How to Create a Mobile Office in 5 Steps


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Explore how to easily build and
operate a mobile office for business
productivity and agility.

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How to Create a Mobile Office in 5 Steps

  1. 1. BRIEF“The mobilization ofthe workforce demands How to Create a Mobileanytime access.”Neil MacDonald Office in 5 StepsGartner Vice Presidentand Explore how to easily build and operate a mobile office for business productivity and agility
  2. 2. BRIEF Citrix Online Workplace flexibility is on the rise as more organizations experience the productivity advantages of mobile work. If your company hasn’t adopted a mobile work strategy yet, then you’re moving slower than your competitors. As a leader or business owner, you need to seriously consider adopting policies and cloud-based technology that will enable your company to work from anywhere on any device. Of course, enabling mobility means you need convenient, secure and reliable tools that provide remote access, video conferencing and IT remote support. In other words, you need a mobile office. A mobile or flexible Follow these 5 steps to build your efficient mobile office: work style: 1. Equip yourself with the right hardware.• Enables remote work and 2. Make sure you have an Internet connection. IT monitoring 3. Have reliable audio and a durable headset.• Increases employee productivity by 27% 4. Equip yourself with the right cloud software.• Reduces employee 5. Have a plan B. attrition by 25%• Decreases commuting time Step 1: Equip yourself with the right hardware and costs Cordless laptops, tablets and mobile devices free employees from• Increases employee their office desks. Look for powerful hardware with quality reviews engagement by 55% for durability. You should also look for technology that is compatible with your company standards or software and programs. As you and your employees are working on the go, your machines need to be able to withstand a lot of commotion. Image 1: Are you a mobile worker stuck at an airport or bus stop? Connect on the go with the GoToMyPC apps for iOS and Android devices. Step 2: Make sure you have an Internet connection Working disconnected from the Internet has its advantages: fewer interruptions from emails or instant messages, for example. However, if you’re a mobile worker, the Internet allows you to collaborate with others and continue business interactions from anywhere with the right cloud software. 2
  3. 3. BRIEF Citrix Online Here’s a tip for when you’re out of Wi-fi range: Talk to your mobile phone provider about Internet tethering plans. Tethering allows your mobile phone to transfer Internet connectivity to your computer or laptop with a USB cord. Step 3: Have reliable audio and a durable headset Just like quality laptops and tablets, a quality headset is an important part of a mobile office. Since you’re working at a distance, clear audio is essential to getting your message across. Look for a durable headset that has a USB adaptor. Equally, having a“The most exciting change headset with an adaptor to a landline is a good backup. Caution:has been the freedom to use if you have low Internet bandwidth, audio through VoIP (that is,the iPad and iPhone with through your computer’s mic and speakers) might be slow andGoToMeeting. Collaboration choppy; be prepared to use a phone for audio now a lot easier andmore convenient.” Step 4: Equip yourself with the right cloud softwareRon Stinson II Remote workers need to have simple ways to access their officeIT Capability Lead files and applications, collaborate with coworkers and clients, get IT support on the go. Look for tools and mobile applications that are easy to use, enable secure connections and that seamlessly integrate with the tools used in the office. Ideally, the mobile work experience should be as close to the office work experience as possible — just more portable. The following images show a few examples of cloud-based software solutions that support the needs of mobile workers. HD video conferencing with peers and clients: Image 2: GoToMeeting with HDFaces allows team collaboration at a distance. The combination of real-time screen sharing, annotation and video creates collaborative experiences that agile companies need. 3
  4. 4. BRIEF Citrix Online Remote access to files and applications:“Once I experiencedGoToWebinar with theIntegrated Toll-Free audiooption, I realized it was thesolution we needed to solve Image 3: GoToMyPC allows employees to work on Macs or PCs from any Internet-our conferencing problems.” connected computer in the world.Alleigh AllieTraining Specialist Meetings and remote access for mobile devices: Video: View this video to learn how to use simple remote access software to gain productivity and agility for your mobile office. Image 4: Workers can participate in meetings from any location on multiple devices — enabling businesses to work faster with access to information anytime. 4
