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Advance Your Career in One Simple Step
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Advance Your Career in One Simple Step


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Insights from Paul Glen of Leading Geeks on how to advance your IT career in one simple step.

Insights from Paul Glen of Leading Geeks on how to advance your IT career in one simple step.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. One Step:
  • 2. • How other people’s good experiences of working with you furthers your career • How you can create these good experiences • How to stay on their radar
  • 3. Probability (Fulfilling Career) = f (Number of Opportunities, Ability to Select Wisely) Where: Number of Opportunities = How many job/project opportunities you are aware of and are offered Ability to Select Wisely = Your ability to select from among the options in ways that maximize your career fulfillment
  • 4. Number of Opportunities = f (Luck, Capabilities) + f (Capabilities, Quality of Experience, Top of Mind Awareness) Where: Luck = The random chance that you find an opportunity through no intentional effort of your own or of anyone you know Capabilities = The breadth and depth of your technical, organizational and managerial skills Quality of Experience = How positively people feel about their experience working with you Top of Mind Awareness = How likely people who know you are to think of you when they become aware of an opportunity.
  • 5. • • • • They trust you They have confidence in your competence They like working with you They believe you will make them look good
  • 6. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou
  • 7. “It’s easy to follow advice that tells you to do what you wanted to do all along.”
  • 8. Competence
  • 9. Communication
  • 10. Integrity
  • 11. Just say hello. “Hi, just wondering how you are doing.” Say you’ve been thinking of them. We launched a new system, and reminded me of that time we…” Let them know what’s new with you. “Thought you might like to know we finally got a dog.” Ask an easy question about something they have knowledge about. “What do you think about this ERP module?” Look on LinkedIn to see if they’ve had any life changes and wish them luck. “Saw that you got a new position. Seems like a great fit. Congratulations and good luck.”
  • 12. So what will you do first? 310-694-0450
  • 13. Work better. Live better.