Tween group, llc presentation1 movie for mysoace


Published on is the ONLY SECURED online community designed and devoted to children ages 0 to 12 and their parents. Kids can go online and chat with their friends in complete safety. Features GoTween Commercial

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Tween group, llc presentation1 movie for mysoace

  1. 1. Tween Group, LLC   Bridget Gaines Creator and Inventor of Tween Group Empire [email_address] Phone: 248 633 3551   Go Global E .com at at at at at   W e H a n g O u t 2 . c o m Flickr at at LinkedIn at at at is socially conscious with profile listings on:
  2. 2. No child is left out! GoTween's mission is to provide children across the world a safe and secure online community for them to express themselves. By getting involved in a child’s life, we can control our future. Mascot features include: Mission Statement Theme music “Everybody Go To GoTween” produced by Grammy-Award-Winning Musical Producers Kern and Valdez Brantley along with Scott Tibbs. Built in Stereo System, GoTween logo on Mascot shoes. lettering on Mascot is Braille. Allows us to triple brand out logo and theme. GoTween is G iving O thers T he W ill E ncouragement E veryone N eeds!
  3. 3. Tween Group, LLC Phone: 248-633-3551 Carrie Gaines C.E.O Bridget Gaines President Owner and Inventor of Companies and Products (Hosting Provider) (Auction Website) Development and Investment Group Tween Baby Products M.O.M Alert will be available for purchase on and (Hosting Provider) (Outsourced to HostGator) (Auction Website) Development and Investments Talking Safety Baby Bibs speak in English, Spanish and Chinese. Available on and offers $25 which can be applied to HostGator for 3 months free hosting service. $1 applied to major to credit card. offers $25 which can be applied to to open a GoGlobalE Store. $1 applied to major credit card. HostGator provided hosting for and invests in the GoTween Academy and will develop real estate in underdeveloped areas All of my business entities intertwine with M.O.M. Alert available in United States, United Kingdom and European electrical outlets Tween Baby Products (Educational Children’s Products) Baby Bottles & Pacifiers that sing the ABC’s and numbers in different languages. Talking crayons that sing colors in different languages while the child colors. Create 5 Billion in Revenue Annually Bridget Gaines, President of Tween Group, LLC created, the only secure online community in the world devoted and designed to appeal to kids 12 and under along with their parents. Your child can go online in complete safety to chat with friends, play games, get 24 hour homework help, win incredible prizes, a day in studio with a musical producer, artist & receive musical instrument, car, home & self make over contests, learn languages and just be him or herself. We record all events for commercial usage keeping us successful. All of my business entities intertwine with
  4. 4. One Line Pitch is the FIRST & ONLY SECURE online community designed and devoted to appeal to children ages 0 to 12; kids can chat with their friends safely! Summarization of business. As an Entrepreneur and inventor I have covered education, online security issues, contests, games; I'm introducing new inventors, products, creating jobs and new businesses. Acknowledged the visually and hearing impaired children, the learning disabled, included the incarcerated population, and procured manufacturing. I have acquired over 32 #1 Great Reputable organizations all over the world to support and promote along with me!!!! What specifically makes your management team most qualified to build this business? Bridget assembled the most highly qualified individuals that I trust and have been working we me to bring GoTween to it’s full manifestation. (Ran out of funds. Entire team is on stand by) Once funds are received, my team will meet in Detroit, Michigan to commence all operations. Browser R Web - Mark Burke Amera Film and Video- Tony Gorkiewicz & Robert Strikes OmniSource Marketing -Mickey Clark & Josh Smart Majorway LTD (Hong Kong)- Raymond C.E.O. Sun Fat Holdings (Hong Kong)- Ben Tse HostGator -Brent Oxley Lamar Outdoor Advertising-Representative School Tools 101 - Michelle C.E.O and Nancy One Band Global - Kern & Valdez Brantley Oogles-n-Googles -Kevin Mendell N2U Salon -Jaiandrea Clark ADP - Nick Gittins IDENT-A-KID- Representative American Hospital Assoc.- Representative Connections for Deaf Citizens -Tracee Miree Marks Comcast Michigan Representative Michelle Tim Define customer problem. Media reports daily kids are raped, kidnapped, murdered and preyed upon while online by Child Molesters, REGISTERED Pedophiles & Abductors. 90,000 Registered pedophiles pulled from MySpace, Internet Task Force call GoTween ingenious for security measurements Describe the solution you sell. I've addressed a MAJOR online security issue that's been unresolved! $5 one time Membership Sign Up fee allows us to screen for pedophiles through Family Watchdog, perform criminal background checks (list working phone number) and we are monitored by Safe Surf ,Get Net Wise and Internet Task Force. Users who violate GoTween's rules and regulations; We will provide authorities with exact documentation. You cant hide behind your IP address anymore!!
