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Developing new value-added services in the navigation markets

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  1. 1. How does the Telco impact the client’s business model Pablo Contreras Global Business Development Executive Tel: +41 78 732 69 78
  2. 2. Telenor Group – in brief Revenues equaled EUR 12,3 billion in 2008 44.000 employees world wide Operations in 13 countries, 367 roaming networks in 192 countries 166 million subscribers worldwide Unitech wireless in India since 2009 Our vision: We are here to help Our values: Be respectful Make it easy Be inspiring Keep promises
  3. 3. Telenor Connexion – A telematics & M2M company – Since late 90’s, Global provider – Independent company within Telenor Group SIM cards and mobile network worldwide for – Specific M2M platform and roaming telematics & M2M: – Very large installed base, clients in 5 continents Automotive Intelligent transport PND Logistics Smart metering Security Asset management Point of Sales Health Care Environmental Care Energy
  4. 4. Telenor Connexion in the telematics / M2M chain SIMs that work in devices that work for businesses that work Run a business project (i.e. real time service, usage based billing, etc) Run an M2M project (remotely retrieve data and update contents) Contribute with Engineer your M2M device know how (modem, antenna, etc.) Through trusted partners and in-project participation Connect your devices Core competence (SIM cards and network) and service
  5. 5. How do clients buy telecoms for telematics & M2M? • Typical criteria when choosing a Telco – Pricing – Technical functionality • Less frequently – Vendor management – Business model No questions on critical topics Not the right questions on the traditional topics
  6. 6. How do clients look at pricing? The consumer mindset The M2M mindset Local Roaming Lifetime of the product Per minute Order to cash cycle In country coverage Per Mbyte Sales & distribution standardisation Maintenance cycle Activation & minimum duration Indexed to client’s business model Unexpected costs Cash flow / working capital issues Risks
  7. 7. How do clients look at technical functionality? The consumer mindset The M2M mindset Roaming behaviour Session length GPRS, SMS, CSD Supply chain Activation Support process Security Back up & restart Monitoring when roaming Temperature range Battery consumption …
  8. 8. What is really important for clients? How the Telco impacts • Does the same solution work in all countries? • Easy new market entry with a Global solution? Market reach • Smooth M&A? • Single and multi-operator coverage in and across countries? Reliability of • SIM resistance to environmental conditions? the client’s • Separation between M2M service and traditional voice service? end products Customer • Prevent / fix issues quickly through one stop support team service to the – Telco’s visibility on the roaming partners network client’s – Traceability at SIM level clients
  9. 9. What is really important for clients? How the Telco impacts • Can devices be manufactured centrally or off-shored and sent Low to any client in any country? manufacturing • Does the SIM card allow automation of manufacturing & costs assembly? • Customised business logic in the SIM? Differentiate • Customised SIM ordering process and logsitics? from competition • Independence from local operator network? Business • Can use and switch to any network without product recall? protection • Redundancy of M2M platforms?
  10. 10. What is really important for clients? How the Telco impacts • SIM number range? • Responsive SIM manufacturing and shipping logistics? Scalability • Big or variable order size? • Telco’s brand will be visible to the client’s end client – Artwork on the SIM Client’s brand – Customer service – Roaming network • Dedicated APN, VPNs, security rules for each client, etc. ? Prevent • SIM locking for specific device (IMEI)? Fraud
  11. 11. What is really important for clients? How the Telco impacts Correct • Can every single SIM/device be tested before delivery to end Delivery of user (without generating billable traffic) ? client’s products • What administrative and billing overhead will be generated? Efficient – Reconciliation of traffic and invoices supplier – Activation and de-activation of SIM cards management • SIM life cycle matching client’s product life cycle? Return on • Internal start up, operational and support costs usually much investment higher than the Telco’s bill
  12. 12. Conclusion The client’s dilema: It is very cheap but I can’t pay it It is very cheap but it doesn’t work SIMs that work in devices that work for businesses that work
  13. 13. Telenor Connexion – your global M2M connectivity partner