La gouvernance infrastructure et administration

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SharePoint 2013, ConfSharePoint, Goverance and Administration, gokan ozcifci,

SharePoint 2013, ConfSharePoint, Goverance and Administration, gokan ozcifci,

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  • 1. La gouvernanceInfrastructure et Administration
  • 2. About
  • 3. AgendaSQLServerSharePoint ServerWindows Server
  • 4. WhoisQui?Who is usingApplicative governance?The definition is:strategy, guide,processes to follow for aspecific goalThe difference betweenyou and me is notlonger than that « | »GovernanceBest PracticeN+10
  • 5. Platform goverance (PRE-I)HardwareStayCloseKeep itcleanlatestupdatesMABackup TLStand BYenv + TestBakups
  • 6. Hardwarelots of memory on the Weband application serversUse gigabit networkadapters for all server roles.For front-end Web serversand application servers, usedual network adapters inproduction environments.Use one network adapter forusers and one for MicrosoftSQL Server communication.Lots of Memory
  • 7. Stay closeNo front-end Web server orapplication server shouldhave more than onemillisecond (ms) of latencybetween it and the databaseserver.Keep all the servers in a farmin the same data centerStay Close
  • 8. UpdatesNO ! Only when impactedTurn on Windows Update todownload updatesautomatically, but not installautomatically.Schedule time to installupdates at off-peak hours.For high availability, rotateservers out of service one ata time during the updateprocess.latest updates
  • 9. Managed AccountsBest practice that isn’t abest practice for corporatesWeb applications: Usedifferent accounts based on yoursecurity requirements.Search account: Use oneaccount for the farm.Excel Services account:Use one account for externalconnections.MA
  • 10. BackupDo not only back up thedata.The usage logs, IIS logs,transaction logs, and SMTPe-mail logs all must bebacked up if you want to beable to fully recover yourenvironment.For transaction logs, youshould back up and truncatethe log file every fiveminutesBackup TL
  • 11. EnvironmentPROD – ACC- TEST – DEVIn case of…Routinely test backups andvalidate their consistencyDo not assume that thebackup will work.Disaster RecoveryStand BY env + TestBakups
  • 12. Keep it cleanLimit content databases to200 GB.When you use SQL Servermirroring, do not store morethan 50 databases on asingle physical instance ofSQL Server .Free disk space: more than25 percentMemory used: less than 70percentKeep it clean
  • 13. SQL Server 1/10 ( I-POST)Why is SQL Server so important to SharePoint?Central store for most SharePoint dataStress on SQL Server causes stress on front-end servers andultimately degrades user experience
  • 14. SQL Governance 2/10 (VvsP)HAScaleHQ/DRI/O €
  • 15. SQL Server 3/10(Hardware)Your SQL Server needs to have enough RAM to function properly. Ifyour SQL Server runs only SharePoint, here are the minimumrequirements.
  • 16. SQL Server 4/10 (Disk)
  • 17. SQL Server 5/10 (MP)Maintenance plans can both automate and schedule essential tasksto protect your data
  • 18. SQL Server 6/10 (MB)
  • 19. SQL Server 7/10 (MB)SQL Max Memory =TotalPhyMem -(NumOfSQLThreads *ThreadStackSize) - (1GB *CEILING(NumOfCores/4))NumOfSQLThreads = 256+ (NumOfProcessors*- 4) *8 (* If NumOfProcessors> 4, else 0)ThreadStackSize = 2MBon x64 or 4 MB on 64-bit(IA64)
  • 20. SQL Server 8/10 (Stats)Do not enable auto-create statistics on a server that hosts SQLServer and SharePoint Server.Not supportedSharePoint uses a stored procedure that maintains the statistics(proc_UpdateStatistics)
  • 21. SQL Server 9/10 (FF)When an index is created or rebuilt, the fill-factor value determinesthe percentage of space on each leaf-level page to be filled withdataWhen Index are created or rebuilt for SharePoint 80 is optimal
  • 22. SQL Server 10/10 (NTFS)SQL server reads and writes 64k at a time, therefore is a bestpractice to make sure your disks are formatted with an allocationsize of 64K and not the 4K default. This small change alone, willimprove your SQL performance by up to 30%Command Promt: »chkdsk C: »
  • 23. SharePoint Server (PRE-I)Knowwhat isin yourenv.Test =ProdUse realdataTests E/W
  • 24. Know where you areKnow what is in yourenvironment. Do a full surveyfirst.FULL Trust – Real CaseKnow what is inyour env.
  • 25. EnvironmentIf possible, use the same kindof hardware and use thesame settingsSettingsURL ( port )What if Production Down?DB attach?Spend time resolvingunrelated issues to makesure that they will not occurduring the actual upgrade.Test = Prod
  • 26. Real StealUse copies of your actualdatabases to run the testsWhen you use real data, youcan identify trouble areas and alsodetermine upgrade performance.Make sure that you findissues with the differentkinds and sizes of sites, lists,libraries, and customizationsthat are present in yourenvironment.Use real data
  • 27. TestingA single test can tell youwhether you will encounterbig problems.Multiple tests will help youfind all the issuesThe upgrade/InstallapproachesThe downtimeHow the process orperformance may change after youaddress the issues that youuncovered in your first testsTests
  • 28. Error / WarningsEven though a warning is notan errorIT CAN be an errorInvestigate warningsWrite a Operational GuideE/W
  • 29. SharePoint Server 1/8(Wizard)Always use Wizard (just kidding  )Managed AccountSecurityDatabase Name
  • 30. SharePoint Server 2/8 (PS)Learn to install from Command-linePowershell is your friend!Learn to manage from Command-linePowerShell HelpScript everything (if possible)Win-WinIt’s not going away any time soonMost Microsoft products will eventually use itYou can’t do everything from the GUI any moreIt can make your life easierMicrosoft certification exams contain PowerShell questionsIf you don’t learn it, someone else will
  • 31. SharePoint Server 3/8 (SA)Never use a single service account!Password Policy ( Our biggest problem )Create the Following AccountsSQL Admin AccountSharePoint Installation AccountSharePoint Farm Admin Global Administrator
  • 32. SharePoint Server 4/8 (IIS)Fine tuning of you’re IIS ServerRegular Recycle?Specific time(s)
  • 33. SharePoint Server 5/8(WUS)IIS cache has to be filled by Warm UpHas to be configured on each serverIIS reset, receycle, … be carefull on Production Env.
  • 34. SharePoint Server 6/8(Design)HTML5, Dreamweaver, …No more real SharePoint DesignersOther governance from other platforms has to be adopted ( google eye )
  • 35. SharePoint Server 7/8(Disable)The SharePoint Health Analyzer detected a condition requiring yourattention. Drives are at risk of running out of free space.Be carefull when custommer/business has access to your platform.
  • 36. SharePoint Server 8/8 (SC)Wizard againCheck your needExcel Services on Search Center?
  • 37. Thanks & Great Governance