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Goornong Guide, March 2012

  1. 1. Goornong GuideINCORPORATION NO. A 0031254 Eyour link to theGoornong CommunityVolume 27 Issue 3 270 copies produced each month 1st March 2012 VISIT for more news, photos and information VISIT for more news, photos and information Check out THE NEW GOORNONG GATHERINGS— www.goornong.comGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 1
  2. 2. Important Days in March 2012 4TH Clean Up Australia Day 5th Labour Day: Also known as Eight Hour Day commemorates the granting of an eight- hour working day to stonemasons in the state of Victoria after they downed tools and marched on Parliament House to fight for improved working conditions. In what is generally regarded as a world first, they won the right to ‘eight hours work, eight hours rest and eight hours recrea- tion. 8th International Women’s Day 11th-17th Glaucoma Week 12th Commonwealth Day 12th-18th Brain Awareness Week: Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. 16th Crazy Hair Day – Worlds Greatest Shave 16th National Day Against Bullying 17th-25th Cultural Diversity Week 13th Coeliac Awareness Week 20th International Earth Day 20th Autumn Equinox 23rd Ride to School Week In the 1970’s, 80% of school children were active on the way to school. Today, only 20% experience the joy of getting fresh air on the school journey. National Ride2School Day provides an opportunity for Australian students, parents and teachers to give riding, walking, skating or scooting to school a go, while celebrating the regular walkers and wheelers. 22nd World Water Day 26th Epilepsy Purple Day 31st Earth Hour Hundreds of millions of peo- ple, businesses and governments around the world unite each year to support the largest envi- ronmental event in history by turning off lights at 8.30pm for one hour. For more information and links: www.goornong.comGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 2
  3. 3. RESIDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO CLEAN UP AT SEVEN LOCAL SITES Celebrating International Earth Day, The community can join in Clean Up Australia March 20th 2012 Day at seven public sites in Greater Bendigo on Sunday March 4, 2012. Clean Up Australia Day is the na- tion’s largest community based environmental event with HOIST THE SAILS! over 200,000 tonnes of rubbish collected in the past 20 By John McConnell years. City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr Alec Sandner said he Four billion years ago urged people to mark Sunday March 4 in their diary. Our lonely Earth “Clean Up Australia Day is an enormously popular nation- Set sail on cosmic seas wide event that encourages people to make a difference by Guided by an unseen hand spending a couple of hours cleaning up their local area each Of nature, God or chance. year. It’s a day when hundreds of thousands of Australians will take to their local parks and reserves for Clean Up Aus- tralia Day. As life evolved PLEASE BRING GLOVES AND WEAR SUITABLE CLOTH- Through endles eco-cycles ING AND FOOTWEAR. REMEMBER YOUR SUN PRO- Man was born, destined TECTION AND SOMETHING TO EAT AND DRINK To destroy or enrich Some bags will be provided – please bring own if possible. the Precious Ship. Children 15 years of age and under must be accompanied and supervised by a Parent or Guardian. For further information please contact: And now his hand Anthony Sheean at the City of Greater Bendigo on 0419 762 Has seized the tiller 787 or Ian Randall of the Y’s Service Club of Bendigo on But his ear has not 5443 3873 or 0409 971 043 NEAREST SITE: Epsom – Barnadown Road 8.00am – 12.00pm - Meet in Epsom – Yet caught the Captains Barnadown Road opposite Harpers Road Quiet command. The sails are down, the ship becalmed, Its fragile life at stake. No longer do we ride the gentle swells of Silent seas and breathe The fragrant air. Broken are the rhythms Of our cyclic plants And other living things. But now the Captain speaks again Our quiet thoughts at last reveal his voice. "Hoist the sails, Earth Man. Set them for celestial winds. Hold the tiler firm, The course ahead is clear." Be He nature, God or chance His voice is heard And we shall heed The Captains quiet command.GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 3
  4. 4. Goornong ADVERTISERS! Want to promote your event or business? Guide The Goornong Guide is distributed via the mail run right around our region to Huntly, Axedale, Elmore, Fosterville Mine, and Toolleen. CONTENTS Advertising in the Goornong Guide offers fantas-  Important Days tic exposure direct to local people as well as to visitors and the world wide web.  Guide News WE ARE GREAT VALUE!  Public Notices And only a small group of volunteers who dedi- cate many hours to bring you this information.  Calendar of meetings & If you would like to support us or contribute to the guide, please contact us: events  Stories & photos of local P.O. Box 46 Goornong. or ring 0417 363 710 news & events OR VISIT Goornong Traders on  Upcoming events and book your ad online.  Articles of interest *** PLEASE NOTE ***  Craft Corner The deadline for each edition is the 26th of the month.  Trivia  Recipes Ad Size Monthly Yearly  Kids Corner & Jokes Business card $7.50 $100.00  CFA news and information Quarter page $10.00 $120.00 Half page $15.00 $180.00  Primary School News Full page $30.00 $330.00  Community Plan update EDITORIAL POLICY  City of Greater Bendigo 1. The Goornong Guide accepts no liability for views submitted by the public. news 2. The Committee reserves the right to refuse to publish any articles which they consider  Local Traders to be unsuitable . 3. The Goornong Guide is available FREE of  Sports page charge, but donations will be gratefully ac- cepted. Donations can be placed in boxes at the Goornong Store, the Drovers Arms hotel and the Goornong PO. Future dona- Statement of Purposes tions will be gratefully received to contributeA) To provide a means of communication for all to community projects. community and sporting groups in the Goor- 4. The Goornong Guide invites residents to nong and District; contribute to the content of the paper.B) To produce a regular newspaper in Goor- 5. The Goornong Guide is also circulated to nong, produced by members of the commu- subscribers via email. nity on a volunteer basis.GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 4
