Top 7 FAQs for GoToAssist Service Desk


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From system requirements to competitors, learn the answers to the most frequently asked Service Desk questions in this paper.

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Top 7 FAQs for GoToAssist Service Desk

  1. 1. GoToAssist Service Desk Solutions BriefTop 7 FAQsfor GoToAssistService DeskFrom system requirements tocompetitors, learn the answersto the most frequently askedService Desk
  2. 2. GoToAssist Service Desk Solutions Brief 2Emerging trends show that leading IT support desks increasingly rely uponintegrated cloud-based tools that are easy to use and deliver several key ITfunctions from one unified platform. In fact, Gartner suggests that, by 2015, 50percent of all tool purchases by IT service desks will utilize the SaaS model, furthertestament to the need for solutions that are easy to access, deploy and scaleacross distributed organizations and a range of needs.This brief answers 7 of the most frequently asked questions for IT support desksabout GoToAssist Service Desk:1. What are the system requirements for the Service Desk module?2. Why should I use GoToAssist Service Desk?3. How does GoToAssist Service Desk compare to competitors?4. Is GoToAssist Service Desk a help desk application?5. Does GoToAssist Service Desk offer an email integration?6. Does GoToAssist Service Desk offer reports?7. What is ITIL and why is it built into GoToAssist Service Desk?Q1: What are the system requirements for the ServiceDesk module?Technicians and customers can use GoToAssist Service Desk from virtually anycomputer connected to the Internet using a modern browser. Citrix is truly trying to make products• Operating system: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or Server 2003; or Mac OS X 10.5 that can be easily (Tiger) or newer used and provide a one-stop shop for IT• Web browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later, Safari 3.0 support needs. With the future addition of or later or Google Chrome 5.0 or later help desk functionality, technicians will be• Internet: Stable connection (56k or better recommended) able to receive work orders and troubleshoot those issues throughQ2: Why should I use GoToAssist Service Desk? one portal, which inService Desk is easy to learn, easy to use and easy on the pocket. Just sign up turn should reduceand you’ll be creating incidents within 10 minutes with no need for a manual. the time to close and resolve incidents.Service Desk is designed with the end user in mind, so it’ll be a breeze to introduceto your business. And by adopting Service Desk, you will be adopting a well- Rob Brothersrecognized best practices framework; putting more structure into your service Program Director IDCmanagement processes is good for your customers, staff and ultimatelyyour
  3. 3. GoToAssist Service Desk Solutions Brief 3Q3: How does GoToAssist Service Desk compare to competitors?GoToAssist Service Desk combines great ease of use with an impressively robustfeature set. Other solutions boast of their ease but offer only incident managementor issue/bug tracking. With Service Desk, this is just a fraction of its capabilities.To get the true benefit from your service management solution, you need anintegrated tool that lets you see how your incidents, problems, changes, releases,knowledge and assets relate to and affect one another.In addition, Service Desk seamlessly integrates with GoToAssist’s Remote Supportand Monitoring modules, so your IT team can easily shift from one tool to another.Start with a ticket in Service Desk and easily initiate a remote support session, orstart by noting an issue with GoToAssist Monitoring and easily log an incident ticketwith Service Desk.Q4: Is GoToAssist Service Desk a help desk application?It’s a service desk with a whole lot more. It has you covered from end to end withincident, problem, change, release, knowledge and configuration management.Q5: Does GoToAssist Service Desk offer an email integration?Yes. You can configure Service Desk to automatically create incidents via emailand you can reply to email notifications sent from Service Desk to update anincident – perfect for your customers or for when you are out and about.Q6: What about reports?For each of its incident, problem, change, release and knowledge functionalities,Service Desk offers customizable reports that can be scheduled to run and Key benefitsemailed to users daily, weekly or at whatever frequency you desire. of integratedFor larger system-wide or service reports we have a growing list of choices. All IT tools: • Reduce IT firefighting,businesses are different with different requirements, so this section is expanding. free up time and lowerWe would like to hear your suggestions about the reports you’d like to see. IT support costs. • Gain total visibility into the entire IT supportQ7: What is ITIL and why is it built into GoToAssist Service Desk? services to accelerateITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL is a set of issue resolution. • No more jugglingstandards, or good practices, for IT service management. These practices were multiple toolsfirst developed in the UK and are internationally recognized and widely adopted. and duplicating data entries.The beauty of ITIL is that it can structure and clearly define how your projects and • Deliver multipleservices are performing for you. ITIL enables your team to become more proactive, critical IT support services from oneand it establishes a platform for continual improvement of your services. If you’re user-interface.looking for an effective way of managing deadlines, priorities and service level • Streamline supportagreements then ITIL might be just the ticket. workload among team members • Remove theITIL is built right into the GoToAssist Service Desk architecture, so your team can complexity and time ineasily and intuitively use ITIL best practices. implementing ITIL and ITSM best
  4. 4. GoToAssist Service Desk Solutions Brief 4GoToAssist Service DeskGoToAssist Service Desk is an easy-to-use cloud-based application that enhancesmanagement of all IT workflow. It lets IT professionals easily log and trackincidents, manage configuration changes and releases, deliver end-user self-service and so much more.GoToAssist Service Desk incorporates the industry best practices of ITSM andITIL right into its design, so your team can easily and intuitively achieve serviceexcellence. Add clarity and structure to your service desk procedures withoutadding complexity.With GoToAssist Service Desk, support professionals can:• Easily log, track and resolve incidents.• Manage configuration changes, releases and workflow.• Deliver end-user self-service.Service Desk also seamlessly integrates with GoToAssist’s two other IT tools:Remote Support and Monitoring. No longer must IT pros waste time and effort injuggling tools and duplicating data entry.• Easily initiate incident tickets from GoToAssist Remote Support.• Quickly launch a remote support session from a Service Desk ticket.• Tie GoToAssist Monitoring’s system health alerts to an incident ticket and assign it to a support professional for immediate attention. (Feature to be available in Q1 2013.) Citrix remains the market share leader . . . by focusing on simple-The complete support desk 2.0 to-use solutions andGoToAssist continues to simplify IT support by providing easy, affordable access to introducing innovativean essential toolset – service desk management, remote support and IT monitoring services that deliver on customer needs.– all from one user interface. Combining critical tools enables IT departments tobe more efficient and effective and save costs. Customize GoToAssist to fit your IDCunique business needs — choose one module, two orall three.• Use GoToAssist Service Desk to log and track incidents, deliver end-user self- service and manage configuration, changes and releases.• With GoToAssist Remote Support, you can deliver on-demand support and access unattended servers and workstations.• Use GoToAssist Monitoring to proactively monitor your entire IT infrastructure, including critical servers and services.Learn more about delivering multiple IT services from one integrated cloud-basedtoolset — visit
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