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What gadgets are on your wish list for this year’s gift-giving extravaganza? The Xbox One? iPad Air? Nexus 7? With all the stunning new tech toys, it can be tough even for IT pros to keep track of the latest and greatest.
Kim Komando has more than 20 years of experience scoping out tech trends and dishing out the best consumer advice. This year, she's made a list of top tech buys and checked it twice!
So whether you're shopping for that hard-to-please geek or yourself (the hardest to please), she's got you covered!
Check out these slides by Kim to get the lowdown on this year’s must-have tech toys.

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    1. 1. The Kim Komando Gift Guide This Year’s Must Have Gadgets for Techies December 12, 2013
    2. 2. Join the conversation on Twitter #GoToAssistWBR @KimKomando @GoToAssist @hillyprods
    3. 3. Top Holiday Gifts 2013
    4. 4. About the Company Nationally Syndicated Radio Show On more than 450 stations across the U.S. In 177 countries on the Armed Forces Network Broadcasts Saturdays and Sundays Nationally Broadcast Digital Minute On nearly 400 stations Broadcasts Monday through Friday during drive time Double Opt-in Newsletters 10 newsletters sent weekly including daily tip, USA Today column, must-see videos, free downloads, cool sites, and apps, and more! Komando.com Ranked top 600 websites in the U.S. Get today’s top tech headlines, digital lifestyle advice, tablet buying guides, and more! Quarterly Contests More than 1 million entries per contest Komando.com/contests
    5. 5. Top 5 things you didn’t know about Christmas 1.) Given the different time zones, Santa has 31 hours to deliver gifts, but his reindeer really have to fly, since that means visiting 823 homes per second. 2.) On average, a holiday shopper makes five trips to the mall before obtaining all of his or her gifts for the holiday season. 3.) Many people are last minute holiday shoppers. Between Dec. 15 and Dec. 24, 40% of the entire holiday season sales are made. 4.) It’s predicted that shoppers will spend $640 billion this year. 5.) Research indicates that shopping has a direct effect on the brain’s pleasure centers. It can flood the brain with dopamine, similar to the way a drug addict experiences a fix.
    6. 6. Hot Products Everyone is Talking About
    7. 7. Hot Products Everyone is Talking About
    8. 8. Hot Products Everyone is Talking About MarketBot Replicator 2 with Autodesk 132D Applications (Aka: 3D Printer) $2,199+ -Builds solid, 3D objects out of melted MakerBot PLA Filament -Includes all you need: power supply, USB cable, software, and a spool of filament -Use to make items that can no longer be made, toys, or inventions – anything!
    9. 9. Cool Gadgets You May Not Have Heard Of Anki Drive Starter Kit $199.99+ - Battle racing for the real world - On display in Apple stores - Works with iOS devices - Battle your friends or the artificial intelligence and play until you win - The goal is not to race, but to take out your opponents
    10. 10. Cool Gadgets You May Not Have Heard Of Leap Motion Controller $79.99 - Ditch your mouse! Control your computer with hand gestures - Point, wave, reach, grab, pick something up and move it! - Draw, play games and puzzles, and create music with a variety of digital instruments - Great for artists, musicians, and gamers! - Works with Windows 7 or 8 and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
    11. 11. Cool Gadgets You May Not Have Heard Of iPad Telephoto Lens $25.00 - This lens attaches to your iPad - Adds 10-12 times telephoto power - Manual focusing ring gives you added control over its shallow depth of field
    12. 12. Cool Gadgets You May Not Have Heard Of Leaf Universal Charger $25-$39 - Boosts the battery of your dead camera, phone, or MP3 player - Great for traveling, camping, and long days with no outlet in sight - Just plug your USB into the Leaf anywhere!
    13. 13. Cool Gadgets You May Not Have Heard Of Vintage-Style Arcade iPad Housing $109.95 - Your iPad will take you back to the glory days of gaming! - Dock your iPad into the arcade and use an app to play some of your favorite old school games - Compatible with 500 games and 100 Atari classics including Asteroids, Centipede, and Battlezone - Buy it now at shop.komando.com!
    14. 14. For the Practical, but Worthy Nest Smoke Detector $129 - Smart Smoke Detector - Warns before an emergency - Tells you what the danger is and where - Wave your hand to hush it - Will send a message to your smartphone if the alarm goes off or if batteries need replaced - Comes in black or white
    15. 15. For the Practical, but Worthy Fit Bit Bracelet $59.95 - $129.95 - Track daily activity, steps, calories burned, sleep and weight - Upload wirelessly and see progress on mobile and online dashboard - Tracks sleep and wakes you up with a silent alarm
    16. 16. For the Practical, but Worthy Komando Dual Lens Dash Cam $149.99 - Protect yourself against wrongful prosecution - Record scenic road trips - Records continuously, time and date stamped - Includes a 32GB memory card - Buy it now on shop.komando.com!
    17. 17. The Ultimate Gift Samsung’s 85-inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV Was: $44,999.99 NOW: $39,997.99 (With Free Shipping) Reviews on Amazon.com:
    18. 18. Kids these days… Thank you!
    19. 19. Questions for Kim? Kim Komando James Hilliard www.komando.com @kimkomando www.hillyproductions.com @hillyprods
    20. 20. How’d we do? Fill out the survey that opens after you leave the webinar
    21. 21. Thank You!