  5. 5. Bridget Gaines was featured on cover of Southfield Sun with C.E.O. Carrie Gaines. Southfield Sun (MI) Southfield resident develops safe Web site for kids JENNIE MILLER C & G Staff Writer  Published: April 6, 2010 SOUTHFIELD - With horror stories popping up in the news about children being preyed upon through social networking sites, Southfield resident and entrepreneur Bridget Gaines thought she had a better idea. A safer idea. She started GoTween .com, a Web site devoted entirely to kids, and most importantly, she said, completely safe for its users. "I'd heard about a 10-year-old who went on MySpace, posted a profile, met an individual and lost her life," Gaines said. "I couldn't believe something like that had taken place. (I read that) MySpace had pulled more than 90, 000 registered pedophiles (from its site). … I couldn't understand how a 10-year-old was even able to post a profile. It's a shame we're letting a service like an online community go to waste like that." She designed her Web site a little differently, with a focus on safety. "We're going to control the individuals and know who is coming in to GoTween .com. It's the MySpace and Facebook gone wild for kids." Children who wish to sign up for the site can only do so with the help of a parent or guardian. Membership costs $5 and must be paid via a major credit card, which is then submitted to Family Watchdog for a background check. The site is constantly monitored by Surf Safe and GetNet-Wise. "We can red-flag you for bullying, sexual content or cussing," Gaines said. "This isn't just a place where kids can get online, post a profile, go into the chat rooms and play games." The site contains contests like video submissions with prizes and scholarship money. There is 24-hour homework help available, as well as a multicultural exchange program. "I wanted to set a whole new standard online and give kids the proper place to be online," Gaines said. "Children should not be on MySpace. And when a child is online, the parents should know. It should be monitored; it should be safe; and it should involve both the family and the child. … It's educational, informational, and it's safe." Sarah Hendrick, 25, of Southfield, heard about GoTween .com and signed up her nephew, James Primus, 4. "He's learning how to use the computer and navigate the Web site," Hendrick said. "He's trying - the mouse is the hardest thing for him to do. But everything is interactive - you can click on anything. It's great for his motor skills. And he's working on his shapes and colors. … I didn't mind paying the $5, and my information went to Watchdog and it went through all these people that are checking to make sure that there are no bad people or people that don't need to be on there." Hendrick said she will encourage her cousins' children to sign up for the site, too. "It's really cool that it's for kids and they can learn and grow, and there's so many giveaways and great people involved, like Habitat for Humanity," she said. The site also supports local organizations, such as the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, The Ludacris Foundation, Amber Alert, PTA, D. A. R. E. and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Ralph Armour signed up his children, Ralph, 11, and Ryann, 6, for the Web site. He and his son are embarking on a video project to enter in a contest for the NBA All-Star Game. "Ryann likes the games, and Ralph goes on there a lot for the homework, and the games and the contests we're going to enter," Armour said. "I think it's a great Web site, and I like the fact that it's safe for kids." For more information about GoTween .com, visit the Web site or call (248) 808-2587. Caption: Photo by Edward Osinski Bridget Gaines of Southfield shows off her Web site, www. GoTween .com, that was inspired by her mother, Carrie Gaines, of Detroit.
  6. 6. Bridget Gaines was featured on cover of the Oakland Press. BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: offers safe Internet site for children Published: Wednesday, March 15, 2010, a Web site designed to appeal to kids 12 and under along with their parents, is now up and running. The site is the latest brainchild from Southfield inventor and youth advocate Bridget Gaines. Applicants go through a background check performed by Family Watchdog to screen out potential predators. The site also is monitored by Surf Safe and GetNetWise. “Tweens have unlimited creativity and I want them to be able to express that on . One day, they can post their homemade videos and possibly win a prize for having them be ‘most-viewed.’ “The next day, they can get help with their math homework,” Gaines said. Tween Group, LLC developed and is located in Southfield. It supports numerous charitable organizations — including the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Habitat for Humanity, The Ludacris Foundation, Amber Alert, PTA, D.A.R.E. and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Tween Group also assists entrepreneurs in taking their innovative ideas to market and guiding them through corporate setup, manufacturing and Web site services. For more information about or Tween Group, call (248) 633-3551. - From staff reports allows children to go online safely to chat with friends, play games, get help with homework, win incredible prizes, learn languages, etc. “For me, is all about safety, learning and fun,” said Gaines, president of Tween Group in Southfield. “It’s also about parents getting into and involved with their children.” For a one-time fee of $5, parents can sign their children up to and get full access to games, contests and video-making opportunities.
