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Goingo2o - Feature Tour

  1. 1. INTRODUCINGGOO2O MERCHANT SOLUTIONGoingo2o: going offline to online? You deserve exceptional online store.And now you get it. Advanced features guaranteed. Take a GMS tour
  2. 2. Create Customize EarnGMS OVERVIEW GMS offers all the tools & features you need in a user friendly interface to start selling online. GMS is flexible, it can function the way you want. Go ahead and tailormake your store. GMS is a high performing e-commerce platform, boost your revenue beyond your imagination. Earning was never so simple and systematic. EXPLORE GMS FEATURES LAUNCH: When you choose GMS, your store is already packed with loads of features. You have nothing to install, nothing to set-up and nothing to worry. We do all the hard work so that you can enjoy the benefits of your store. DESIGN: Goo2o merchant solution gives you the freedom to design your store the way you want, after all it’s your store. BUILD: The foundation for any successful online store is its product catalog. With GMS you have the advantage of a catalog that attracts business for you. PROMOTE: Just establishing a business is not enough. Letting buyers know about your business is definitely the required action. With GMS you can establish your online identity along with marketing yourself to the world. DELIVER: Interacting with customers to deliver an experience they relish is achieved by few. GMS allows you to personalize your services at different touch points and attain customer loyalty. SUPPORT: SUPPO Having the right support at the right time is critical for running your store successfully. With GMS you can always be sure of the support you deserve.
  3. 3. Launch. Powerful store that trendsWhen you choose GMS, your store is already packed with loads of features. You havenothing to install, nothing to set-up and nothing to worry. We do all the hard work so thatyou can enjoy the benefits of your store. Complete web hosting Incredibly fast server Waiting is boring. Waiting is unacceptable. Now waiting is a GMS not only provides you a complete thing of the past. Goo2o wide ecommerce platform to launch your spread network allows users business online, it also offers complete web from any part of the world to hosting solution for your store. Your store access your store with blazing will be hosted on our dedicated server speed. providing you the technology to distribute your web store across multiple servers with smart multilayer security system.Third party apps integrationPowerful features add value. GMS support is compatible with third party appslike facebook, google, get satisfaction etc, which eventually add more to thesuccess of your store.
  4. 4. Unlimited bandwidth No matter how huge traffic your store is experiencing, you can always be sure that each visitor is enjoying the same experience your store offers. GMS offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth to manage and distribute your store data more quickly and efficiently so the user experience is not compromised. Secured GMS is designed in a way to provide the complete security to both you and your customers. Along with smart multilayer access control, we equip your store with anti-virus, anti-spam and other security tools to keep you safe from unauthorized access. Real time updates Send and receive real time updates on various actions occurring on your store. With GMS notification system, you keep yourself updated about every action performed on your store. At the same time you can update your customers about latest offers & announcement. The feature also allows you to customize the alert type and events at which an update is sent.Goo2o order fulfillmentAll the stores registered with GMS are integrated with shipping solution from Blue Dart ExpressLimited. Our ‘Fulfillment by Goo2o’ feature gets your products delivered to your customers withoutany hassle. Real time order tracking, express delivery, easy returns & replacement process are just afew of its specialties.
  5. 5. Quick payment processGMS comes integrated with payment gateway. Goo2o’s streamlined checkout processmakes buying quick and safe. Offer multiple payment options on your store, withoutbeing worried about safety. Our unique fraud detection system dedicated for yourprotection is constantly on a look out for any fraudulent activities, so that you canhave peace of mind.
  6. 6. Design. Beautiful templates which attractGoo2o merchant solution gives you the freedom to design your store the way you want,after all it’s your store. Templates designed for you A template is what decides the appearance of a store and it is the appearance that determines how buyers perceive your store. Choose from more than 60 pre-defined templates to get that new look. All templates have been designed keeping store owners requirements on priority. In case, your urge for style is not fulfilled, you can easily customize your own templates by modifying its content, structure or appear- ance and become the artist of your own store.Drag and dropWe made your store designing process easier by adding a drag and drop feature. This feature is as easy as it sounds, simply grab a pageelement and drop it in the location you want. So, if you need to change the position of your logo or adjust the search box location,simply use the drag and drop feature to make your store look the way you want.
  7. 7. Decorate your store with wallpapers If you can change wallpapers on your computer, why not do the same on your store? With GMS you can add your favorite wallpapers on your store front and give it a more personalized look.Real time previewWith this feature you can view an onscreendisplay of what the end result will look like,while you make changes in your storeappearance. So, if you are adjusting the fontcolor, you can actually preview its colorchange in real time. Shout it out! With banners Want more customization? Adding banners was never this easy. Use Goo2o powered stores are developer banners to add promotional links, images friendly, which means you have full control and advertise your products to store over every element of your store. You can visitors. You have the freedom to place customize the store layout, fonts or even your banner on any of the store pages like the complete DNA of your store. To learn category page, brand page etc. more about our advanced feature view our template guidelines.
  8. 8. Build. Superior catalog that sellsThe foundation for any successful online store is its product catalog. With GMS you havethe advantage of a catalog that attracts business for you.Creating a catalog, made easierWith Goo2o merchant solution you don’t have to worry about how to add products and categorizethem. The user friendly interface makes managing your catalog effortless. The tips and guidelinesaccompanied at every step of the catalog management make sure you never miss out on any importantinformation.Custom product feature listAdding features to products is just a click away. You can create your own feature list and assign them to different products. With thisconvenience you don’t have to manually type the features for each product. Simply assign the appropriate feature list to a product andyou are all set to sell. Sell unlimited products Multiple product images When we say ‘Sell unlimited number of Selling products without their images is products’, we really mean it, there are no suicidal. Product images have a major influence conditions attached. The more variety buyers in online shopping. With GMS you can add have, higher the chances of them making a multiple product images, whose thumbnail are purchase from your store. automatically generated. Such products images can be further optimized so that your products show in Image search results too.