  5. 5. Many Thanks to Jacinta Allan Member for Bendigo East And the office of Jacinta Allan MP for printing the Goornong Guide 35 Wills St Bendigo Ph 5443 2144 Congratulations to Jacinta allan who Goornong was married to Yorick piper on is on the web! January 21st, 2012. Despite the generosity of Jacinta Allan and her office we are attempting to be more environmentally conscious and limit the number of pages of the Goornong Guide. More in- formation is and will be available on our website. Please subscribe online to receive the GG via email. LOCAL COMMUNITY CONTACTS LOCAL BUSINESS DIRECTORYBENDIGO CAR CLUB (Bagshot) Accommodation at The Bush Courtyard Craig Button 0427 511 158 5432 2446COMMUNITY & DISTRICT GROUP (GCG) Janet Filbey 5432 2202 Brick layingCHURCHES 5432 2205 Anglican— Mark Taig 5432 2459 Drovers Arms Hotel Catholic—Lyn Harrop 5432 2281 5432 2210CRICKET CLUB Electricians Wes White 0438 441 226 5432 2596 or 5439 7579FOOTBALL CLUB (Mt. Pleasant) Nicki Gee 5441 5035 Elmore Primary CareGOLD FIELDS EQUESTRIAN CLUB 5432 6001 Georgina Wood 0437 460 384 FloristGOORNONG CEMETERY TRUST 5443 5519 Bernie Bourke 5432 2210 Liquid WasteGOORNONG GALS 5448 8478 Janet Filbey 5432 2248GOORNONG GUIDE GE Silos Vanessa Hawkins 0417 363 710 5432 2384LANDCARE contact Goornong Post Office Ed English 0427 244 366 5432 2295MEMORIAL HALL & HISTORIAL SOC Goornong Recycling & Transfer Station Kath Read 5441 2809 0458 346 652PRIMARY SCHOOL 5432 2236 Goornong StoreRURAL FIRE BRIGADE (Goornong) 5432 2203 Felicity Nicholls 5432 2450 PlumberRECREATION RESERVE (Goornong) Matt - 0430 821 706 Ange Kennedy 5432 2305 United GasSWIMMING POOL 5432 2248 Sam Ellis 5432 2220GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 5
  6. 6. C a l e n d a r o f e v e n t s M a r c h / A P R I L 2 012MARCHThursday 1st Soldier’s Memorial Hall Memorial Hall 7.30pmSunday 4th CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAYMonday 5th Goornong Community Plan Recreation Res. Hall 7.30pmTuesday 6th Goornong Gals Recreation Res. Hall 7.00pmMonday 12th LABOUR DAY HOLIDAYTuesday 13th Swimming Pool Recreation Res. Hall 7.30pmWednesday 14th Recreation Reserve Drover’s Arms Hotel 7.30pmWednesday 21st V.F.F. & Landcare Recreation Res. HallFriday 30th End of School Term 1Saturday 31st Turn off your lights for EARTH HOUR 8.30—9.30pmAPRILTuesday 3rd Goornong Gals Recreation Res. Hall 7.00pmThursday 5th Soldier’s Memorial Hall Memorial Hall 7.30pm 6th-9th EASTER thTuesday 10 Swimming Pool Recreation Res. Hall 7.30pm thWednesday 11 Recreation Reserve Drover’s Arms Hotel 7.30pmMonday 16th Start of School Term 2 thWednesday 18 V.F.F. & Landcare Recreation Res. Hall rdMonday 23 Goornong Guide Recreation Res. Hall 7.30pm All meetings and event dates can be viewed in the calendar online— WOMEN do more than just give birth. They bring joy and hope. They give compassion and ideals. They give moral support to their family and friends. All they want back is a hug, a smile and for you to do the same to people you come in contact with. Women have a lot to say and a lot to give. The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman with passing years only grows!GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 6
  7. 7. Written for Women’s Liberation Broadsheet, International Womens Day 1975GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 7
  8. 8. Public Notices GOORNONG COMMUNITY COMPUTER & INTERNET ACCESS Are you interested in the Community having a computer to be used by Residents? We need to know whether to go ahead and purchase a new computer for with wireless Internet for community use Please reply: (Yes) or (No) to Goornong Guide P.O. Box 46 Goornong 3557. or phone Janet Filbey on 5432 2202 DOGS WANDERING THE DISTRICT Dog owners have an obligation to ensure their dogs are kept on their property and do not escape and wander. From time to time reports of dogs wandering on the Fosterville Gold Mine are made by staff, and despite efforts to locate owners- they are rarely identified. .Farmers in our district are also con- cerned with wandering dogs and last year a number of sheep were mauled and killed by dogs.Please ensure your dogs are restrained or do not leave your property. Fosterville Gold Mine and Parks Victoria lay baits in the area for foxes and these of course are poisonous to dogs. If you are aware of dogs wandering in the district please report to City of Greater Bendigo so the dogscan be removed. The most recent sightings have been of a Kelpie, Border Collie and Jack Russell of- ten wandering together. WITH SYMPATHY John T. O’Dwyer Our deepest sympathy to Melva, Margaret Mary, Dianne, David, Patrice, Paul, Benny, Geoff., and Jo- anne, on the passing of their loved Husband, Father and Grandfather to their children. Johnny farmed land on the Campaspe River with his brother, and played Cricket for Goornong, was involved with the Mount Pleasant Football Club and played golf at Toolleen and Axedale. From the committee of the Goornong Guide. GET WELL WISHES Best wishes to Peter Salatheil and his family after his harness racing accident, and to anyone else one who is feeling poorly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES To anyone celebrating their special day. Please feel free to let us know. WE ARE ON ‘TALKING TOWNS’ - ABC RADIO Listen in with Johnathan Ridnall at around 6am on 91.1fm, ABC Central Victoria. The link is on the website— GENERAL INFORMATIONThere are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join by 2050.Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 litres of water every day, however most of the water we ‘drink’ is embedded in the food we eat: producing 1 kilo of beef for example consumes 15,000 litres of water while 1 kilo of wheat ’drinks up’ 1,500 litresInternational World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater re- sources.An international day to celebrate freshwater was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conferenceon Environment and Development (UNCED). The United Nations General Assembly responded by des- ignating 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day.GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 8