  7. 7. Define your market. An estimated 4,245,672 babies were born in the U.S. in 2009. This is my clientele; to insure my success, here's a few of the 32 reputable organizations that deliver GoTween information to their clients daily. All organizations will feature on their websites. American Hospital Association - 4 million Ident- A-Kid -7 million Boy Scouts of America - 1.4 million youth members PTA -6.5 million Children Forum (Blind children & families) - 40 million Prison Population - 200 million Nannies (registered profilers) worldwide - 100 million Family Watchdog - 276,000 List your current or potential customers. MySpace signed up 11million & Facebook has 20 million children users. These users profiled with no incentives - but its popular. GoTween is age appropriate, offers contests, 24 hour home work help and were Secure!!!! Sales and marketing strategy. We record all events and contest winners for commercial usage showing our users that we deliver; keeping us successful. I have contacted department of Human Resources, Child Welfare Organizations, Prisons, Children Community Centers, schools for the visually and hearing impaired that I personally will make guest appearance with GoTween Mascot; giving away GoTween merchandise, drums sets, Guitar Hero games and a special guest artist Describe your business model. $5 one time membership fee allows user and family access to a secure online community that offers 24 hr home work help, scholarships & learn different languages Spanish, French and Chinese. 685 million users receive my information Describe the competitive landscape and list your competitors. has no comparable first of all! Why would you not sign your child up to with our security measurements & our wonderful benefits. MySpace & Facebook will adapt our security measures; they're tired of receiving media scrutiny for their lack of accountability. GoTween is grooming & educating parent & child in many cases first time users. When they do profile on MySpace & Facebook they'll appreciate and respect online usage. Define your competitive advantage and list barriers to entry. I'm an Inventor. I can introduce my products like Talking Baby Bibs Promoting Safety, Pacifiers & Bottles singing ABC and 1,2,3, which are supported by Karmanos directly to my intended customer through
  8. 8. My strategy to ensure GoTween and Investor success. I aligned myself with the # 1 leading child and parent based organizations globally. I explained to them the entire concept and benefits of, they all replied GoTween was created especially for their clientele, it was a perfect fit. Their clients would benefit from a program such as, assuring approximately 685 million parents will receive information everyday! Multiplied $5.00 = two billion four hundred twenty-five million  Revenue does not reflect the Millions of users we will reach daily by; GoTween commercials aired daily reaching millions of homes $ Internet campaign – Blog, online social networking, Twitter $ Billboard Advertising GoTween with Lamar $ Radio Advertising globally $ Media Print - We will be featured in magazines, Talk Shows, personal appearances $ Companies wanting to advertise their banners on $ Bridget’s Inventions: Talking Baby Bibs promoting safety in 3 languages English Spanish & Chinese, Educational Baby Bottles, Downloadable Bobble Heads, “No ID”- Photo Id with Thumb recognition & M.O.M. Alert’s (Motion Outlet Monitor). The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute supports my products. $250K allows the full manifestation of, thus allowing me to complete all upgrades which appear in business plan. This is a NO risk investment! “Lets Go”!!
  9. 9. Member Benefits <ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><li>24 Hour Home Work Help </li></ul><ul><li>Scholarship Funds Available $50,000 </li></ul><ul><li>- Learn to Spanish, Chinese, French, Dutch, German and Portuguese. All Syllabus' Updated Monthly </li></ul><ul><li>- Educational Games - For the Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired and Developmentally Disabled </li></ul><ul><li> One-of-a-Kind Programs & Contests Caters to the Entire Family!   </li></ul>GoTween parents have ability to sign up 5 children per email address, they love this feature! Displays banner of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on GoTween!
