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Three Elements Every Business Continuity Plan Must Have


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Learn the three technologies needed to keep your business running and productive when weather or misfortune strikes.

Learn the three technologies needed to keep your business running and productive when weather or misfortune strikes.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Business Continuity Plan Solutions BriefRain, snowor shine: 3elementsevery businesscontinuity planmust haveLearn the 3 technologies neededto keep your business runningand productive when weather ormisfortune
  • 2. Business Continuity Plan Solutions Brief 2Business continuity plans must include:1. Secure remote access to applications and data2. Redundancy of key systems and/or datacenters3. Remote support and monitoring capabilityConnected IT managers and employees make for a productive business, even ifno one is in the office. So how do you keep your staff connected when they can’tmake it in?Remote access, online collaboration and remote support are critical for keepingworkers productive when weather or misfortune intervenes. Whether it’s anunexpected illness, an extended business trip or just a costly commute, there aretimes when an employee isn’t able to make it to the office, so you must have atechnical solution ready.This best practices brief reveals the 3 essential elements of every businesscontinuity plan, according to Bob O’Donnell, an analyst with IDC. This brief alsoexplores how Citrix GoTo products help solve these technology needs by ensuringthat work and productivity continue for mobile and distributed employees —whether intentionally remote or not.1. Secure remote access to applications and data GoToMyPC gives consumers and corporate employees the ability to remotely access and work on their computers from any web browser. This easy and secure service works on PCs and Mac computers, through firewalls and without the need for pre-installed client software. Source: Business Continuity Planning: Preparing Your Workforce to Weather the Storm Bob O’Donnell, IDC – December 2011GoToMyPC allows employees to work on Macs or PCs from any Internet-connectedcomputer in the
  • 3. Business Continuity Plan Solutions Brief 3Stuck in traffic? Connect on the go with the GoToMyPC apps for iOS and Android devices.2. Redundancy of key systems and/or datacenters Citrix has a robust, global and redundant service infrastructure that’s set up with full disaster recovery sites. Our technology was built with reliability at its core so companies can count on it regardless of the situation. Whether the emergency be a natural disaster or a sick child at home, Citrix GoTo cloud services will be available and ready whenever you need them.This fact sheet details redundancy, capacity, bandwidth and disaster recoverysystems that are built into the company’s robust global infrastructure. Support3. Remote support and monitoring capability with Citrix GoToAssist enables individuals and organizations to provide secure technical technology: assistance to customers and employees online and to remotely monitor and • Enables remote work control their IT infrastructure. and IT monitoring • Increases employee productivity by 27% • Reduces employee attrition by 25% • Decreases commuting time and costs • Increases employee engagement by 55%Server Health Monitoring: Gain real-time visibility into the availability, performance and configuration of yourWindows and Linux servers. Track and trend key metrics like CPU, load averages, memory and disk
  • 4. Business Continuity Plan Solutions Brief 4Inventory Management: Quickly discover all of your devices (PCs, Macs, network equipment, etc.). GoToAssistMonitoring helps you stay up-to-date with an accurate inventory of your hardware and software. Get richdetails on the configuration of each device and audit software, too. Gain actionable insights to bring systemsinto compliance.The GoToAssist app for iPad allows you to remotely support employees without being tethered to your office orhome computer.The complete technology package for business continuityCitrix GoTo cloud-based solutions make it easy for IT professionals to maintainwork-life balance and support employees — anytime, anywhere. In addition toGoToMyPC and GoToAssist, Citrix offers a suite of collaboration solutions.GoToMeeting is the extremely simple, extraordinarily powerful web conferencingservice from Citrix. Hold unlimited online meetings in HD for one low flat fee.GoToWebinar is the do-it-yourself webinar tool that projects your message to upto 1,000 online attendees for one low flat fee. You can also reach thousands ofattendees with GoToWebinar Premier Event.GoToTraining is the easy-to-use online training service that allows you to moveyour live instructor-led training programs online. Hold unlimited online trainingsessions with up to 200 attendees for one low flat fee.For more information about Citrix GoTo cloud services, pleasevisit
  • 5. Business Continuity Plan Solutions Brief 5 Resources for achieving business agility For more white papers, case studies and on-demand webinars, visit For best practices, company announcements and research about modern work styles, please visit the GoTo Blog at North America Europe, Middle East & Africa Asia Pacific Citrix Online, LLC Citrix Online, UK Ltd Citrix Online, AUS Pty Ltd 7414 Hollister Avenue Chalfont Park House Level 3, 1 Julius Avenue Goleta, CA 93117 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross Riverside Corporate Park U.S.A. Bucks SL9 0DZ North Ryde NSW 2113 T +1 805 690 6400 United Kingdom Australia T +44 (0) 800 011 2120 T +61 2 8870 0870 About Citrix Citrix Systems, Inc. is transforming how people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in the cloud era. Its portfolio of GoTo cloud services enable people to work from anywhere with anyone by providing simple-to-use cloud-based collaboration, remote access and IT support solutions for every type of business. Learn more at and © 2012 Citrix Online, LLC. All rights reserved. Citrix, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, Podio and ShareFile are trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc., or a subsidiary thereof, and are or may be registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.9.05.12/B-86287/PDF