7 Benefits of Using Presenter Video in Webinars


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If you're looking for a way to make your online presentations more personal, more engaging and more human, high definition video conferencing is the way to do it. In this paper from virtual presentation expert, Roger Courville, learn the top 7 benefits of using presenter video in your next webinar. Aside from being a great way to cut back on travel costs, video is engaging and helps your audience understand your message better.

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7 Benefits of Using Presenter Video in Webinars

  1. 1. 7 Benefits of Using Presenter Video in Webinars A 1080 Group, LLC brief | Prepared for Citrix GoToWebinar Marketers’ confidence in webinars is second only to in-person tradeshows1 , and with good reason: unlike on-demand content, webinars enable live, real time person-to-person communication. So how might you make a good thing even better? High-definition video. The benefits of using video in a webinar are numerous, some of which may even surprise you.Top 5 business benefits of 1. Presence: Seeing a presenter improves the sense of “being there” for the webinar attendee,presenter video: and it’s useful for improving their desire to pay attention and participate. Beware, however, of ✦ Show something that is not low quality video that may have the unintended consequence of becoming distracting. easily shown from a 2. Lip reading/facial expression interpretation: Watching a speaker’s facial movements can computer screen. dramatically enhance our ability to understand words, especially in noisy environments2 . This ✦ Eliminate or cut travel costs. may also benefit audience members whose native language is different than the presenter’s. ✦ Be more environmentally- friendly. 3. Interpretation of pauses: Use of pauses has long been a strategic weapon for presenters. ✦ Reach more people in an As one study found, video helped audience members interpret such pauses3 . easy and meaningful way. ✦ Make better use of time. 4. Personalization of experts and executives: Hearing a luminary say something in their own words is one thing, seeing them is even better for engendering trust in your webinar’sBoost Your Image: message.Master the Three Stages ofVideo Conferencing Success 5. Gestures benefit the presenter’s memory: It is generally assumed that appropriate1080 Group, LLC gestures assist audience engagement, but at least one study suggests that gestures also assist speakers in some instances4 . 1 B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets, & Trends, Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs 2Ma WJ, Zhou X, Ross LA, Foxe JJ, Parra LC (2009) Lip-Reading Aids Word Recognition Most in Moderate Noise: A Bayesian Explanation Using High-Dimensional Feature Space. PLoS ONE 4(3): e4638. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004638 3John C. Tang and Ellen Isaacs, “Why Do Users Like Video? Studies of Multimedia-Supported Collaboration,” Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work 1, no. 3 (1993): 163-96, www.izix.com/pubs/Tang-WhyLikeVideo.pdf. 4Ezequiel Morsella and Robert M. Krauss, “The Role of Gestures in Spatial Working Memory and Speech,” The American Journal of Psychology 117, no. 3 (2004): 411-24, http://www.jstor.org/stable/4149008.
  2. 2. 6. “On-stage” interaction: Viewing presenters interacting with each other enhances thehuman-interest factor (much like contemporary newscasters who speak to each otherbetween news stories).7. Physically demonstrate: Sometimes you just need to see something to understand it. Withvideo in webinars, presenters can demonstrate physically what they are describing verbally tohelp audiences understand quicker.Tips for Helping Presenters Succeed with Video✦ Practice in the actual webinar “room”✦ Ensure their lighting doesn’t create odd shadows or washouts✦ Eliminate things behind them that might distract the audience✦ Coach them to keep their gestures inside the webcam’s field of vision✦ Coach them to make eye contact with the webcam for key points ♦♦♦About 1080 Group, LLC1080 Group, LLC is a training and research firm that helps organizations design and deliver interactivewebinar, webcast, and virtual classroom programs. The collective team experience includes hundreds ofclients, thousands of web seminars, and more than a million web seminar attendees. Contact 1080 Groupat info@1080group.com, +1.503.476.1080, or www.twitter.com/1080Group. Roger Courville’s blog,curriculum vitae, et al can be found at www.thevirtualpresenter.com. Subscribe to 1080 Group’snewsletter and get a free bullets-to-visuals tutorial here: http://bit.ly/cyKZUJ.About GoToWebinarWebinars Made Easy.Citrix GoToWebinar is the easiest-to-use do-it-yourself event tool that projects your message to up to1,000 online attendees. With GoToWebinar, you can reduce travel costs, generate more qualified leads ata lower cost and enhance communication with customers, prospects and employees. Host unlimitedwebinars for one low flat fee and give attendees the option to join from a Mac, PC or mobiledevice. GoToWebinar Premier Event is also available to provide custom-built solutions for thousands ofattendees and available with video streaming. To learn more, visit www.gotowebinar.com.