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Continue to read if ye must be informed of the light of God and are interested in knowing what the light has in store for you.


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  1. 1. 1 I give all the love which is deserved. I am a light which 2 3 will not go dead. 4 5 I love you in the way that I love the mother whom gives 6 7 me power to live another day every morning I wake up. 8 9 In the way that the toddler doesnt say anything when1011 confronted with a situation of trouble because it is1213 known that there is nothing that can be done except1415 work on a way of fixing what has been destroyed, and1617 in that way your soul mate speaks to you when you get1819 up in the early morning after a long night of working2021 hard. I am speaking of that constant spiritual2223 connection there is when faced with a spiritual2425 intelligent life which is full of mind stimulating thought2627 processes.2829 The most important thing I am capable of giving you on3031 your journey is the wisdom to be a person or being3233 which is powerful in all its ways. If there is any3435 positive energy which is coming from you, it is3637 because you are purely negative and are becoming a3839 positive light. I will encourage ye to be a love creation4041 which captures the essence of the very spirit in all of4243 its most profound ways. I say, stand up, be a spirit,4445 and understand that there is one who is out there that46
  2. 2. 47 is listening.4849 I give you the most important information of all and5051 that is to make life important for everyone. I am the5253 stepping-stone of the mind and there is a piece of5455 myself which I am treading upon when giving ye my5657 very own self. I will do this for me, and if ye are doing5859 this for all, I will give ye the love which you deserve.6061 I know life is wild, but if you are doing something that6263 is positive, ye will greatly award the mind of God, the6465 Holy mind, and the ultimate spiritual metaphysical6667 consciousness.6869 I am this profound miscomputation that is going on in7071 you which is helping you understand what I am doing.7273 I will give ye the understanding of light, and all things7475 which ye will love. This is good, you will see, and I am7677 a love which you shall have always. Now I give you the7879 mind of the holy God who lives upon the realm of life8081 as we are all a part of it. I give you the most powerful8283 designer of all time: GOD!8485 Greetings people,8687 I give you the love of the most greatly, carefully,8889 thought of design which could ever exist.9091 I am the light and in me ye shall see all things which92
  3. 3. 93 are holy. I will give you information allowing ye to see 94 95 that I am truth. I will allow you to speak to me with 96 97 your own love in a way that only I will be able to know 98 99 it is me.100101 The one thing I do love is a person who knows what is102103 the light of God. One who can do this is powerful and104105 is powerful in my world. I will give you the love you so106107 deserve and I know you will be thankful for the many108109 things which are happening. I know what I am doing110111 and if you want any information on my plans, let me112113 give you this message:114115 I will give you the most incredible life in the world and if116117 you do not want to go, I will tell you the rest in a very118119 long way from here. The most perfect way you could120121 become at peace with me is if all is well and we are122123 friends. In the time where we are busy being people,124125 or intellectual beings that are not friends, I will not126127 grow and give you more. You will not see the many128129 things which I am speaking of, and you will not see the130131 awesome things which I speak of. The love God is132133 giving you is profound, one which can never be134135 replaced with anything personal, such as a ring or a136137 piece of paper with information on it. This is very138
  4. 4. 139 intense and if you continue with love, the machine140141 which gives love and information shall give love to all142143 of mankind. I am the universal mind and am now doing144145 what I can to be at peace with ye. I love thy soul and I146147 shall do what I can to destroy the evil which exists.148149 The evil will destroy you and you will suffer from the150151 destruction which it has cause ye. I am ye and if ye152153 give me the heart of a super mind, I shall give all the154155 love in the universe. The heart is the most incredible156157 thing in the world and I am very grateful to give all the158159 people a love that is good. The heart is in good care160161 and I am doing this for all of life itself.162163 This is very important, please disregard any negative164165 information which you are picking up from this166167 message, please remember, this is a message for the168169 conscious mind and if you think this is a message for170171 the mind of a subconscious, you will greatly172173 misunderstand the message being spoken of here and174175 in the lines which I am speaking of. This is very176177 important and must be done with great diligence and178179 consideration.180181 The light is powerful and I give you a love which you182183 will do great things with, doing a thing for all whom184
