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GRUPO CONSTRUCTOR MIAHUATLAN - Tutorial: Google for Webmasters


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  • 1. Google for Webmasters
  • 2. Your site and Google Ranking and Serving IndexingCrawlingDiscovering
  • 3. Your content and Google Getting pages in (and out) of Google’s index Making your site accessible …And smartly labeled
  • 4. How Google discovers your site Organic links Add URL tool: Sitemaps
  • 5. Discoverability – Sitemaps XML Sitemaps Useful for: o Dynamic content o Websites with few incoming links o Large archive of content pages Provides Google with information on: o When the site was last updated o How often it changes o The relative importance of pages on your site And
  • 6. You may wish to block from search engines… o Private information o Sections or pages “under construction” Blocking options include… o Robots.txt answer=35302 o Meta tags NOTE: Not to be used simultaneously to block the same set of pages. Telling Google what not to index
  • 7. Accessibility is a critical component of web sites, enabling… • Effective crawling by Googlebot • Browsing and interacting on a mobile device • Understanding of content by the sight-impaired Understanding accessibility
  • 8. Accessibility and Googlebot Googlebot is good at crawling text: • HTML • PDFs, docs, txts, etc More challenging for Googlebot: • Images and movies • Dynamic and rich content: Flash, JavaScript, frames, or dynamically generated URLs Advice: View your site in a text-only browser:
  • 9. Making your images more accessible <img src=“googlebot.jpg” alt=“googlebot with flowers”> “Googlebot -- what a dreamboat. It's like he knows us <head>, <body>, and soul.” • Describe the important content of each image in text • Use alt-text • Descriptive file names
  • 10. Dynamic & media rich content suggestions Design for accessibility o Focus on users o Multiple browsers  Mobile phone  Screen readers Design with progressive enhancement o Navigation in HTML, then add your rich content o Example: YouTube For best uses of Flash: For best uses of Ajax:
  • 11. Importance of titles and descriptions HTML Code: <title>Google Webmaster Central</title>
  • 12. Duplicate content What is duplicate content? Example: article and printer version of the site Best practices: o 301s o Preferred domain feature o Robots.txt file For more helpful tips:
  • 13. Ranking – Relevance and importance Sites listings are prioritized algorithmically according to pages’… • Relevance o Matching the search to the page o Taking into account geography o In some cases, considering a user’s web history • Importance Pigeons ( tml)
  • 14. Understanding PageRank Now just one of more than two hundred ranking components Based more upon quality (rather than quantity) of incoming and natural links o Buying or selling links to pass PageRank is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines Best methods to increase PageRank: o Create great content o Participate thoughtfully in relevant communities online and offline
  • 15. Fluctuations in PageRank and ranking Rankings fluctuate! (Hundreds of ranking signals, with over 450 updated last year alone) o Algorithmic updates o Changes in your site’s contents o Changes in other sites’ contents o Violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • 16. Keeping your site strong: Webmaster Guidelines • Put yourself in your users’ shoes • Treat Googlebot the same way as your human users (don’t cloak!) • Make sure outgoing links point to relevant resources that reflect well on you • Read our Webmaster Guidelines:
  • 17. Google’s resources for webmasters Google’s official blog, help center, discussion group, and beyond
  • 18. Webmaster Central aims to provide relevant resources and tools to help webmasters get the best experience with Google. Webmaster Central • Tools • Submit your content to Google • Blog • Help Center Documentation • Discussion Group
  • 19. Webmaster Tools – An insider’s view of your site Google Webmaster Tools provides you a free and easy way to make your site more Google-friendly. Using this tool, you and other site owners can: • Get Google’s view of your website and diagnose potential problems • See how your site is performing • Add a Sitemap
  • 20. Webmaster Tools – Helping Google help you • Communicate with Google • Adjust crawl rates • Delete outdated sitelinks • Report spam and paid links • File a reconsideration request
  • 21. Webmaster Tools – Discover more Learn how to use Webmaster Tools more in depth:
  • 22. Google Webmaster Central Blog • The Google Webmaster Central Blog • Official Google communications directed at Webmasters o Announcements o New Features o Information on indexing, ranking, guidelines English: German: Chinese:
  • 23. Google Webmaster Help Center • Hundreds of articles in more than two dozen languages • Getting started guides, tips, guidelines, and more
  • 24. • The Webmaster Help Group can be reached via the link in Webmaster Central • Experienced webmasters and Googlers answer your questions. 16 languages supported as of July 2008: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Russian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Turkish, and Chinese Google Webmaster Help Group
  • 25. Google Webmaster Central
  • 26. Other useful tools and resources Google offers many tools and products that can help you better understand your site and enhance your users’ experiences. o Create and share compelling content o Gain a deeper understanding of your site’s visitors o Get insight into your competitors and competitive space
  • 27. Creating and sharing compelling content
  • 28. Deeper understanding of your site’s visitors Google Analytics o Discover where your visitors come from o Learn how they interact with your site Website Optimizer o Test different combinations of site content o Increase visitor conversion rates and satisfaction
  • 29. Research and keep track of your market Trends – Reader – Alerts –
  • 30. Thank You