  9. 9. HIRING OF VENUES AROUND GOORNONG CHURCH TIMES CONTACT DETAILS St George’s Anglican Church, Goornong Recreation Reserve Hall Goornong: Bagshot Street Goornong 2nd, 4th Sundays: 8.00am Contact : Janet Filbey 5432 2202 Please leave a message and I will get back to you St Martin’s Catholic Church, Muskerry: Soldiers Memorial Hall Each Sunday: 8.30amKeys for the Memorial hall can be picked up at the post office For bookings for Railway place South, Goornong { Midland Hwy} St Martin’s Church Contact Kath Read: 5432 2240 or 5441 2809 Contact: Lyn Harrop, NOTICE TO RESIDENTS Goornong Gals DUMPING OF GARDEN GREENS OR WASTE IN GOORNONG RECREATION RESERVE IS NOT PERMITTED BY MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC, EVEN IF A PRE– EXISTING PILE OF BURNABLE MATERIAL IS FORMED OFFENDERS WILL BE FINED Social meeting held on the first Tuesday of Goornong Recycle & each month. Waste Transfer Station All Welcome Is open 8am-5pm every Bring something to do Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. eg: craft project, quilting, knitting etc Most recyclable and reusable items are FREE Venue: Rec Reserve Hall Basic Fee (recyclable items) $1 Full fee (non recyclable waste) $26.00 Time: 7.00pm till 9.00pm TVs, Screens and Monitors. $10.00 Gold coin donation and a plate Car boots, Fridges, to share if you wish Freezers and Air Conditioners $15.00 All enquires welcome Ph: 5432 2248More information is available can be found on or on 0458 346 952. COMPUTER CORNER/ Internet PERSONAL NOTICES Access to our computer, printer, ~~~~~ scanner and the Internet is avail- Please let know able at the Recreation Reserve. if you have any events or notices you would like to share. The use of computer is limited to one person per hour unless notified. Also photocopying is availa- ble in the same area. Cost: Computer and Internet Access: $2.50 per hour—payable on collection of keys MOBILE LIBRARY Ph: 5449 2790 Printing/Photocopying: Mondays 4—4.30pm 30c per sheet—payable on return of keys Outside Goornong Primary SchoolCome along and Support our local library, plenty of books ALL BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES to choose from. should be directed to Janet Filbey, Ph: 5432 2202GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 9
  10. 10. Bus Timetable 1st January 2012, contributed by Ruth Jenkins GOORNONG TO BENDIGO MONDAY to FRIDAY DEPARTS from the Goornong General Store 7.45am This is a Christians Bendigo Transit Bus. 9.50am This is a V-Line Service 1.45pm This is a V-Line Service 4.00pm This is a Shepparton-Bendigo Bus so a Higher Fare applies WEEKEND SERVICE DEPARTS from the Goornong General Store 9.45am Saturday This is a V-Line Service 1.45pm Sunday This is a V-Line Service Fares on the above are Adults $2.20 one way (*Shepparton $5.80) Concession or child $1.10 one way (*Shepparton $2.90) Allow approx. 30 minutes travel time to Bendigo and please hail the bus. Above bus services all terminate at Bendigo Rail Station. BENDIGO TO GOORNONG MONDAY to FRIDAY DEPARTS from Bendigo Rail Station 7.00am Shepparton Bus* 8.45am This is a V-Line Service 2.15pm This is a V-Line Service PLUS: 5.30pm Bendigo Transit bus: This Service departs from Mitchell Street (Near TAB-close to Hargreaves St). Above fares apply but no weekend or public holiday service. This bus is a Christians Bendigo transit bus and is signed GOORNONG and now timetabled on the Internet in Huntly (Route 8) and can pick up passengers from Epsom Post Of- fice and Huntly shops but please hail the bus driver. Usually arrives Goornong 6pm. Please note: THIS BUS DOES NOT LEAVE FROM THE RAILWAY STATION WEEKEND SERVICE DEPARTS from Bendigo Rail Station 2.20pm Saturday This is a V-Line Service 2.20pm Saturday This is a V-Line Service For more information re Public Holidays etc contact the bus operators: V/Line phone Bendigo Railway Station 5440 2765 or 136196 Christians Bus Co. Phone 5443 9333 (during office hours) Shepparton Transit Bus Phone 5831 2150 (during office hours) Website information: THIS INFORMATION IS ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE——CalendersGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 10
  11. 11. Keeping or lifting the lid on scientific research Publishing the results of their studies in a recognised scientific journal is a major aim of all researchers. In fact, publication is frequently a re- quirement before any of the work is acknowledged. And often further studies are necessary to validate or confirm the original work.To a large extent the success of scientific development depends on what other scientists have already achievedand how they’ve gone about it. So publication is vital.It was surprising therefore to see a request in December last year made to two of the world’s leading scientificjournals, Nature and Science, that they not publish some research being undertaken on the influenza virus.As the February 3 issue of the Economist magazine put it, the researchers from The Netherlands and the UnitedStates had been “tinkering” with H5N1 influenza, better known as bird flu, to produce a strain of the virus thatcould be transmitted from human to human. (Up until now, no human to human transmission has been identified.)Fears were expressed by the National Scientific Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) in the US that if detailswere to become known by terrorists the consequences could be catastrophic.The bird flu virus is indeed dangerous. Around 60% of the nearly 600 cases reported have proved fatal.So far, the current research has been confined to ferrets. But when it comes to flu, it seems ferrets and humans aresimilar. And supporters of the research say studies like this could well lead to the development of effective vac-cines and drug treatments. In any event, further research in this area has been voluntarily deferred for two months.Another aspect of medical research is how we interpret the results for our own circumstances. Different studiessometimes provide apparently different conclusions. The use of aspirin is s good example. Aspirin was first mar-keted more than 100 years ago as an effective pain reliever. Since then it has been largely superseded by othermedicines for this purpose, but has been widely promoted in low dose to prevent heart and blood vessel disease.Now, most recent research has shown that whilst this benefit of aspirin still applies to people who have alreadysuffered a heart attack or stroke, the benefit for other people is outweighed by the risk of gastric bleeding. Mean-while in the January 2012 issue of the journal Ophthalmology it has been suggested that frequent use of aspirinmay be linked with age related macular degeneration. And we also know that aspirin is