Gold Bullion Business and Carrer Advantages


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Gold Bullion Money Making Success System 20 Insider Secrets in the Precious Metals Industry and Career Advantages that matter

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Gold Bullion Business and Carrer Advantages

  1. 1. Gold Bullion Money Making Success System<br />Gold Seller Enterprise Profits<br /> Introduction to GoldEnterprising on how to<br /> Make Multiple Revenue Streams<br /> Selling Gold Bullion as Broker/Promoter<br />Gold Bullion Money Making Success System<br />Gold Dust<br />
  2. 2. 1<br />What is Gold Enterprising?<br />Gold Enterprising is a profession which involves<br />negotiating adequate supplies of gold for clients<br />requiring gold in specific form and volume for many<br />purposes for both consumer and industrial use, i.e.<br />bullion bars, coinage, jewelry, electronic applications <br />What is Gold Enterprising not?<br />Gold Enterprising is not a we buy gold endeavor<br />nor is it a buy gold from the public enterprise, it <br />is however a business profession that mediate<br />the sell of gold in large volume using legal contracts<br />and testing requirements before agreements and<br />contracts are mutually agreed upon <br />2<br />How does Gold Enterprising work?<br />The Gold Enterpriser negotiates with their source<br />of suppliers in conjunction with the buyer to form a <br />mutual agreement to purchase and sell including<br />standard protocol testing and clearance once all<br />Is agreed to by all parties. <br />3<br />
  3. 3. What can be achieved Gold Enterprising?<br />Gold Enterprising is an endeavor alone can support <br />any objective or interest you may have, be it other <br />business pursuits, money accumulation your wish is<br />your command without limitation, thorough training is <br />required and patience to be a successful Gold<br />Enterpriser<br />4<br />What skills are necessary to become <br />a Gold Enterpriser?<br />Gold Enterprising Training essentially encompass<br />the following steps<br /><ul><li> Au79 basics
  4. 4. Business fundamentals
  5. 5. Business Image
  6. 6. International laws & Regulations
  7. 7. Contracts
  8. 8. Protocols of Clearance
  9. 9. Minimizing cost
  10. 10. Risk management
  11. 11. Building reputation of integrity
  12. 12. Psychology of producers
  13. 13. Skillful Negotiation
  14. 14. Testing procedures & protocol
  15. 15. and much more, yet simple and fun without </li></ul> stress, it is the virtual training package, <br /> convenient and mobile. <br />5<br />
  16. 16. 6<br />Do I need some type of certification <br />as a Gold Enterpriser?<br />Apex Resources will train you in all of the <br />essential areas of Gold Enterprising and certify<br />you as a Gold Enterpriser as well as coach and<br />support you through your first contract sell<br />7<br />Why is it difficult for Gold refineries <br />to obtain Gold supplies?<br />Gold refiners don’t just refine or process gold, a <br />refinery will on average manufacture and process<br />dozens of metals and often run short on more<br />strategic metals like gold, silver, platinum etc,<br />cost is also a major factor<br />8<br />Are the refineries that buy Gold from the public<br /> prospects to target as a Gold Enterpriser ?<br />Gold refineries of this caliber must first be evaluated<br />through simple markers, these markers will then<br />determine the efficacy of targeting any company. <br />
  17. 17. Why would a refinery want to do <br />business with me?<br />As a new Gold Enterpriser you will be teamed up<br />with Apex Resources well prepared to approach<br />any business, this will be your leverage.<br />9<br />How would I be paid as a Gold Enterpriser ?<br />The Gold Enterpriser is paid once the buyer receives<br />their first shipment of supplies as the contract <br />stipulates, this will then cement the potential client<br />confidence in your business to deliver and could <br />become a long term client. And remember you will<br />be paid on every shipment. <br />10<br />Are their sources that I may investigate<br />on my own to learn more about <br />Gold Enterprising?<br />Our favorite sources are<br /><ul><li>
  18. 18.
  19. 19. 321
  20. 20. </li></ul>11<br />
  21. 21. How much can I make as a Gold Enterpriser?<br />As a new Gold Enterpriser your focus must be on<br />mastering the basic of Gold Enterprising, once you<br />have mastered the fundamentals and close your first<br />contract, your options are your own, use them, the<br />only limits are you and the danger of comfort zones. <br />12<br />Once a contract is completed what would <br />stop the buyer from going around you to<br />deal directly with producers?<br />The Gold Enterpriser sources are private between<br />the seller and the Gold Enterpriser, apex resources<br />has organized these producers as suppliers of the<br />end supplies, so you needn't ever worry about that.<br />13<br />Is it realistic to earn these percentages <br />Gold Enterprising ?<br />Contract sales of this caliber is small in comparison<br />to the industry majors, very small however once<br />you begin your training you will EXPERIENECE<br />first hand Apex Resources contracts and processes <br />14<br />