  9. 9. Intelligent inventory managementWith GMS you don’t have to worry tracking your inventory. Our intelligent inventory managementsystem tracks your store inventory in real time and sends you alerts when a product’s stock level islow. While your customers are notified about the low stock status, in case they choose that product. One product, multiple variations Easy product browsing Most products come in multiple variations, so Offer your customers the ease to creating a new product for each variant doesn’t locate the products, they wish to buy. make sense. With GMS you can create multiple Place products according to brands, variations for a single product and keep your categories and tags. So, if a buyer catalog organized and neat. So next time buyer browses for products according to a views a product, he sees the different product specific brand, he would then be variants at that product page. viewing all the products of that brand currently available on your store. Avoiding him the hassle to manually search through your product catalog.
  10. 10. Promote. Your presence that multipliesJust selling is not enough. Letting buyers know about your store would give you the addedadvantage. With GMS you are equipped with the right promotional tools. The social media advantage You are not just restricted to sell on your store fronts. We are compatible with various online platforms that help you promote products socially. Use platforms like facebook & twitter to sell or announce updates about your products to newer audiences. Sell on various market places Yes! With GMS you can sell products on different marketplaces like, Amazon, eBay and Goo2o marketplace. With this provision, reaching out to several shoppers is made easy. This helps in driving traffic when customer clicks through your store to purchase products directly from you. Generate business with discount coupons Discount coupons encourage people to buy products associated with it. Give another reason for online shoppers to make purchases from your store. Provide fully customized discount coupons to shoppers. Define them according to rupee or percentage value, start & expiry date and also assign them to single or multiple product categories.
  11. 11. Gift Certificates for every occasionGive your customers the power to give away gift cards to their loved ones. Choose giftcertificates from 12 unique categories representing different occasions and events. Get found through search engines Goo2o powered stores are build keeping SEO (search engine optimization) in mind, so that your store is ranked on priority in search results. Goo2o powered stores have provisions for you to add custom URL’s and optimize each of your store pages.
  12. 12. Deliver. Experience which customers loveInteracting with customers to deliver an experience they relish is achieved by few. GMSallows you to personalize your services at different touch points and attain customer loyalty. Personalization shoppers look for Easy & quick navigation, fully functional control panel and user friendly shopping process offers a unique shopping experience to your store visitors. In addition to this, shoppers also have the benefit our viewing a personalized storefront every time they visit your store. Doc management Proper documentation of transaction is important to secure yourself and establish trust among customers. Eventually this helps to build your store brand. GMS provides you with the provision to manage all the documents, invoices etc from your store control panel. So, when an order is placed you can produce customized & error-free invoices to customers instantly. Instant notification Reach out and retain your customers with a full email and newsletter system or SMS on customer’s mobile. You can quickly send important discounts and gift certificates, personalized product recommendations etc to your entire customer base from your store control panel. Also, never miss out an opportunity to notify customers about the actions they perform on your store. Not just that, you can customize these notifications according to what you send, the medium used and when to send them.
  13. 13. Social media personalization Our direct integration with Twitter and Facebook allows you to share your products and connect with your customers from one place. Help your customers spread your products across powerful social channels by enabling our built-in sharing capabilities. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll enjoy free and easy ways to offer personalized experience by engaging your customers.Assist your customersfrom anywhereSo what, if you can’t be physicallypresent to assist your customers? Withour special ‘Live chat’ feature, Goo2omerchants can interact with multiplevisitors at the same time fromanywhere. Solve their queries, helpthem choose the right product andoffer them a personalized experience. Let customers speak freely The key to successful selling is listening to your customers. We made this task easier for you by powering GMS with a ‘Get satisfaction’ feedback button. Now receiving feedback, suggestions and responding to customer quires is used as an opportunity to deliver a great customer experience.
  14. 14. Support. Help that never endsHaving the right support at the right time is critical for running your store successfully. WithGMS you can always be sure of the support you deserve. Tips & guidelines We are passionate about providing you the right support. And one of the ways we express this is by providing you tips & guidelines at each step of your store management. Whether you are changing your store settings, adding new products etc. Our useful tips and guidelines will always be there to provide you that extra information. Goo2o wiki All ‘How to…?’ questions related to GMS are answered in our Goo2o wiki like. ‘How to promote your store’, ‘How to add new products?’, ‘how to use advance features?’ etc. Our ‘self help support manual’ gives you the power to manage and promote your store with ease.Forum for youA problem well discussed is a problem well answered. Our dedicated forum establishes a discussion platform amongstore owners and users. Most answers posted are tried and tested by real people making it a great resource. So nexttime you need help, don’t forget to check out our forum first.
  15. 15. Knowledgebase A powerful and detailed learning resource for store owners. Everything related to GMS, its process, features and functionality is explained by our team of experts.Get answeredHave a question? Ask our support team anything related toyour store and we will make sure to provide you the rightanswer. Shoot us an email and our system will generate aunique support ‘Ticket’ which accelerates the entire processof your receiving an answer. Training Our support just doesn’t stop with providing you assistance, it actually starts with making you independent. We take the extra step in training Goo2o merchants by sharpening their business skills and leveraging the e-commerce knowledge required to run online business successfully.