not recommended for theprevention of blood clots associated with long distance travel.Clearly, before self medicating with any medicine, even something as simple as low dose aspirin, we should seekour pharmacist’s or doctor’s advice.Perhaps a more basic and down to earth example of the relevance of research to our everyday life is illustrated ina study published online December 2 last year in the International Journal of Hospital Infection. Investigatorsfrom the Leeds General Infirmary in the UK examined the bacterial contamination of the air following the flush-ing of lidded and lidless toilets. Specifically the study looked at the spread of an organism called Clostridium dif-ficile which is sometimes found in stool specimens. So-called toxin producing strains of C. difficile can multiply after treatments with antibiotics and cause antibiotic-induced diarrhoea. Aggressive forms of this organism have emerged worldwide and have caused outbreaks onboth hospitals and the community with significant mortality especially in the elderly.The researchers from Leeds found that the number of airborne bacteria was 12 times higher from open toiletscompared with the same toilet when the lid was closed when flushing. So this research, at least, has confirmed weshould keep a lid on it.Self Care pharmacies provide a range of information that is based on the evidence coming out of all of this re-search. This information is for consumers on topics such as Cold and Flu, Travel Health and Vomiting and Diar-rhoea. For all your questions related to health issues, pleasespeak to the friendly staff at White Hills Pharmacy for a ‘secondopinion’Yours in good healthAnn, Mary, Megan and Girls at the White Hills PharmacyGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 11
  12. 12. FOSTERVILLE GOLD MINE Community Grants ProgramApplications are now open for the current round of Community Grants offered bythe Fosterville Gold Mine Community Grants Program.The aim of the grants is to assist community groups to undertake a wide range of ac-tivities that contribute to the social, educational, recreational and environmental as-pects of local communities. These activities should aim to provide wide communitybenefit and create opportunities for community participation and engagement.The Fosterville Gold Mine is an active and supportive member of the community inwhich it operates. Guidelines and application forms can be obtained from the Fos-terville Gold Mine. Tele: 03 5439 9000 E: Submissions for the current round of funding close 31st March 2012. PRISTINE DRY CLEANERS > 2 HOUR DRYCLEANING > DOONAS / BLANKETS > SHIRT LAUNDRY > BEDSPREADS / CURTAINS > WEDDING GOWNS > TABLE LINEN > SUEDES & LEATHERS > LAUNDRY SERVICE > REPAIRS & ALTERATIONS NOW AT TWO LOCATIONS Pristine Drycleaners (Head Office) Pristine Drycleaner Strath Village 5444 4691 5441 8263 141—161 High St, Bendigo Shop 23, Strath Village Near corner of Don St Shopping Centre If it’s not Pristine, it’s just not clean!GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 12
  13. 13. Goornong ~ Happenings in History from The Bendigo Advertiser Saturday September 11th 1926 The novelty Ball to be held at the Memorial Hall on Wednesday next proposes to provide a most attractive evening. It should prove the best social event for the Goornong queen, Miss L. Comer. There will be the following contests: --- Waltz, one step, fox trot, and old time dance competition. Increases in railway taxation. Re freights and fares are resented by the farmers of the district. Om top of the railway increases there is felt to be another injustices in the imposition of a tax on telephone users. The local branch of the P.P.U. is to carry the protest further. Shearing is in full swing, and the fleeces are about the quality and quantity of last year. Saturday May 20th 1944 A large crowd attended a farewell social and dance to Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Paynter and family. Coming from Mologa State school Mr. Paynter quickly took up many public responsibilities, and was secretary of various committees. The quiet and efficient manner in which he handled his duties earned for him many praises. His school work received his best attention. Cr. John Clay presented the guests with a wallet of notes. His remarks were endorsed by Rev. M.F.Green, Cr. H.W. Oberin, Cr. C.K. Hyett, Rev. Father Lehane, Cr. James Mul- cair,Rev. Mr. Williams, Messrs. A. Ringe, A.L. Bennett, O. Mulcair, W. Gurry, H. Stagg. Mr. Paynter’s transfer to Eaglehawk will mean promotion The final figures for Goornong district in the recent Victory Loan is 6290pounds, [$12580.00 approx.]with 58 subscribers. The quota set was 5000pounds, [$10000.00 approx.] with 30 subscribers. Monday November 27th 1944 At a meeting of water users, called by Huntly council, it was decided to restrict the pumping to every alternate day. This was decided as the town supply is rapidly going down, and unless it rains in the catchment area the commission states it is unlikely to send down further supplies. Saturday September 27th 1947 The first monthly meeting of the recently-formed senior section of the Young Farmers’ club was held. Two de- bate teams were formed to contest a debate at the next meeting, leaders being Mr. R. Greave and M.P. Comer. Subject will be “City Life v. Country Life.” At the conclusion of the meeting competitions were conducted and musical items were provided by Mr. leo Comer and Mr. Basil Rehe. At the annual meeting of the tennis club, the following were elected ---President Mr. R. Ringe, vice-presidents Messrs P. comer and F. Carr; secretary Mr. R. S. Tuder, treasurer Mr. F. Honeychurch; Committee; Misses Gee, Mulcair, J and L. McKinstry. It was decided to again seek admission to Elmore Association. It is intended to re-surface the club’s three fine courts this season. Arrangements were made for the annual opening day in the form of a haphazard tournament. 357 – 359 Hargreaves St Bendigo 03 5441 6337GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 13
  14. 14. Elmore Community Pharmacy …….… for all your medicinal needs A range of Gifts and Toys! Teddy 78-80 Railway Place Elmore Bear & Phone: 5432 6600 Fax: 5432 6599 Friends Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm / Sat 9am-12pm (most) We can deliver free to the Goornong store. Gifts! Please ring us to arrange your prescriptions. Arthur Pappas – Pharmacist /Jess Stokie – Dispensary Technician Aspect Eyewear – New Styles Beautiful Australian Chocolates Value priced quality medication A large range of Coral Colours cosmetics now available. For Men and WomenNeed a service? Think local…. Ph: 5432 6600 (Note: this site also lists Goornong, Rushworth and Colbinabbin businesses)GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 14
