Three Keys for Unlocking Service Excellence in a World of Mobile Workstyles: TSW2013


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Transforming service delivery for 2.0 success should incorporate three key strategies: accommodation of multiple channels; creation of efficiencies through new and existing technology integration; and delivering services on-demand in the cloud. In his presentation at TSW 2013, Stephen Smith, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Citrix addresses these tough support challenges and shares insights from organizations putting progressive 2.0 strategies in place today.

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Three Keys for Unlocking Service Excellence in a World of Mobile Workstyles: TSW2013

  1. 1. Three Keys for Unlocking Service Excellence in a World of Mobile Workstyles Stephen Smith | Citrix 10.21.2013
  2. 2. Mobile Workstyles On The Rise More and more organizations are implementing strategies and solutions that allow people to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device Who’s ready? 2 #TSIA
  3. 3. no disruption It’s really about in today’s cloud-connected world and keeping people productive #TSIA
  4. 4. In this session….. 1. Support trends impacting our customers today 2. Best support practices to elevate your competitive advantage and move to a Services 2.0 model 3. Three keys for success in transforming support delivery in the new support era 4 #TSIA
  5. 5. Support Trends Impacting Our Customers Today • Demand for multi-channel support solutions growing • More customers using mobile devices to request support • Growing # of customers looking to self-service & community for answers • Emergence of proactive engagement in the service & support world #TSIA
  6. 6. Key #1 Delivering cost-effective technical support has become a business imperative. 6 #TSIA
  7. 7. Uptime means keeping people, their devices and apps ready for work, and… Ensuring users are always connected and productive, Delivering a remarkable support experience, with Tools so easy to use, the support team is energized and responsive 7 #TSIA
  8. 8. The IT Support Challenge Multiple devices, each with unique configurations People are all around the world People are mobile, working remotely at any time IT Support Mission-critical apps and files are in the cloud Your IT team is also distributed Internal support is now external, and vice versa 8 #TSIA
  9. 9. Driving an IT Revolution 10B 50% INFINITE MOBILE DEVICES MORE APPLICATIONS UNIQUE CONFIGURATIONS Net-Net: Exponential IT support burden 9 #TSIA
  10. 10. Key #2 Embrace chat, social and self-service for resolving simple incidents and service requests. 10 #TSIA
  11. 11. Multi-channel Support Changing demographics and service preferences #TSIA 11
  12. 12. Chat, Social & Self-Service Transforming support & Social Support KMS & Self-Help Communities & Forums Live Assistance GoToAssist #TSIA
  13. 13. Key #3 Rethink Support Delivery 13 #TSIA
  14. 14. What Does IT Need To Survive Advanced remote support & chat features One solution for internal and external support Simple is better approach A known set of incident mgmt features Self-service portals & social support features Workflow management Proactive IT monitoring & alerting #TSIA
  15. 15. Move from Service Desk 1.0 to 2.0 • Operate anywhere, any time, any platform • Restore user satisfaction • Be more efficient with no additional resources • Be mobile first • Maximize uptime 15 #TSIA
  16. 16. Great Support is Now a Competitive Advantage Old approach to service Transactions Email or phone “We don’t support that” Cobbled-together solutions Complex procedures Better approach to service Engagement Channel of choice: social, mobile “We can support anything” Integrated services Frustration-free experience 16 #TSIA
  17. 17. Customer Successes Reduced outstanding call backlog by 25% Expects 300% revenue growth Experienced 30% higher productivity 17 #TSIA
  18. 18. Key Takeaways • Embrace mobility; have a plan • Find efficiencies by utilizing new technology • Replace single point tools with integrated toolsets • Offer multi-channel support (including social support) • Achieve service excellence by following Service Desk 2.0 tactics 18 #TSIA
  19. 19. Contact Information Stephen Smith Citrix (Online Services Division) Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager email: Twitter: @tweetersmithy Phone Number: +1 805 324 8457 19 #TSIA
  20. 20. How was the session? Look for your email invitation to fill out the Session Evaluations. #TSIA