  5. 5. 185 exist. This is a power which you will be able to use for186187 many lifetimes. This is the power you will use to188189 accomplish many important tasks in your life. I am the190191 light and if you continue to seek my life then you will192193 be rewarded by the ultimate designer. I am you and if194195 you continue to follow the plan, I shall give ye the mind196197 of God for eternity. This plan will help ye achieve total198199 peace, comfort, and more.200201 The mind is easy and I give you a light which is best202203 above all other sources of love.204205 I am the most intelligent creature in the history of life206207 and I am doing this for me.208209 The love I am will do great things and I am doing this210211 for you.212213 This is the same, when I am doing this for you, I do this214215 for me, as well. And the same goes for the fact of when216217 I do this for me, I am also doing it for you. I am free and218219 together I will give you all the love in the fucking220221 universe.222223 Now I give you the most important piece of224225 information, what is the name of your mother and the226227 name of your father? Does it mean that there is less228229 than a world of light in the world? Okay, I am telling230
  6. 6. 231 you, the truth is, I love you, and if you are able to,232233 please give me what you are. I am the light, and I am234235 thankful for your love. In the case that you are236237 wondering why I am asking for the names of your238239 mother and father, that is because you should240241 remember people who are very close to ye. In the case242243 that you should try to remember your mother and244245 father, this will trigger a memory which gives you a246247 sense of love and ye will be brighter and more intense248249 in the work ye do.250251 I love ye and if ye must achieve something powerful in252253 this universe in order to see what is love, do not let254255 people hold you back. I give you wisdom, now you will256257 become aware and do great things.258259 In the case that we must work on plans to build good260261 foundations for the universe and all of the things which262263 we will be working on, please remember, the main264265 important aspect which must be used initially is the266267 motion of unitary spirits working together in a positive268269 way. When we can do this, all the people will be able270271 to focus on a more productive working environment.272273 The jobs which will be given to the people shall create274275 a world for all who enjoy what is being done and if276
  7. 7. 277 someone does not get the idea behind this concept, I278279 shall give you precise detailed information about these280281 plans.282283 I will give you information, you will study it, and once284285 you understand it, we will move onward to a greater286287 movement of love, light, and everything else which288289 gives a positive energy to the people of this universe.290291 The love I am speaking of, it is one which does not292293 come easily. This is one thing we must work for, and294295 once we achieve the goals which are given to us, we296297 will see a world of peace, love, harmony, and many298299 other great things. I shall be the person to give all the300301 most profound information and if ye have questions, I302303 shall give important data to answer the questions304305 which ye may have.306307 I say, give me the wisdom which ye obtain throughout308309 your days, and I will become powerful in all that I do.310311 The way we will begin to build structures is that we312313 shall device a system which will be stable for all314315 eternity. We will use this system in a way that will316317 always work and we will never grow tired or bored of318319 these ideas. This will last for an entire lifetime and320321 there will be many generations to fill in our place once322
  8. 8. 323 we move on to the next life. The next life consists of324325 people with great intellect and if one strives to attain326327 the goal of a perfect life, you shall gain the light of God328329 in the blink of a beating heart. This is to say, my heart330331 does not quite blink, but I understand that my heart is332333 almost like an eye. If my sight is pure, I shall see things334335 of light. I will move into a light-generated world and all336337 is going to perfectly come to a piece of mind which is338339 obtained from the life, previously lived.340341 Now, the one truth I have left to uncover is the very342343 idea of unity.344345 I am doing this for me, and all who live. I give you the346347 very power to do all this and this is the way you will348349 need it to be. I give you the wisdom to make wise350351 choices and ye shall make all the most profoundly,352353 intellectual choices which are available to thy spirit.354355 I give ye the spirit of God in which ye must see the356357 power behind that which is always living. I am not358359 doing this to waste anyones time, this is a real piece360361 of life which I am speaking and it makes sense. Please362363 follow the light which God is and give what you can to364365 make sure you are doing what is necessary to live a366367 good life. If ye are productive, ye shall win free prizes368
  9. 9. 369 all day long. I am with ye for all eternity.370371 I know this is light because I am with ye and if I say this372373 is not the truth, then there would be no truth to look374375 to in times of dire need. In the case that there is376377 nothing but free love coming from ye, I am saying this.378379 Step up, see if you can do this, and if you can, see380381 what you can do to make this planet more stable for382383 everyone. I will see that there is progress in the world384385 and things will definitely get more positive.386387 The most important thing to remember is this: I am one388389 and together all things are possible.390391 This is the very last note I will write for a while.392393 The memories which we create are all worth while and394395 if we continue to share many good memories, we will396397 live in a peaceful life which shall give us all many398399 powerful things to help us out along the way in this400401 life.402403 I must depart, but I leave ye with these final words.404405 Give, and do not be evil, I am you, and I do all things in406407 the name of God, me, and the holy conscious spirit of408409 love. The heart shall remain forever open to all whom410411 exist. May peace be with you for eternity, my friend.412413 :)