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10 Things You Should Do To Make Online Trainings Better


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Cindy Huggett is a virtual training expert, and in this brief she outlines 10 basic tips for designing and delivering effective online training sessions. Based on two white papers she's written on this topic, this brief is an overview of Cindy's recommendations for online training techniques.

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10 Things You Should Do To Make Online Trainings Better

  1. 1. 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO TOMAKE YOUR ONLINE TRAINING BETTER by Cindy Huggett, CPLP Virtual training can be an effective way to learn, if you have both an interactive design and an effective facilitator. Use these 10 design and delivery techniques to guide you to online training success. Interactive Design: 1. Determine what you are designing for. Decide on your end goal and then choose the best way to achieve it using the virtual classroom. 2. Interact from the start. Engage participants from the moment they register for your class, by asking questions on the registration form. 3. Select activities for maximum involvement. Keep the momentum going with participant interaction every few minutes. 4. Create materials for facilitators and participants. Set everyone up for success by creating useful guides and distribute them before the training starts. 5. Use each session as a design review. Continually improve your design by gathering feedback and applying it. Effective Delivery: 6. Prepare relentlessly. Add technical setup and backup plans to your standard presentation preparation. 7. Engage an unseen audience. Use interactive facilitation techniques like polls, chat, and video to engage with remote participants. 8. Multi-task effectively. Juggle tasks through advance preparation, sufficient practice, and skilled proficiency. You may even enlist the help of a backend assistant. 9. Make the most of your voice. Keep attention by using a clear, energetic voice. 10. Handle unexpected challenges. Care for any unforeseen issues while remaining calm and instructing the audience how to proceed.To learn more about taking training online or to start a free 30-day trial of GoToTraining, visit www.gototraining.com.© Cindy Huggett, 2013 All Rights Reserved www.cindyhuggett.com