  22. 22. Why don’t more people know about<br />Gold Enterprising?<br />Gold Enterprising has been around for some time now,<br />but before the second world war and the confiscation of <br />Gold from the public by the US government there hasn’t<br />been many employment opportunities in that market. <br />The last thirty years have seen a major increase in US<br />metal refineries emerge, in conclusion this industry<br />Is very specialized and require specialized skills<br />15<br />Would a professional salesman do well<br />In this industry?<br />The professional sales person certainly can do well<br />but only if they are trainable in a completely new <br />environment of selling, it is not typical selling by <br />any measure<br />16<br />What are the essential characteristics for<br />becoming a Gold Enterpriser?<br /><ul><li> Focus & Concentration on mastering the basics
  23. 23. Strong initiative
  24. 24. Commitment to acquiring a new skill </li></ul>17<br />
  25. 25. I need more hard proof that Gold Enterprising<br />is a real profession paying these kind<br />of percentages?<br />Gold Enterprising due-diligence is necessary here are a<br />Few more in depth sources<br /><ul><li>
  26. 26.
  27. 27.</li></ul>18<br />With Gold Enterprising, does the training and<br />support take one through their first<br />contract sell ?<br />The four star training offered by Apex Resources is<br />designed to take the beginner through this<br />comprehensive training opportunity that is limited to a <br />specific number of participants which will then close<br />this training to anyone else <br />19<br />Are there any Government regulations<br />Involved with these transactions ?<br />As professionals, Gold Enterprisers will conduct all<br />of their activities ethically, morally and legally following<br />all state and federal laws regarding taxation and legal <br />endeavors of the Gold Enterprising industry <br />20<br />
  28. 28. What are some of the risks and safety factors<br />involved in the industry Gold Enterprising?<br />The Training and support provided by Apex Resources<br />to its trainees eliminate many down sides of this <br />Industry like fraud and related dishonesty, therefore<br />much of what equals risk will likely be a participant<br />not following the protocols of Gold Enterprising <br />21<br />What types of contracts are used in<br />Gold Enterprising?<br />There are many contracts used in Gold Enterprising,<br />the main contracts are:<br /><ul><li> CIF
  29. 29. BWT
  30. 30. FCO</li></ul> these documents are standard in the Gold<br /> Enterprising industry <br />22<br />Is Gold Enterprising limited to geography ?<br />Once the new Enterpriser has completed their training<br />and closed their first contract, enterprisers will then<br />build out their H/Vincome structure, and upon <br />completion will have complete autonomy of where<br />and what targets the enterpriser chooses to develop <br />23<br />
  31. 31. How much time is required in the training <br />to become a Gold Enterpriser?<br />The Gold Enterprising Training is approximately<br />four months, which is considerable and incredible,<br />that is the Apex Resources way<br /><ul><li> Thorough
  32. 32. In depth
  33. 33. Convenient
  34. 34. Mobile
  35. 35. And on target</li></ul>24<br />Is there any training or pre-preparation <br />guidance available to those <br />ready to get started ?<br />If you have signed up at:<br /><br />You will be receiving 23 free introductory<br />videos to further pre-prepare you for the<br />complete training that will follow. And finally<br />some may wonder why are we providing so much<br />for so little and why don’t we do it all?<br />A: We need Gold Enterprisers in every state to<br /> keep our producers busy as they employ<br /> locals which improve their entire communities<br /> and further more there is no way that we can<br /> do it all, we need committed enterprisers to<br /> get involved now, this is the season to become<br /> active in one of the most lucrative markets on earth <br />25<br />
  36. 36. About Our Company:<br /><ul><li>Gold Enterprising Profits is an innovative company reinventing the way equitable business </li></ul> is conducted through sustainable opportunity leverage <br /><ul><li> Gold Enterprising Profits is a Trademark Company of Apex Resources
  37. 37. Gold Enterprising Profits is showing people how to re-employ themselves </li></ul>simply and quickly through the power of information fortified by resources.<br /><ul><li> Gold Enterprising Profits has established itself with the industries top innovatorsin the </li></ul> global precious metals markets from producers to miners, and we have carved out a unique <br />market that serves the start up entrepreneur<br /><ul><li> Please go to and find out why the 21 century Gold Rush </li></ul> will include savvy Gold Enterprisers that spread the wealth and the information far and wide <br />to whom ever will hear it.<br />
  38. 38. Gold Bullion Money Making Success System<br />Gold Seller Enterprise Profits<br /> Introduction to GoldEnterprising on how to<br /> Make Multiple Revenue Streams<br /> Selling Gold Bullion as Broker/Promoter<br />Gold Bullion Money Making Success System<br />Gold Dust<br />