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See first-hand examples of how the GoToMyPC apps for iOS and Android can essentially turn your mobile device into your computer, enabling you to connect to your Mac or PC from anywhere and do just about anything on the go that you’d normally do at your office.

• How to set up the GoToMyPC apps for iOS and Android devices
• The most effective uses of the GoToMyPC mobile apps
• Handy tips & tricks to help you get the most out of your app
And more…

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  • And presenting today is…Myself, I’m Janelle Raney, the Senior Product Marketing Manager for GoToMyPC. This ia a photo of my son and me at a Dallas Mavericks’ game on vacation. While at the game, I got an urgent request from our PR team that they needed a file right away. This particular file sat on a secure network that I can only access from my computer. Luckily, I had my iPad with me. I signed in and got the file for PR and didn’t miss the game. It was great. So I’m excited to tell you more about GoToMyPC for mobile devices today and how it can make your life easier. Also joining me today is Glenn Dobson, our community leader and social media support. Many of you may know Glenn from our customer forums, twitter or Facebook. He has been with Citrix for 10 years and is an expert for all of our products. Today he will give us a brief demo on how GoToMyPC works on mobile devices.
  • For those of you that are just learning about GoToMyPC, it’s super easy to use. First, install it on your Mac or PC. Then connect to that machine from any browser or iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire. It’s like being there.
  • GoToMyPC is all about improving people’s lives and giving them the tools to improve their work-life balance. On vacationDuring commuteAt airportFrom the beach, ski slope or golf courseAt son/daughter’s soccer gameAt the gymWaiting at the doctor’s officeCoffee shop or restaurantFrom conference room during meeting
  • We listen to our customers – through surveys, focus groups, social media and support. We have an extremely loyal customer base – they love the product b/c it’s convenient, reliable and secure. You can go online and read reviews in the app stores, on our website and through social media.
  • With a GoToMyPC subscription, you get access to your computer from any web browser, or mobile device. Because of the different screen sizes, people use these devices in very different ways. Let’s just look at average session length. On average, when people are connecting computer-to-computer they are on for about 60 minutes. This is an average, so it maybe that they are connecting for an entire day to telework, or to quickly jump on and check something. Computer-to-computer access is great for heavy lifting work – detailed spreadsheets, working on presentations and more.
  • For the tablet, the average session length is approx 20 minutes. Tablets are so convenient and great tools for accessing files and network programs from anywhere. Perfect for taking to meetings, on sales calls, while traveling – of even while sitting on the couch at home.
  • And the smartphones. The screen size is smaller and many customers are just amazed at how simple it is to navigate your computer on such a small space. A lot of people use this as “insurance” – just knowing they have full access to their computer in their pocket is incredibly reassuring in this fast paced, instant access world we live in.
  • And now let’s turn it over to Glenn who will show us the GoToMyPC app in action!
  • To send the command, simply open the iOS Keyboard from the GoToMyPC toolbar on top of the screen. If necessary, swipe to the special keys or turn the screen to landscape mode. Tap the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys on the keyboard toolbar one after another, not simultaneously. This will send the Ctrl-Alt-Del command just as if you were at the host PC.
  • Thanks for joining us today! You will receive an archive of today’s presentation in a follow up email from us in 24 hours. If you would like to learn more about GoToMyPC, please visit You can also contact us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Thanks for joining us today! You will receive an archive of today’s presentation in a follow up email from us in 24 hours. If you would like to learn more about GoToMyPC, please visit You can also contact us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • GoToMyPC Mobile Apps in Action

    1. 1. GoToMyPC Mobile Apps in Action© 2012 Citrix
    2. 2. Janelle Raney Glenn Dobson Senior Product Marketing Manager Community Leader Access & Cloud Social Media Support Twitter: @jraney Twitter: @GlennDCitrix© 2012 Citrix
    3. 3. Install Connect Mac or PC From any browser or app It’s like being there
    4. 4. Access your Mac or PC fromanywhere!The fact is, work and life areblending.It’s important to find yourbalance. © 2012 Citrix
    5. 5. © 2012 Citrix
    6. 6. Remote Desktop AccessAverage Connection DurationsGreat for:Heavy lifting work – just like being at thecomputer you’re accessingWeekends / Evening use / Travel /Client sites / Business continuity /Telework© 2012 Citrix
    7. 7. Remote Desktop AccessAverage Connection DurationsGreat for:Accessing files, running programs likePOS & payroll systems from anywhereClient and in-office meetings / Sales calls /Airports, trains & buses / Travel /Working from the couch© 2012 Citrix
    8. 8. Remote Desktop AccessAverage Connection DurationsGreat for:On-the-go quick access, set yourout-of-office reply, send a fileLife’s little emergencies / Access fromanywhere / Flexibility to leave theoffice and stay connected© 2012 Citrix
    9. 9. First time use & tips© 2012 Citrix
    10. 10. Getting started is easy1) Download the GoToMyPC app for your mobile device.2) Make sure you have GoToMyPC installed on the Mac or PC you want to access.3) Tap the GoToMyPC app from your mobile device to access your computer.
    11. 11. Where to get the free mobile apps iPhone 3GS or newer iPod touch (4th generation) iPad Requires iOS 4.2 or laterAndroid smartphones and tablets running Android v2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and later Also the Amazon Kindle FireWe recommend devices with a 1 Ghz or higher processor You must have a GoToMyPC subscription or free 30-day trial
    12. 12. Saving your accountpassword makeslogging in almostinstant.Corporate adminscan control if thisoption is available fortheir account.
    13. 13. You will see a list ofyour Macs or PCs.Just click to connectand provide youraccess code.
    14. 14. Once you are connected you’ll see thegestures help screen.You can launch this window again atany timeThe gestures are very handy. The two Ifind myself using the most often are theThree-finger Tap and Pinch In and Out.
    15. 15. Toolbars Arrow keys Settings Disconnect Keyboard Gesture help iOS Android Disconnect Keyboard
    16. 16. How to send Control-Alt-Delete on iOSTap the Ctrl, Alt and Delkeys on the keyboardtoolbar one afteranother, notsimultaneously.This will send the Ctrl-Alt-Del command just as ifyou were at the host PC.
    17. 17. Precision Control navigationPrecision Control is an on-screenmouse feature that enables you to haveprecise control of your mouse on yourhost computer, complete with actionslike right-click, left-click, hover and drag.
    18. 18. Input text using iOS Siri or Google voiceUse Siri if you have an iPhone 4S or 5: Placethe cursor where you want the text, summon thekeyboard, tap ABC and then the microphone icon.Tap send when finished.Use Google voice to dictate text on Android:Place the cursor where you want the text, summonthe keyboard and tap the microphone icon.
    19. 19. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard foryour iPad or Android tablet, you can useit to type and virtually replace the needfor a laptop.Android users - these little miniBluetooth keyboards with the built intrack pad are great. When you connectto your host via the GoToMyPC app youwill have full the control of the mousepointer!
    20. 20. GoToMyPC is designed to support the use of the SPen on your Samsung Galaxy Note II.GoToMyPC recognizes the S Pen when you remove itfrom its dock.You can now use your S Pen to: Jump Navigation - Hover over the screen and press and release the S Pen button to see the entire desktop. Then tap where you would like to jump to and it will zoom. Hover or Tap - Hover with the pen to show tool tips or perform other actions triggered by hovering. Use the precision of the pen to easily tap or press small items. Press and Drag - Press and hold for a moment and then drag in order to drag-select or move items.
    21. 21. Visit: Click the TRY IT FREE button Call: 1-888-646-0016 Email:
    22. 22. Work better. Live better.