    • Idealware Survey* of 505 Nonprofits• 40% success converting Facebook fans into donors or volunteers• 70% significantly increased traffic to their sites.• 66% increased advocacy (eg. signing petition).• 80% experienced deeper community and felt that Facebook enhanced their relationships to existing constituents. 25 *Feb 2011
    • “Give people a reason to talkabout your stuff and make iteasier for that conversation totake place.”From Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz 26
    • 27
    • 28
    • 29
    • 30
    • 31
    • 32
    • 33
    • 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 0 0 2009 September 2009 November 2010 January 2010 March 2010 May 2010 July 2010 September 2010 November 2011 January 2011 March 2011 May 2011 July 2011 September 2011 November 2012 January Lifetime Likes: 29,392 Monthly Active Users: 21,047 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 500 0 2009 September 10,000 20,000 30,000 0 2009 November 2010 January 2010 2010 March Visits 2010 May 2011 2010 July 2010 September 2010 November 2011 January 2:09 2:16 2:24 2:31 2:38 2:45 2011 March 2011 May 2010 2011 July Time 2011 September 2,229 2011 November 2011 Post Feedback: 2,229 2012 January34 Traffic to The High Calling
    • How did we do this? 35
    • How did we do this? 36
    • 37
    • Remember• You may only have 500 fans, but you have access to 95,000 friends of 500 fans (if your fans have the average number of 190 friends*).• 31,002 fans of The High Calling have 12.4 million friends.• 722 fans of Playhouse have 182,000 friends. *Source: Anatomy of Facebook 38
    • Elements of Facebook Engagement How to share stories that people want to share without treating them like your minions.
    • 40
    • Facebook• Enlist 3-5 Social Media volunteers• Create an editorial guide• Set up blog and post consistently• Create stories for others to share via FB• Create 2-3 community post styles• Create a branded wall image• Create a welcome tab• Have specific goals and track key metrics 41
    • Get more comments on FB1. Keep it short (less than 100 characters)2. Keep it simple (ask questions with one word answers, yes/no, true/false, fill in the blank, or multiple choice).3. Ask timely questions: Will you be watching the political debate tonight?4. Ask edgy questions: Do you live near a Nuclear Power Plant?5. Post photos (flickr creative commons).6. Post videos (youtube)7. Ask for tips and advice.8. Post during mornings and evenings9. Reply to engage in deeper conversation. 42