  15. 15. G o o r n o n g R u r a l f i r e b r i g a d e . Fo r f i r e e m e r g e n c y d i a l 0 0 0 Remember – Being Fire Ready may save your property and more importantly, save your life. Voluntary DonationsThe brigade would like to express its sincere thanks to the community members who recently donated money tothe brigade. We would also like to acknowledge the Goornong Post Office for supporting the brigade with themail out. A notice was sent to residents in November 2011 requesting donations. It has been our practice everytwo years to seek donations from district residents and landholders. These funds will assist the brigade inmaintenance and repairs of existing equipment and in purchasing new items, which will enhance the brigade’scapability.If you did not receive a notice (our mailing list does not have new residents) and you would like to donate, pleasemail donations to the Secretary/Treasurer, Felicity Nicholls, at the address below or left at the Goornong Post Of-fice or Bob Hall’s General Store. Receipts will be issued (please ensure that your name and address is attachedto your donation) as donations are tax deductible. Support for your Rural Volunteer Fire Brigade is vital. Turnout ReportSince the last issue of the Guide, the crew have turned out to two fires, one vegetation fire at English’s Road andone tunnel fire at Fosterville Mine. DefibrillatorRecently the brigade purchased a HeartStart Defibrillator which is a portable electronic device that recogniseslethal cardiac rhythm and advises to shock the patient or provide CPR to re-establish an effective heart rhythm.The unit will be kept in the fire station but is available to be used within the community area. Crew will take theunit if they are attending vehicle accidents. According to the CFA Policy, defibs should be operated by, in orderof preference:• a member trained in the use of an defib as part of a formal medical, para-medical, nursing or first aid qualification; or• a member that has completed the appropriate defib operator awarenesspackage; or where no appropriately trained members areimmediately available;• an untrained member.Members of the community, who are not CFA members should also followthis order of preference.Once the brigade familiarises itself with the defib, more information will follow(eg –how to access the defib, community info sessions etc).This device will be vital in giving community members suffering from cardiac arrest a /better chance of survival. FireReady QuizHopefully everyone living in fire risk area (in or surrounded by forest or by grassy paddocks) had prepared theirFireReady Plan at the start of the fire season. Try this quiz to get you on the road to being fire ready. Everyquestion is backed up with extra information and is a great learning tool. VISIT US AT For more information, please contact Goornong Rural Fire Brigade Captain: Tim Mc Crohan (0459) 533 163 Encourages diversity, team Or work and a family atmosphere. Secretary: Felicity Nicholls on 5432 2450 It involves itself in 1601 Epsom-Barnadown Road, Goornong, 3557 community projects. Visit our web site at It has a broad age group and new members are most wel-GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 15
  16. 16. Puppies Ready to go Kelpie, Heeler, Collie cross puppies for sale $100Both parents can be viewed and were selected for their temperament and trainability. Ph: 0417 363 710 Elmore cubs & scouts We are a very small but active Group in Elmore. Liz Dow has resigned as Scout Leader and the scout section is in recess. We are urgently in need of a person to take on the role of Scout Leader for 2012.There are prospective scouts if a leader can be found. We have out grown building and are a very well equipped Group. Christine McCormick is our Cub Leader assisted by Cameron and Erin Edwards. There is a need for someone to train with our capable Leader Christine to provide continuity for the future of the local Group. Elmore is one of Victoria’s oldest Scout Groups having continued, with a few interruptions since 1916. Cubs meet on Monday nights from 4.15pm to 5.30 pm. Please contact Group Leader Christina Lonsdale for further information. Phone 5432 6387GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 16
  17. 17. White Hills Amcal Pharmacy Serving your community for 30 years **Friendly service and advice you can depend on** **The pharmacists are available to speak with you throughout the day** Helping you maintain good health Ann Howe, Mary Boromeo, Megan Sellars – Pharmacists 499 Napier Street, White Hills, 3550 - Ph: 5442 4244 Fax: 5443 9000 ***Diabetes Australia Sub-Agent*** Tattslotto and Intralot available. Septic tanks cleaned Servicing Goornong and surrounding areas. 7 days a weekGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 17
  18. 18. COMMUNITY COMMENT INVITED ON MEDIA PLANNING SCHEME AMENDMENT RELEASES In an effort to streamline the City of Greater Ben- digo’s Planning Scheme, an amendment has been RATES prepared that the community is invited to inspectGreater Bendigo residents who are not paying by and make public comment on.installment are reminded that their annual rates aredue to be paid in full by Wednesday February 15, City of Greater Bendigo Director of Planning and2012. Development Prue Mansfield said Amendment C170 has been prepared to implement the PlanningCity of Greater Bendigo Director Organisation Sup- Scheme Review that was adopted by Council inport Marg Allan said with over 17,000 rate notices 2010.valued at $22 million still outstanding for the2011/2012 financial year the City of Greater Bendigo “This amendment will see the introduction of a re-is preparing for a last minute payment rush. vised Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) that sets out the planning objectives for Greater Bendigo and“More than 52,500 rates notices worth $72 million how the City will guide development and land usewere sent out last year with 22,000 properties opting outcomes."to pay their rates via installments. “The amendment will also update existing local“Residents who fail to