Social Media Tips for International Education


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Learn how to get started with your social media presence!

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Social Media Tips for International Education

  1. 1. Social Media Tips forInternational Education A Quick & Easy Guide to Developing your Social Media Presence Fall 2012
  2. 2. Table of Contents The Importance of Content in Social Media 3 Managing Facebook: The Essentials 4 Managing Twitter: To Tweet or Not To Tweet 6 Glossary of Social Media Terms 8 Frequently Asked Questions 9With the expanding influence of social brand, increase your traffic, and growmedia in education and travel, todays your organization. GoSocial is a cost- GoSocial hasorganizations must master new effective, expertly managed solution several levels ofmarketing tools and strategies. They that assists international education service to fit themust consistently launch innovative and travel organizations in needs of yourand engaging content to keep todays maximizing the impact of social company. Eachsavvy world travelers engaged media, generating brand recognition, level includes optimization ofaround the clock, 24/7. This is a huge and increasing followers and potential your socialand often overwhelming challenge for participants. media channels,those unfamiliar with effective As an international education a dedicatedstrategies of social media integration. organization, GoSocial is committed communityGoSocial, the premiere social media to helping you realize the importance manager, andsolution service for international of basic social media channels, exclusive literature fromeducation and travel, powered by optimizing each platform, and, will promote your promoting your organization with an online presence.Let GoMedia Help You GoSocial 2
  3. 3. + The Importance of Content in Social Media Before we explore the best practices for managing understand who your audience is. It is important to your social media presence, it is important to fully remember that although you might target a certain understand the importance of content in social market with your traditional marketing efforts, your media. social media audience may not always fit into the same categories or demographics. The types of content your organization uses to promote your brand on social networking sites such Once you have an idea of who your audience is, as Facebook and Twitter directly affect the success of you can more effectively create and collect content your social media presence. Good content is for your social media channels that will encourage necessary in order to attract new fans, as well as engagement and interaction. More often that not, engage and retain your followers. your audience will be younger; therefore, the best content tends to be trending, relevant, and Engagement with your community through social oftentimes a bit edgy due to the fact that social media is what drives popularity on your pages. For media channels aren’t as conservative as some example, Facebook’s algorithms are set to show top types of traditional media. Conveniently, if you are posts in newsfeeds based on interaction. Facebook finding the most relevant content that your tracks what pages an individual interacts with audience is interested in, the SEO benefits will frequently, and then those pages become common in come naturally. their newsfeed, allowing for optimum interaction. Freshness of content also plays a role in the success of your organization’s social media presence. Google recently updated its ranking algorithm to provide more up-to-date results based on varying degrees of freshness. Content that is found to be relevant or “fresh” will post higher in Google search results, which will help market your organization more successfully. Optimizing your website for search engines is an effective way to market your Photo Courtesy of peteoshea on Flickr. organization; however, understanding the most effective way to use SEO to market your organization For more advice on content, see the content tips at through social media content can be invaluable. the end of each platform section. So how do you use social media content to take advantage of these benefits? First, use existing marketing data and your social media analytics toLet GoMedia Help You GoSocial 3
  4. 4. Photo courtesy of bengsoon on Flickr. + Managing Facebook: The Essentials At this point, Facebook is a necessity, so if academic journals, and more, all through you don’t have a business page, get one one interface. A simple Google search set up (or we can do it for you)! Once you will yield a variety of content sources have a page set up, it’s time to develop related to international experiences. This some skill sets to manage and monitor the will be a valuable resource for you when page in order to fully embrace its looking for content to post on Facebook. potential. Use a tool like Hyper Alerts to keep track Set up a Google Reader and add RSS of your Facebook activity. Hyper Alerts is feeds that are relevant to your an online application that will send you a organization. RSS Feeds pull information daily aggregate email of all your from various websites that are most often Facebook activity, including posts and in the form of a blog. By adding RSS feeds comments (Note that it doesn’t include to Google Reader, you can monitor “likes”). hundreds of blogs, news articles,Let GoMedia Help You GoSocial 4
  5. 5. Tips & Tricks • Allow posts by others and enable the messaging function on your page. • Add all links to your other social media channels on your “Info” tab or install apps. • Turn off all email notifications from Facebook so your inbox doesn’t get flooded with them. • Make sure everything is always up-to-date!Managing Facebook: The EssentialsConsistently monitor your Facebook helpful in understanding your those spaces with branded photos.Insights. Insights are Facebook’s audience and brainstorming content. Finally, your top applications, or theanalytics, which offer in depth “tabs” that appear alongside your Be creative with your profile picture,information about your page. This profile photo can also be customized cover photo, and top applications. Ithandy application tracks items such (aside from “Photos”). Choosing is important to make your Facebookas where your “likes” are coming what to feature here and what image Timeline appear professional. Yourfrom and the demographics of your to use is different for each profile picture andfans. Insights can even track cover photo representengagement on each and every post your brand; therefore,that you publish on your Facebook it is beneficial to fillPage. These analytics are extremely What type of content organization’s marketing initiatives 20% of the time, and post about should you post to things related to your organization’s Facebook? industry the other 80% of the time. Arguably the most important factor Examples of general content: when promoting your brand on • Articles and Blog Posts Facebook is choosing what type of • Open Questions content you should post. A rule of • Photo of the week feature thumb is to post about yourLet GoMedia Help You GoSocial 5
