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Minor synopsis

  1. 1. Minor BriefGame synopsisSci Fiction first person Shooter RPG video game developedby Unorthodox studios.The game will focus in a parallel universe from ours andwill concentrate on the story of a warrior on a missionto rescue his family from the capital city, who have heldthem for slavery. The main character will be from avillage and therefore will be getting upgrades his/herweapons and armour throughout the whole game.The designs and theme for the game will be based onancient Greece and this will be reflected by the designsand patterns shown. The main look will be focusing on alight steal chrome material/metropolis like landscape.(similar to how Greece would be in the future).Throughout the game you will have to face weapons (boss)made by the Capital city at the end of each level. Thebosses will also be based on the mythical creatures thatwere mentioned in Ancient Greek mythology.Minotaur, Griffin, Hydra and Chimera (earth, air, waterand fire)The conclusion of the game you will have to beat thefinal boss of the capital city with the technology thatyou have acquired throughout the duration of the entiregame.My Targets I will be responsible to research and design the two ofthe weapons using the software Adobe Photoshop. One ofthe two will be selected as a final design. I will keepthe design and theme of the city and incorporate it intoa character/weapon using 3D software Autodesk maya2011and Z brush and Marmoset Tool Bag. The skills I will be
  2. 2. looking to practice in this project is concept art,Modelling, UV skills, Texturing, lighting and posing ofthe model.Target audienceThe target audience for the game will be aimed at 15years upwards and also for both sexes because there willbe no real gore or violence within the destruction of thecharacters/weapons. Oil will replace of blood.Stylethe style of the game will have a dramatic, cool, steelfeel to it. Almost a black and white game with a bluetint colour on top and bold highlights. I will be lookingat games like final Fantasy, God of war, mass effect anddragon age along with films heavily revolved around sci-fi its self like star wars, real steal, Ai and I robotfor references on how it will be styled.End ProductAt the end of this project I will be looking to haveseveral designs of the characters. And one detailed modelof my chosen character posed. I will also looking to haveit well textured and also in lighting that will suit thecharacter. I will render in real time engine withmarmoset tool.