Gold buying and selling business-Gold Bullion Gold Business-Sell Gold And Grow Rich


Published on Gold Money for 2013 and Beyond
Gold will become a First Teir Asset 2013 this act alone will change the face of all world economies...Who ever has the most Gold Win Economically or Financially!!!

Apex Epic Resources Can Help Supply Quantities Of Gold Kilograms of 22 karats and above.

Contact Us at@ 404-448-1450

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  • Sir / madam, The Actual Idea: Real Seller will only work with Real buyer, because Online brokers ask for document like SKR or FCO or POP or POF. No way to start, Once such Document delivered online..the Document get circulated because the actual line of broker is very long, Initially, the introduction was "I am next to Seller" or " I am next to buyer"..and the information of location of gold bar stock, identity & address of the owner are exposed online to potentially dangerous people once such document got circulated freely. Unless, a third party verification & guarantee are considered safe & valid as the above link of Gold bar Seller: Regards, Sales Department Private Funding Group Malaysia/Singapore
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  • It takes real seller zolota.Protsedura residences.
    Skype : lev-tiger777
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Gold buying and selling business-Gold Bullion Gold Business-Sell Gold And Grow Rich

  1. 1. An Overview of the Financial Numbers • Profits & Loss Assessment • Associated Cost • Agreements Details • Inventory Stock of Products • Managing Risk • Precious Stones • Gold Bullions FutureContact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  2. 2. Accounts Profits & LossA simple account calculation€ Seller Price 26,000 Euros per Kilogram (34,364.26 USD) per Kilo USA Dollars€ Total Value of #50 Kilos 1.3 Million Euros (1,718,213.06 USD) for #50 Kilo USA Dollars€ Agent cost for shipment is 7% of total value€ Agent sells the inventory for 34,047 euros Per€ or $45,000.42 USA Dollars€ Agent/Dealer initial cost is returned for a total 226,980.00 For More Information Regarding Theses Numbers($300,000) USA Dollar Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  3. 3. Assured Profits( Gold Bullion Up Trends in Value Cost ) One ounce of 24 karat Gold Spot Price is $1657 The Up Trend is Quite Favorable over the next Three Months Precious Metals Enterprising is Quite Profitable When Properly Compliant In Jurisdictional Laws In Country Point of Sell The New Wealth Builder Moving Forward Both Businesses and Entrepreneurs Greatest Opportunities What Bottom Line Profits Mean to Your Business Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  4. 4. Assured Profits As An Agent/ DealerApex Epic Resources Gold Bullion Bar SuppliesThrough 2013Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  5. 5. Associated CostA simple account calculation An Agent/Distributor financial mediation keeps the transaction Between Buyer and Seller Clean and Uniformῼ The 7% cost to the Agent covers shipment, insurance and security of delivery to the buyer for testing the supplies and payment to the seller and Agent/Dealer₹ 7% can be calculated as the cost of doing Business at this level particularly regarding the income level involvedContact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  6. 6. AgreementsAppropriate Documentation for Deliveries Airway bill Or Certificate of Ownership Goods Movement Certificate Origins of Goods Non Criminal Origin Document Preliminary Assay Test of Goods Company Name of Seller Copy of Seller ID Passport Letter from Seller That you are their RepresentativeContact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  7. 7. Inventory of StockVery important protocol and Options€ Inventory must be tested and Secured before Shipped€ Agent/Distributor places their locks on cases€ Agent stays with the product until it is shipped€ The transport company must be reputable€ Agent will often accompany the goods in flight€ Agent may also be accompanied by sellers representativeContact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  8. 8. Global Precious Metals Deposits MapMining Production Percentages GloballyGovernments Globally are quietly BuyingGold and SilverNorth America 10%South America 20%Africa 30%Asia 15%Australia 8%Eurasia 15%Europe 10% Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  9. 9. Managing RiskAttention to Detail Risk Management requires a constant focus upon the adherence to standard protocols of procedure essential within the precious metals and stones industry Each step must be followed without exception especially documentation, assay test and associated fees and cost This also includes stringent oversight of all details of security and shipping to Destination with security Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  10. 10. Precious Metals & Stones Global Business Opportunities for Businesses & EntrepreneursContact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  11. 11. ReviewThere is currently no other career or professioncomparativelywhich offer Greater financial Compensation anAgent/Distributorcan earn in the precious metals & stones industryAnd we at Apex Epic Resources Challenge Skeptics to proveother wise…Demand for quality precious metals & stones are so greatthat many private buyers and companies pay over premiumfor reputable inventory of consistent quality supplies Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  12. 12. Execution of TransactionAgent/Distributor business careers require solid informationtraining; this is accomplished by weeks of hands on trainingleading up to the weeks of your first delivery to a select reputablebuyer…And with each delivery the Agent gains the whole knowledgebase of how to manage accounts, and eventually on there ownApex Epic Resources starts the training toAgents/Distributorson the right path to success with speed and accuracy Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  13. 13. Professional Mobility Tools The increasing Importance of mobile communication technology in the industry helps streamline various aspects of the precious metals and stones industry with lightning speed results… New tools for old systems!
  14. 14. Professional Mobility High Tech Tools Starting 1-1-2013 Gold Will Become a First Tier Asset Above its Third Tier Asset Status Up To Now !!! This Act Alone Will Change The Global Economy In The Most Fundamental Constructs Gold & Diamonds Also Represent the most portableThe XRF Hand Held Analyzer wealth…Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  15. 15. How to Contact UsTo hear the Audio Version of This Presentation Please UseThe following Link: Its an older Version of the Presentationbut informational… YouFor Your Attention and InterestApex Epic Resources LLCDrake Funes: Field Director Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  16. 16. How to Contact UsPlease contact us at info@GoldBusinessProfits.comOr Call us at 404-448-1450 and please leave a message,We will then contact you to set up an appointment toSpeak with you… Alluvial Placer GoldThank YouFor Your Attention and InterestApex Epic Resources LLCDrake Funes: Field Director Contact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450
  17. 17. www.GoldBusinessProfits.comContact Apex Epic Resources @ 404-448-1450