  10. 10. - Building Dreams Globally - Home Makeover Contest Courtesy of Kern and Valdez Brantley. Working with local businesses to assist in home makeovers. - GoTween Funniest Video Contest - Courtesy of GoTween and Disney World - Website Design and Development Contest - Courtesy of Mark Bowser - Win a Trip to the NBA All Star Game - Courtesy of Complete Financial Services P.C. Brian Freeman - Four Families in the Final Four - Win a trip to the 2011 NCAA Final Four. Winners are picked accordingly by the Final Four teams! The winning family wins a car and $25,000 cash! Sponsored by Hostgator. - Win a Day in the Studio and Musical Instrument - Courtesy of Kern Brantley - Kern and Valdez Brantley - Announce Touring Opportunities - Win Musical Instruments for you/school/organization - Courtesy of Kern Brantley - GoTween Million Dollar “TweenVention” Contest - Courtesy of Bridget Gaines - Win a Mascot for your business/organization - Courtesy of GoTween’s own Mickey Clark - School Tools 101 Embrace the Can Do Attitude - 3 Day Free Workshop with Nancy and Michelle. - Win a Themed Birthday Party - Courtesy of Ooggles-n-Googles. - Want to be on TV?! - Win a chance to star in a GoTween Commercial. - Win a Commercial for your Business/Organization - Courtesy of Amera Film and Video Productions. - Car Makeover Contest - We choose the best collision shop in members state boosting local economy and providing free advertisement. - Myglobalcredit Free 120 - Win a Business Incorporation Package offering complete business Structure. - Perfect 10 - Personal makeover for you and 9 others Courtesy of Jaiandre (Jai) Clark, owner of N2U Salon.    Features 17 One-Of-A-Kind Exclusive Contests for its Members No Comparable Contests in the World Making GoTween #1 !!
  11. 11. “ GoTween Certified Nannies, Baby Sitters and Day Care Centers” © : GoTween is launching “GoTween Certified Nannies, Baby Sitters and Day Care Centers“ © program as a platform for Nannies and Baby Sitters around the world to post a profile listing their credentials to gain employment by a parent. Parents have access to a database of certified nannies or sitters in every state, which is incredibly convenient because millions of families are relocating for better jobs, vacationing at Disney World in Florida or shopping in Paris. All nannies and sitters must pass criminal background check, pedophile screening and receive business entity setup provided by before they will be granted their GoTween membership. GoTween will offer insurance coverage from the # 1 leading health insurance provider to all GoTween Certified Nannies and Baby Sitters. Our caregivers play a major part in our economy so we must keep them healthy. No Comparable Programs In the World Making GoTween #1 !! GoTween is Introducing 6 Exclusive First of Their Kind Programs “ Parent and Child Express Achievements” © : Included the incarcerated population with Prison Programs “Parent and Child Express Achievements” ©. Inmates will never miss a graduation, birthday or Karate lesson keeping families connected, thus giving them an outlet to grow with their children. GoTween is integrating programs into the US Penal System that will bridge the gaps between inmates and their families and also give inmates incentive to achieve good behavior because they will be able to contact their families via Membership fee $1 vs. $5 regular membership fee. “ Inmates Give Back Learned Lessons” © : Prison Officials will provide video messages of inmates sharing true and life altering experiences impacting youth, driving them to make better life decisions . “ Play Along With Kern Brantley” © : Learn how to play the hottest artist's music from Lady GaGa, Ne-Yo to Young Jeezy with tutorials from Grammy-Award-Winning Musical Director Kern Brantley. Kern Brantley is currently Lady GaGa's Musical Director! “ GoTween New Mommies” © : is integrating GoTween New Mommies © program into hospitals nationwide. We will provide every hospital with the M.O.M. Alert (Motion Outlet Monitor), Talking Baby Bibs, Talking Baby Bottles, pacifiers, GoTween wash cloths, cribs, changing tables, dressers, etc to give to new mothers! Membership fee for new mommies is $1.00 vs. $5.00 regular membership fee. “ I'm Glad to Be Me” © : Its commonplace that people wish to just be someone else. GoTween encourages self esteem and for children to love themselves. Through program, we will provide Members a GoTween Care Package including lap tops, cameras, book bags, school supplies etc.
  12. 13. PSA’S for the following foundations are featured on GoTween’s Great Foundations Page.   Supports!!   Go Global E . com . One Band Global Inc Kern Brantley . Groundwork Entertainment Inc. C.E.O. GQ
  13. 14. Bridget Gaines is also an Inventor which makes her a double asset to our economy. Her ability to create and produce never before seen products that are safety and child related to the market is amazing. As an Inventor, I love the TweenVention Contest because its a great way to introduce new inventors, products, jobs and create solid businesses helping stimulate our economy. Bridget Gaines: Entrepreneur and Inventor Bridget invented M.O.M Alert (Motion Outlet Monitor). Only outlet protector that give verbal warning. Release date second quarter 2010. Bridget invented the only Talking Baby Bibs Promoting Safety, available in English, Chinese and Spanish. Release date second quarter 2010. W e H a n g O u t 2 . c o m Bridget invented, the only secure online community devoted to children ages 0 to 12. Bridget invented No ID with Thumb Recognition. A child will receive “No ID” blank, once activated only by child's thumb print; it will show child's information and photo for 5 minutes before again going blank. Product under development, release date 2011.
