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Social Media 101 Session at TDU 2013
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Social Media 101 Session at TDU 2013


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This session was presented by Kayla Patterson & Daniel Bullins at TDU 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.

This session was presented by Kayla Patterson & Daniel Bullins at TDU 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Daniel start; we can each introduce ourselves/give a little background info
  • Daniel introduce main topics
  • Kayla:-Social Media is where your audience is; this is why it can be such a powerful marketing tactic-Read FB & Twitter statsOptional audience question: (show of hands) “Is anyone surprised by any of these numbers?”
  • Daniel
  • Daniel introduce first topic and subtopics
  • Kayla:-First subtopic – profile optimization is important because your FB page is an extension of your brand and online reputation-Your profile picture, cover photo, about box preview, and app thumbnails make up what we call the “above the fold” section of your FB page-All of these elements are extremely important as they are the first things a user, fan, or potential participant or client will see-Photos: should clearly represent your brand; include your logo; entertain the eye; follow FB guidelines-About box: should include a brief description and your URL!!-App thumbnails: can feature a variety of things; choose what is on top; customize your images and titlesDaniel:-As you can see…Terra Dotta has applied these suggestions…
  • Kayla:-Content Types: content in general is arguably the most important aspect of social media; without good content, fans are less likely to engage; and your community will not really benefit you-Photos & videos are huge! Facebook has recently announced a change in their newsfeed and EdgeRank algorithm that will place more value on photos and videos. During the announcement they stated, “90% of information is transmitted to the brain visually. Visuals are processed 60,000 times FASTER in the brain than text.”-Other valuable types of content include open questions, quotes, articles & blogs, and posts about upcoming events-80/20 rule: only 20% direct marketing!; think about what kind of content your audience is interested in or would “like” – pun intended!
  • Daniel:-Formatting posts: keeping in mind that visuals are becoming more and more vital, how you post information on FB can make a difference
  • Kayla: -Suggested quantity & timing of posts: play into edgerank; post when most people are online; keep timezones in mind (most people are on the East Coast; you can figure out times that work for both the US and the UK; OR you can target your posts by country)Daniel:
  • Kayla:-Now that you have info about how to optimize, what to post, and when to post – how do you find the time to implement it all?-Management tools are your best friend; explain hyperalerts & FB scheduler (why you should use FB scheduler over a 3rd party app)Daniel:-Another option is outsourced management…!?
  • Daniel introduce topic and subtopics
  • Kayla:-Like FB, your Twitter profile should be optimized too-images; description; URL
  • Kayla:-the search & list functions on Twitter are two of the reasons why this platform is more valuable than most realize-keyword search allows you to search hashtags, terms, phrases in all public tweets; start conversations; find influential users-Lists: public & private; allow you to follow without following; good uses: watch competitors, provide more resources for your followers, help yourself find good content***going to create a public list for TD and feature on slide****
  • Kayla:-overview of each type of tweet
  • Kayla-Twitter is more active than Facebook in some ways; my opinion that the avid twitter user is more dedicated and engaged, and oftentimes doesn’t use Facebook-will talk about a tool next that will help you figure optimal times; auto-scheduling is your friend!
  • Kayla-Brief overview of Hootsuite-TwitCleaner benefits-Tweriod – calculate those optimum times!
  • Kayla-Overview of resources
  • Daniel
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media 101TDU 2013
    • 2. Social Media 101Presented by:Daniel BullinsMarketing Assistant, Terra PattersonGoMedia Coordinator,
    • 3. Main TopicsWhy Social Media is a PriorityBest Practices for FacebookBest Practices for TwitterResourcesQuestions
    • 4. Why Social Media is a PrioritySocial Media is where your audience is!Over 1 billion users>80%of Americas topcolleges use social mediain their recruiting process23% of users login 5+times per dayOver 200 million activeusersOver 400 million tweetsdaily60% of brand followerswere likely to refer thebrand to a friend
    • 5. Terra Dotta chose to make social media apriority because…Why Social Media is a Priority– Technology Breathes Technology– It’s the latest marketing revolution
    • 6. Best Practices for FacebookProfile OptimizationContent TypesQuantity & Timing of PostsManagement Tools
    • 7. Best Practices for FacebookProfile Optimization– Profile & Cover Photo– About Box & AppThumbnails
    • 8. Best Practices for FacebookContent Types– Photos & Videos– Status text• Open Questions• Quotes– Articles & Blogs– EventsFormatting Posts
    • 9. Best Practices for FacebookQuantity & Timing of Posts– 2-4 Posts per day– Mealtimes– Time Zones
    • 10. Best Practices for FacebookManagement Tools– Hyper Alerts– Facebook Scheduler
    • 11. Best Practices for TwitterProfile OptimizationSearch & List FunctionsTypes of TweetsQuantity & Timing of TweetsManagement Tools
    • 12. Best Practices for TwitterProfile Optimization– Profile Photo,Background, HeaderPhoto– Description
    • 13. Best Practices for TwitterSearch & ListFunctions– Keyword searches– Public vs. PrivateLists
    • 14. Best Practices for TwitterTypes of Tweets– 140 characters– ReTweets– Mentions/Replies– #FollowFriday– Direct Messages
    • 15. Best Practices for TwitterQuantity & Timing of Tweets– Average per day: 22– Optimal Times– Auto-scheduling
    • 16. Best Practices for TwitterManagement Tools– HootSuite– TwitCleaner– Tweriod
    • 17. Resources• Social Media & InboundMarketing Blogs/Sites– Mashable– HubSpot– Social Media Examiner• GoMedia eBook• Reference Terra Dotta asan example
    • 18. Questions?