  5. 5. BRIEF Citrix Online“GoToMeeting with HDFaceschanges the dynamics of ameeting. It’s more personal,people are more attentive andrelationships become stronger.” Image 5: With the GoToMyPC app for iPad or iPhone, employees can access their office or home computers when working needing a file or application last minute.Christopher AddeoIT Director Step 5: Have a plan Almost every remote worker has been there. You’re in the middle of an online business meeting and your Internet connection goes down. Or your audio connection gets fuzzy. Or your power goes“Every minute spent in web out. Mobile offices need to have a business continuity plan just likeconferencing is usually more brick and mortar offices do because mishaps can happen in anyproductive than the equivalent situation, no matter where you are.time spent on the phone. • Internet: As mentioned in Step 2, when you don’t have anAlso, the more people that Internet connection, you can tether your smartphone to yourleverage web conferences, the laptop or tablet with a USB cord. Also, it’s a good idea to getless time they waste on to know where all the good Wi-fi hotspots are in your locale.travelling, enabling us toreduce associated costs.” • Audio: If you usually depend on VoIP, plan to have a cell phone or landline phone available, and keep the dial-inFritz Schabus conference number handy. Likewise, if you usually dependDirector IT Infrastructure on your phone connection, keep a headset around in you ever need to get audio through your computer. • Power: In some cases, you can keep going if you have good batteries and tethered Internet. But if you’re sitting in the dark, then what? Try to plan for a secondary work location — preferably one across town that doesn’t depend on the same power source. Cloud-based tools that increase the speed of mobile work Citrix GoTo cloud-based solutions make it easy to create a mobile office, allowing work to take place with anyone — anytime, anywhere. GoToMyPC gives consumers and corporate employees the ability to remotely access and work on their computers from any web browser. This easy and secure service works on PCs and Mac computers, through firewalls and without the need for pre-installed client software. 5
  6. 6. BRIEF Citrix Online GoToMeeting makes it easy for individuals and organizations to meet, present information and demonstrate products in secure online meetings. Its cost-effective subscription model delivers unlimited meetings for one flat fee and includes built-in audio and HD video conferencing. GoToWebinar brings the power of professional web events to individuals and organizations, allowing them to reach larger audiences more easily and cost-effectively than ever before. Users can plan, present and analyze webinars for one flat fee. GoToTraining enables trainers to conduct online training sessions —“I love GoToMyPC. It makes it including registration, tests and downloadable materials — with participantseasy for our mobile employees in any location. Flat-fee rates make it easy and affordable for users to moveto connect to their desktop from their training curriculum online.anywhere in the world. Thisservice is playing a big role in GoToAssist enables individuals and organizations to provide secure technicalhelping Blue Man Productions assistance to customers and employees online and to remotely monitor andexpand into new markets and control their IT infrastructure.reach new audiences.”Peter Yagecic ConclusionDirector of Technology Workplace mobility is now a standardized business process for businesses. And as more companies adopt mobile work strategies, finding cloud-based solutions that allow for anytime, anywhere work is top of mind. Cloud-based tools propel productivity and empower workers to produce results outside the boundaries of location.“It’s made geography almost For more information about building a mobile office or Citrix GoTo cloudirrelevant in terms of getting my services, please visit done.”Tom Lebens SinsheimerJuhnke, Lebens and McIvoyLLP Citrix Online Division Citrix Online Europe Citrix Online Asia Pacific 7414 Hollister Avenue Middle East & Africa Level 3, 1 Julius Avenue Goleta, CA 93117 Citrix Online UK Ltd Riverside Corporate Park U.S.A. Chalfont Park House North Ryde NSW 2113 T +1 805 690 6400 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross Australia Bucks SL9 0DZ T +61 2 8870 0870 United Kingdom Media inquiries: T +44 (0) 800 011 2120 T +1 805 690 2969 About Citrix Citrix Systems, Inc. is transforming how people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in the cloud era. Its portfolio of GoTo cloud services enable people to work from anywhere with anyone by providing simple-to-use cloud-based collaboration, remote access and IT support solutions for every type of business. Learn more at and © 2012 Citrix Online, LLC. All rights reserved. Citrix is a registered trademark of Citrix Systems, Inc. GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToTraining and GoToWebinar are trademarks of Citrix Online, LLC, and are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Registration of these and other marks may be pending in other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Mac and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 6 4.3.12/B-83320/PDF