  14. 15. Bridget Gaines: Entrepreneur and Inventor Bridget invented Educational Talking Baby Bottles/Pacifiers that sing ABC's and numbers in English, Spanish and Chinese. Bridget invented Talking Crayons that speak C O L O R S in English, Spanish and Chinese. Release date for both products is 2011. Bridget invented Talking Bobble Heads. GoTween Bobble Heads sing GoTween theme music “Everybody Go To GoTween”.   Every Product and Entity Created Is The Very First Of It’s Kind! That’s Genius!   Go Global E .com . Bridget invented, auction website that uses recorded videos to sell your products. Bridget invented, website hosting provider.
  15. 19. 1. I will significantly contribute to the well being and education of children everywhere that I may be blessed to receive the Children’s Nobel Prize. It is truly an honor advocating for children.   2. Produce home shopping network entitled “Home Shopping for New Inventions”. I have spoken with Tony. Release date 2011. What sets my network apart from QVC and HSN is that I showcase new and innovative products such as M.O.M Alerts (Motion Outlet Monitor), Talking Baby Bibs promoting safety in 3 languages and Say It Talking Magnets. I will not sell the same repetitive items. All inventors featured on my network will be exclusively from the “TweenVention” contest. I want people to sell great products as well as provide a platform for the inventors to explain how GoTween guides you through the entire process of becoming a successful business from incorporating, websites to manufacturing and how the “TweenVention” contest brought your product to market.   3. Meet President Obama in 2010. Tell him I knew I would make 5 billion in revenue and create millions of new jobs and products. My mission is to poor my wealth back into our economy. We all have a responsibility, I know mine. 4. Due to’s success being recorded and aired in commercials throughout 2010, the next step is to take GoTween contests into TV Productions. A. Perfect 10 Makeover release 2010 second quarter. Discussed with Tony. **I chose the Perfect 10 Contest because there is no other contest in the world where having a child will result n you and 9 of your choice receiving a complete makes over, day in the spa and dinner. We are about empowering children. A parent will realize through my child, all of our dreams can come true. I know this show will be comical and appealing to many audiences due to its uniqueness. B. Home Make over projected 2011. C. Car Make over projected 2011. D. Win a Day in the Studio projected 2011.   5. release date 2010. WeHangOut is an online community for children ages 13 to 17. Purchased domain name, using same software to duplicate features of with age appropriate games and contests. Mark Burke will complete project.   The Goals of Bridget Gaines ; 5 Year Plan
  16. 20. 6. I have discussed with Mickey from OmniSource Marketing to create a GoTween cartoon 2010 – 2011.   7. Hold annual Poker Tournament in Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino, prize 250K, Portion of proceeds go to Dialysis in honor of my mother Carrie Gaines. Inviting 50,000 Parents to participate. Release 2012.   8. Tony and I have discussed creating a GoTween children's educational T.V. program based on foundations such as D.A.R.E, PTA and with such topics of “talking with your kids about sex”. GoTween Mascot will visit and record appearance for show. Productions by Amera Film & Video Productions. Release date 2012 - 2013.   9. Write book entitled “Bridget The Almighty” on building a successful empire teaching the mechanics of how to acquire other organizations and businesses that share your purpose, while heightening their already successful track record. Release date 2013.   10. Purchase Bank 2013 – 2014.   11. GoTween Academy target date 2015. Kern Brantley and I want to combined our passions and create the GoTween Academy with a curriculum that will encompass the musical arts and entrepreneurialism. This school is in honor of Morgana, Ruben and Carrie, our parents.   12. Produce a movie of my life. Entitled Bridget The Almighty” I will document how I built a billion dollar empire to show it can be done. I feel that if one can view a reality T.V. program about cops, married women or those seeking marriage, one should also have access to a positive reality television program explaining the mechanics of building a corporation and educating others in creating wealth. Filming starts 2010. The Goals of Bridget Gaines ; 5 Year Plan Continued..