pay their rates by the due date planning policies and introduce some new ones.risk being charged interest which will be backdatedto July 6, 2011. “Under the revised MSS, heritage is given a higher profile, climate change adaptation is recognised as“This is something that we don’t really want to hap- a key issue confronting the community and greaterpen and ratepayers who may be experiencing diffi- emphasis has been placed on sustainable transport.culty in paying the full amount are advised to contactthe City of Greater Bendigo Customer Service Cen- “It also acknowledges the importance of major pro-tre on 54346000 to discuss a suitable payment ar- jects including the Marong Business Park and therangement. Bendigo Airport redevelopment however no rezon- ings are taking place as part of the amendment,”“Rates payment time is always a very busy time for said Ms Mansfield.our staff and I would like to remind residents thatthey don’t have to waste time lining up in long She said one of the aims of the amendment is toqueues at the Council offices to pay their rates in provide better links with other important documentsperson as there are a number of other payment op- such as the Council Plan and Greater Bendigo 2036tions available. Plan, strengthening community aspirations with planning policy.“Rates can also be paid in person at any post officeor branch of the Bendigo Bank or through the post to “As the amendment is quite complex the exhibitionP.O. Box 3500 Bendigo DC 3554. period has been extended from four to six weeks to allow the community extra time to consider it.“There is no extra charge to pay at Bendigo Bank orAustralia Post and it does provide residents with “The amendment can be viewed at Council officesmore options because of the number of local bank or online at and I encour-and post office branches that exist within Greater age residents to take some time to inspect it andBendigo,” said Ms Allan. have their say.Rates due to be paid in full by February 15 can also “Written submissions must be sent to the City ofbe paid:- Greater Bendigo by March 26. If anyone has any questions about the amendment they can phoneby BPay using debit or credit card Andrew Cockerall on 5434 6292” said Ms credit card by phoning 1300 721 235online at using Visa or Mastercardby phoning Postbillpay on 13 18 16 or online at GUIDE ~ February 2012 18
  19. 19. CALLING ALL YOUNG FILM MAKERSLights, camera, action – the call is out for young upand coming animation and film makers to enter the2012 City of Greater Bendigo Mic Up ProductionsClips and Flicks Short Film Festival.City of Greater Bendigo Youth Participation OfficerRory White said all young film makers and animatorsare encouraged to enter Greater Bendigo’s first youthFilm Festival.“This is a great opportunity for local animation andfilm makers to showcase their creations and just how Elmoremuch talent we have hidden here in Bendigo. Meats, Fruit & Veg“We know there are many budding animation and filmmakers in Greater Bendigo and we want them to puttheir best work forward for everyone to enjoy. 48 Railway Pl,“As this is our first year, the competition is completely Elmoreopen with no specific categories or genres. Howeverthe only requirement is that animation and film mak-ers must be aged between 12 and 19 and live, work,or study in the Greater Bendigo region,” said Rory 03 5432 6350He said entries will be featured at the inaugural Clips 0400 678 807and Flicks Film Festival set to take place at the LaTrobe Visual Arts Centre on Sunday April 13, 2012.Online registrations are now open for entries into theClips and Flicks Short Film Festival Registrations and anima-tion / film must be entered by 5pm on March 16.Mic Up Productions (Bendigo FReeZA) is a group ofyoung people who create events for local young peo-ple. They are mentored by the City of Greater Ben-digo’s Youth Participation Officer . The FReeZA Pro-gram is supported through the Victorian Govern-ment’s Office for Youth.All FReeZA events are fully supervised, drug, alcohol,and smoking free events with no passouts. All eventsare suitable for under age young people of Bendigo.Mic Up meets at 4.00pm every Tuesday at 45 MundySt in Bendigo (formerly Bcentral).For further information please contact Rory White or phone 5434-6092. For more press releases Visit their website GUIDE ~ February 2012 19
  20. 20.  PRACTICE MANAGER Kathy Tuohey  RECEPTION STAFF Pam Oliver Pauline Keath Mary McIntyre Rohan JennerDR ADEL ASAID DR JOSEPHINE SALAZAR Ceri SandsMBBCH, AMC, FRACGP MBBS  PRACTICE NURSESDR INOKE BUADROMO DR POATE RADREKUSA Leanne HolmbergMBBS, FRACGP MBBS, FRACGP Claire Coates DR PATRICK NZEGWU (Elmore’s Resident Doctor) MBBS  OTHER SERVICES OFFERED Psychologist, Practice Nurse, Community Health Nurse, Podiatrist, Dietitian, Maternal and Child Health, Hear- ing Screening, Meals on Wheels, Planned Activity Group, Men in Sheds, Bill Wilkinson-Optometrist, Holter Monitoring Diabetes Education Respiratory Education Minor Surgeries Planned Activity Group (Incorporating “The Shed” Mens Program) Venue - Christine Cumming Activity Centre, Elmore Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (Co-ordinator: Judy Ryan - 9am to 4pm) Walking Group Tuesdays 9am—10am, Thursdays 9am—10am Strength Training Venue - Christine Cumming Activity Centre, Elmore Tuesdays 10:30am—11:30am, Thursdays 10:30am—11:30am (Facilitator: Sandra Holmberg) Kathy Tuohey - Practice Manager / Site Coordinator Elmore Medical Practice (Elmore Primary Health Services)GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 20
  21. 21. Kevin Hayes Plumbing Local Plumber: Elmore, Goornong, Colbinabbin, Rochester, Axedale , Toolleen and surrounding areas. Phone: 0417114603 Email: Free Pick Up of Unwanted Goods No Job too big or small. Cars ~ Trucks ~ Whitegoods ~ Scrap Metal Lic. Gas fitter Red Card Johnos Licence No: 34739 *General Plumbing, Hot water services Cash Paid for all types of metals *New Homes, Roofing – New, replacement/ Yard / Shed clean ups ~ Garage Sales ~ Farm lots guttering *Renovations/Extensions Deceased Estate *Drainage/Sewerage * Tap and toilet sys- tems * Wood heaters/split systems installa- PHONE tions * Mechanical services * Hydrants and 0408 508 273 Hose Reels VM & HM DRESCHSLER PTY LTD BARTERCARD ROAD & CARTAGE CONTRACTORS Is the worlds largest trade ex- ABN 92 409 212 076 change, supporting thousands 260 CARPENTER ST, BENDIGO, VIC 3550 of businesses around the PHONE: (03) 5443 6421 FAX: (03) 5441 6385 world to free up cash flow and DEPOT: (03) 5439 5606 MOBILE: 0428 507 673 improve profitability. Ph: 5441 2388 www.bartercard.comGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 21
