Hispanic Social Media: Strategic Not Tactic


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Hispanic Social Media: Strategic Not Tactic

  1. 1. By Jocelyn Jara, Senior Manager, Multicultural at GolinHarris Hispanic Social Media: Strategic Not Tactic It is no secret – social media is on the rise among Hispanic audiences. Every week there seems to be a new study tracking the trends of this community online. Yet, while the numbers differ from study to study, the common thread among them all is the fact that Hispanics are the fastest growing online population, and are extremely social online. Brands are taking notice and with that we’ve seen a rise in Hispanic-dedicated social media campaigns. While there is a natural eagerness to reach Hispanic consumers and audiences via social media platforms, it is important for marketers to take a step back and understand who their target is, what relationship they have with the brand, and what level and type of engagement they seek. The key to getting it right starts with listening to this consumer online. At GolinHarris, we base our insights on both primary and secondary research that helps us understand the Hispanic social media landscape across brands and categories. We couple that with our award-winning social storytelling and Hispanic capabilities to provide our clients with the most effective strategies for creating social media platforms and programs specifically tailored to Hispanic audiences. In our experience, effective engagement and relevant content within a broader Hispanic marketing strategy make for successful programs. Brands that are engaging Hispanic consumers effectively with social media have the right mix between providing their consumers with the content they want and engaging them in conversations that are relevant while all laddering up to an overarching marketing communications strategy. Five Key Considerations 1. There is no one-size fits all for developing a social media platform aimed at Hispanic consumers – but cultural relevance and attention to online behaviors is KEY to success. 2. Hispanics are natural, social butterflies. Social networking platforms are preferred venues for going online to communicate and socialize. Social media strategies need to create opportunities for Hispanics to communicate, socialize, share content, be entertained, as well as be connected to their heritage. 3. Language preferences vary, depending on the content. Considering bilingual content is essential for reaching both Spanish-preferred and English-preferred Hispanics. It is important to note that there are valid cases for Spanish-only and English-only strategies. 4. Multiple platforms exist for reaching this consumer via digital word-of-mouth. Research indicates that SMS and mobile marketing initiatives are critical opportunities for engagement, while destinations like YouTube and Facebook are principal platforms for reaching the online Hispanic consumer. 5. Hispanics are “collectors” of information who are looking for entertainment online. Key entertainment interests include music and sports with many leveraging video and music sites for this content. But, Hispanic consumers also want to be educated. While the flash of entertainment lures in consumers, conversation trends indicate that as a whole they are interested in knowing more about key elements of a brands such as product information, any key offerings and community efforts.golinharris.com November 2011