The Life Cycle of the Butterfly
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The Life Cycle of the Butterfly






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The Life Cycle of the Butterfly The Life Cycle of the Butterfly Presentation Transcript

  • The Life Cycle of the Butterfly
  • We will begin the life cycle with the mating process .Butterflies use their sense of smell to find mates. Females have a special smell that attracts males.Males will sometimes followa scent for a long distance. The female butterfly then lays many eggs at one time. This is usually during summer. The eggs are very small and green so that they blend in with the plant leaves.
  • The LarvaThe larva hatches from Caterpillars have athe egg. As it eats head, thorax and anleaves and grows it abdomen. They havebegins to look more 13 body sections andfamiliar to us – what we several a caterpillar. All caterpillars can spin silk. They moult as they grow.
  • After a few weeks or months, the caterpillar attaches itself to a leaf or branch They moult one last time. This time under the skin is a chrysalis or cocoon which becomes hard. Inside the chrysalis the caterpillar becomes a PUPAGolden chrysalis
  • •The pupa changes into an adult butterfly•It grows legs, wings andantennae•The change may take from a fewdays to two years Pupa to Adult •After metamorphosis, the skin of the pupa splits open and the adult butterfly crawls out •It’s wings are very soft so it is only ready to fly after a few hours •Most butterflies only live a few days or weeks therefore they look for a mate immediately.
  • CAMOUFLAGE To protect themselves from predators caterpillars are specially made to blend into nature1. They are either green to blend in with leaves or branches2. Or they are a darker colour disguising themselves as bird droppings. I won’t eat something that looks like my droppings!
  • The safest place for butterflies to sleep are under leaves or between cracks in rocks.Predators of Butterflies and Caterpillars
  • Facts About Butterflies About 50 species of butterflies around the world are endangered People are the biggest danger to butterflies Most butterflies feed off the nectar from plants, however some feed off the juices of dead animals and waste The proboscis works like a straw to suck up the liquid food Butterflies smell through their feet and antennae Monarch butterflies taste bad, so birds and lizards avoid them
  • Butterfly Morphology compound eyesantennaeproboscis fore wingfore legs thorax hind wing abdomen