  22. 22. CRAFT CORNER Kindly contributed by Glenyce McCrohan Ribbon Notice BoardDon’t you just hate when you need to hang something up and there is not anywhere to put it? Our fridge housesmost of this stuff. The kids like to hang up their artworks there too though and so we need a bigger fridge. Here isa solution I came up with for our kids to use in their bedroom. They loved it so much I made another for a gift.Best of all, no stray drawing pins to find by stepping on them!You will need: a canvas (size to suit your need), paint, ribbon, pencil, measur-ing tape and a glue gun with glue sticks (a wonder tool in crafting – watchyour finger prints!).First, paint your canvas. I used some paint from a sample pot we had been us-ing but craft paint does the trick too. I recommend two coats maybe three. Itneeds a good covering. Once this is dry, measure up your canvas and work outthe spacing for the ribbon. The canvas I have made here is 45x60 cm so I spaced and marked places for the rib-bons 5 cm apart. You could space them further apart, if you wish. Before you start cutting the ribbon you need tomake sure you have enough. This board used 20 metres of ribbon.Glue on the ribbons on the diagonal one way, then flip your canvas and glue the ribbons on the opposite way. Tomake a really effective way of holding things onto your canvas, weave the ribbons on this side through. This willgive you a nice net to hold your papers. Finish off by gluing all the ends onto the back which leaves the edges tidy.I found some mini pegs at a variety shop with lady birds on them to add to the canvas. These are great for thingsthat don’t want to weave into the ribbons. Hope this helps with some organising of some papers and art works. ANSWERS: Page 26GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 22
  23. 23. Trivia Questions. Jokes Eve; “Is that a pleasant highway to drive1. The Federal Highway begins near Goulburn & on? Stevie “No, it’s a crossroad.” ends where?2. On which continent is Lake Malawi located?3. True or false, Cranberries grow on trees? Why can’t car mufflers participate in mara-4. Which 2010 film was about the founding of thon races? They’re too exhausted. Face book?5. According to the saying, one Swallow does not Marie; “What would you do if you were be- a – make-? ing chased by a runaway tractor-trailor6. What was the name of the1997 film starring truck at 90 kilometres an hour?” the Spice Girls?7. Beginning with P what are a card game & a Karl “100” makeshift bridge?8. Which was the first Rodgers & Hammerstein Why did the tyre get fired from its job? musical? It couldn’t stand the pressure.9. What does the letter M stand for in MTV?10. What is the full name of Hogwarts? “What’s wrong with your car?’ a policeman11. The Sable antelope is found on which conti- asked as he approached a woman at road- nent?12. Which common insect in known as a “painted side. I don’t know. It just stopped running.” lady”? The policeman looked at the dashboard.13. What is the name of HP’s newly unveiled tab- “It’s obviously out of petrol,” he said. “See? let? The needle is pointing to ’empty’.”14. The 1923 treaty of Lausane defined the bor- “Empty?” the woman said. “I thought the ‘E’ ders of Greece & ?15. Who won the latest series of Master Chef? stood for “enough’.”16. Of which two words is the term “mankini” a hy- brid? “I wish I had enough money to buy a Rolls-17. From which branch of the arts, do we get the Royce,” Jory said. “Why do you want a word “coda”? Rolls-Royce?” asked Floyd.18. In October who succeeded Mike Rann as “I don’t. It’s the money I want. premier of Sth. Australia?19. Which 1986 film is about sisters Holly, Lee & EDITORS COMMENTS: Could someone Hannah? PLEASE give us some better jokes!20. Which was the taller of the star wars robots, R2D or C-3PO? ANSWERS: Page 26GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 23
  24. 24. GOORNONG POST OFFICE Open Mon—Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm Saturday: 9.00am - 12.00am For all your Postal, Bill paying and Banking needs Try our Book Exchange. We have an extensive Giftware Range and offer FREE gift wrapping CONTACT Cheryl O’ Brien 5432 2295 TRENCHES, FOOTINGS , POSTHOLES,RIPPING &LEVELING PICKET, PALING & COLOURBOND FENCES DINGO MINI DIGGER ELECTRONIC WATER LEAK DETECTIONS LOCATION AND TRACING FOR ALL:  DOMESTIC WATER PIPES  SEPTIC TANKS & PIPES  STORMWATER &SEWER DRAINS  POWER CABLES  TELEPHONE DATAS CABLES  POOL & SPA LEAKS Kel O’Brien Ph:03 5432 2295 or 0418 700 554GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 24
  25. 25. Flowers for all occasions Teddy Bears, Balloons, Chocolates, Life like plants Phone Carol and her friendly staff Free delivery to Goornong Monday - Friday after 6pm Cylinder AGENT Dealer A&A DILLON OLD MURRAY ROAD GOORNONG Phone: 5432 2248 45KG EXCHANGE BOTTLES 9KG BBQ EXCHANGE REFILL BBQ AND FORKLIFT BOTTLES 6 MONTHS FREE RENTAL ON 45KG BOTTLES VERY GOOD RATESGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 25
  26. 26. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR BENDIGO EASTER FESTIVAL With Easter fast approaching the call has gone out for volunteers to help with this year’s Bendigo Easter Festival which takes place over three days from April 6 to 8. Chair of the Bendigo Easter Festival Cr Rod Fyffe said the Bendigo Easter Festival relies heavily on volunteers and with only 7 weeks till Easter the festival is asking for more volunteers to come forward. “We are urgently looking for people to undertake a range of volunteer roles. These varied roles include stage hands, assisting the vendor coordinator and site managers, parking assistants, providing information to the public and assisting with planned enter- tainment activities, just to name a few. “These types of volunteer roles are particularly beneficial to students or people look- ing to enter the hospitality or tourism industries as it provides great experience in the- se fields but they are also great for people who would just love to be involved in this annual iconic local event. “We encourage anyone who can spare some time over Easter to come forward and we will do our best to match all volunteers to a role that suits their particular skills. As well as assisting in the running of the festival they get to have a great time. “Everyone who volunteers will receive a certificate that acknowledges their service to the community as an Easter Festival volunteer. “We really need some help this year and we would be very grateful for any hours that members of the community can spare,” said Cr Fyffe. Volunteers must be aged 16 or over and available to work at various times on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday. Role descriptions and volunteer registration forms are available on the Easter Festival website or contact Andie Downing for further information on 0458 008 024 or by email to Answers. 