  6. 6. Photo courtesy of Shht! on Flickr. + Managing Twitter: To Tweet or Not to Tweet Once you are on Facebook, make sure advantage of Twitter features like you create a Twitter account next. As the ReTweeting, Mentions, Lists, Direct number 2 social network, it too is Messages, etc. essential. Here are some tips fro utilizing Connect your Twitter and Facebook Twitter. accounts. By connecting your accounts, Use a dashboard tool to help you manage you can choose to automatically have all your Twitter account. There is more to of your Facebook posts published on your Twitter then meets the eye, and the Twitter account. This is very convenient easiest way to keep track of it all is because you don’t have to worry about through a dashboard. A dashboard like posting content twice. Additionally, it HootSuite or TweetDeck is a tool that helps provide content for Twitter, which allows you to manage your Twitter requires more posting in a day than account through one comprehensive Facebook. interface. This way you can really takeLet GoMedia Help You GoSocial 6
  7. 7. Tips & Tricks • Follow those who ReTweet and mention you. They are your most engaged followers. • Engage in Twitter activities like #FollowFriday; it shows that you know what’s going on and can gain you followers in return! • Follow Twitter etiquette. Thank your followers for their engagement.Managing Twitter: To Tweet or Not to TweetUse lists to keep an eye on users put a “#” before a word or or Mention, or Direct Message them.competitors. Twitter allows you to phrase in order to tag their tweet. Maintain an organic following. Onceadd users to lists, which means you You can then search, by hashtag or you get a foundation of followers youcan track their tweets without keyword and find all of those tweets. will want to make sure that you takeactually “following” them. This is a An example might be to search for steps to ensure that they are realgreat way to watch what your #studyabroad. This functionality people who might engage with yourcompetitors are doing on Twitter helps you find users that might be brand. You can do this by using toolswithout publicly following them. interested in you. Engage your like TwitCleaner or JustUnfollow that audience by following them (inFind potential followers using help you identify and unfollow hopes that they follow you back),hashtags or keyword searches. A irrelevant or stagnant Twitter interact with them through a ReTweethashtag is a Twitter feature in which accounts. What type of content have conversations with people without pushing them to your should you post to Twitter? website. This way you can create Like Facebook, it is important to try relationships and gain truly engaged not to make all of your Twitter followers. content about your organization. You Examples of general content: should share interesting articles, • #FollowFriday tweets blogs, etc. that you think your • Fun Facts followers might like. You shouldLet GoMedia Help You GoSocial 7
  8. 8. Glossary of Social Media Terms Dashboard: A program or software that utilizes Hyper Alerts: An online service that provides multiple social media portals such as Facebook and email alerts for posts and comments on a Facebook Twitter on one platform, like TweetDeck and page. HootSuite. Insights: Facebook’s statistics/analytics for page Direct Message (DM): A Direct Message or DM is a administrators. message that you can send directly to another Twitter Top Applications (On Facebook): A page/tab on a user. This is the only type of private message you can Facebook Page that utilizes a third-party application send on Twitter. In order to DM someone, they must or Facebook application to provide content, links, be following you on Twitter. discussions, etc. FollowFriday Tweets: Every Friday, users ‘Like’ on Facebook: An application associated recommend people to follow who are interesting. with Facebook to create positive feedback to a Somewhere in the Tweet is “#FF” or page and allows a connection between pages to be “#FollowFriday.” made. Google Reader - Google Reader is an RSS reader Mention: A Twitter update that has a username in that allows you to aggregate various blogs and sites the body (@username). and collect updates to new content in one location. When you login the latest content from multiple blogs ReTweet (RT): When someone posts, or tweets a will be in one stream so you dont have to navigate to post another user posted (RT @username: Hello each site individually. world!). Hashtag: Twitter uses the number symbol (#) to tag RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication): A format for within tweets; this helps aggregate conversations for sharing regularly updated content on the web. You a topic. can subscribe to RSS feeds in applications like Google Reader. HootSuite - HootSuite is a social media management system that helps brands streamline campaigns SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Improving a across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, website’s visibility on the Internet through editing a LinkedIn, and Google+ Pages. Teams can pages content to be fresh and engaging, as well as collaboratively monitor, engage, and measure the other tactics. results of social campaigns from one secure, web- Twitter Lists: A list any user can create publically based dashboard. or privately. Lists generate streams that incorporate a specific group of Twitter users.Let GoMedia Help You GoSocial 9
  9. 9. Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I know when and how often topost to Facebook?Usually you want to pay attention to when you are gettingthe most engagement and post then. It is encouraged topost between 1 and 5 times a day, depending on howmany fans you have.Does Facebook really have rules aboutrunning contests and promotions?Yes! Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines do stipulate thatcontests must be run through Facebook Applications.Many companies overlook these guidelines and run therisk of having their page taken down by Facebook.How many people can I follow on Twitter?Twitter stipulates that every account can follow 2,000 userstotal. Once you’ve followed 2,000 users, there are limits to What packages does GoSocial offer forthe number of additional users you can follow. This social media management?number is different for each account and is based on yourratio of followers to following. This means that in order to GoSocial offers standard and comprehensive socialfollow more people you should make sure that you have media management packages, as well as add-ons andmore followers than you are following (a lower ratio). consulting. Currently, we offer management of the following channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,How often should I tweet? Flickr, Pinterest, Google+, and WordPress Blogs. To learn more about these packages and pricing, pleaseGenerally, Twitter requires more interaction than contact us, or visit might. It is recommended that you tweet today!between 5-20 times per day. GoMedia/GoSocial 324 E Oak Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524 Phone: 1-720-570-1702 x4024 Email: GoMedia.GoAbroad.comLet GoMedia Help You GoSocial 9