1. Canberra. 2. Africa. 3. False. 4. TheSocial Network. 5. Summer. 6. Spice World. 7. Pontoon. 8.Oklahoma. 9. Music. 10. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft &Wizardry. 11. Africa. 15. Kate. 16. Man & Bikini. 17. Music.18. Jay Wetherall. 19. Hannah and her Sisters. 20. C-3PO.GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 26
  27. 27. Our new regular sports & events page. Please send us your club or sporting news and results or even let us know about your achievements. CRICKET LADDER—MARCH 1, 2012 Gold Fields Equestrian Club Inc (GFEC) meets every third Sunday of the month. AGM March 11th at 5.30pm. Ph 0417 363 710 GFEC MEMBERS Karen & Katherine Debitista from Bag- shot won Supreme Ridden Champion Palomino at Barastoc Horse of the Year, on their home bred Acca- cia Park End of Fash- ion (Wilbur ) on Feb 19th, 2012. This prestigious annu- al event is Australia’s largest horse show.GOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 27
  28. 28. Goornong & District Community Group Inc.(GCG) Update Report March 2012The Goornong and District community group had a Special Meeting on the 14 th February, primarily to discuss theCity of Greater Bendigo Small Town Grants. Prior to the meeting local community groups were consulted withand asked to submit their priorities. The feedback was encouraging with a local wish list being built. The meetingwas well attended and resulted in the GCG committee endorsing the Goornong Recreation Reserve and GoornongSwimming Pool’s applications.Below are this month’s current developments on the GCG’s Current plan: Focus Area Community facilitator/s Current developments Infrastructure, Industry and Eco- Ruth Jenkins (public Improving services and keeping the community informed and nomic Development transport only) updated on the current public transport offered in the area. Tourism Vanessa Hawkins Discussion on the idea of creating an information board with bro- chures and a heritage trail for Goornong. Research into funding through the heritage fund. Ongoing development of Goornong website. Natural Environment Ed English Discussion with the Goornong Primary School to assist with cre- ating a natural environment for around the new section of the school. Sports, Recreation and Leisure Vanessa Hawkins Application sent for CoGB small town grants to support the recre- ation reserve bore and the swimming pool cover. Consideration for funding of future events. Health, Wellbeing and Community Georgina Wood Research into a Goornong health and wellbeing poster to be dis- Services tributed to the Goornong community. Education Support Jason Cox The Goornong Primary School currently requires landscaping and outdoor seating.About Goornong & District Community Group Inc.The Goornong & District Community Group Inc, (GDCG) began in 2007 through the Bendigo +25 communityplanning initiative. The planning process involved the importance of a vision/plan for Goornong supported by thecommunity wants and needs for the future.The original plan launched in April, 2008, set out the vision of the local community for the future and detailed theprojects that the community aspired to undertake. More recently, the committee has reviewed the progress and re-assessed the initial Community plan using the goals, objectives and actions in the original plan to ascertain whathas already been achieved and to look forward to new and current priorities. This relaunched plan will now beused as the basis for seeking funding from council and other funding sources. Due to the relaunch of the communi-ty plan, the GDCG committee want to be accountable and keep the community informed to what actions are beingdone.We will keep the community updated each month on the current developments of each focus area. With the re-launch have come new and fresh faces with great community spirit and exciting ideas. To gain a copy of the newplan or to contribute to the focus areas of the plan or to apply for funding for your community group, contact thecommittee at .The committee meet regularly at the Goornong recreation reserve. The next meeting is on Monday, 5th March7:30pm. Everyone is welcome. If are unable to attend or would like to add an item to the agenda please contactSandra Burns: GUIDE ~ February 2012 28
  29. 29. For more pictures of Goornong Gatherings go to www.goornong.comGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 29
  30. 30. GOLD FIELDS I S H O M E T O THE BUSH COURTYARD offers cosy pet friendly accommodation EQUINE SPORTS BREEDING (ESB) ESB is one of the largest producers of equestrian horses in Australia and breeder of ESB Irish Enough, sire of Beijing Olympic medal winner, Irish Jester. We have horses for sale stallions and at stud, including: TETE DE LA COURSE (TB) Stands at Gold Fields as an exciting new season sire by the world famous Galileo, out of Tuscan Twist (Perugino). He is an outstanding individual who has been bred to produce winners. We expect his progeny to be exceptional athletes. THE EQUINE SPORTS BREEDING & TRAINING CENTRE Conducts regular educational courses and training programs with practical ses- sions, workshops and clinics. THE GOLD FIELDS EQUESTRIAN CLUB INC has access to world class training facilities and conducts educational sessions on the first Tuesday of every month and events on the third weekend of every month. Tuition and agistment is also available by arrangement. and THE GOLD FIELDS STADIUM Is designed to seat over 10,000 people. Music concerts, food and wine festivals and major events are planned for the future. We invite you to visit and join us to share in our wonderful setting, facilities and activities. ESCAPE AND ENJOY THE SERENITY! PHONE: 03 5432 2446 www.goldfieldstheproperty.comGOORNONG GUIDE ~ February 2012 30