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Creditor-Protected Cash Alternative


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Here is our Creditor-Protected Cash Alternative strategy as featured in WORTH Magazine!

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Creditor-Protected Cash Alternative

  1. 1. MAKE GROW LIVE MAG A TH ZI Ben Silverman on his Stress-Testing Your Are safe rooms R O N W E W new company, his time at Strategy: How did your really safe? Plus: NBC and what the future investing approach fare Why wealthy kids of television holds. during the recession? should work. ES 92 A 9 T BL 1 ISHED ® THE EVOLUTION OF FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE $ 1 8 . 9 5 A SANDOW MEDIA PUBLICATION WORTH.COM $18.95 02 11 0 09281 03361 5 VOLUME | EDITION
  2. 2. Phoenix—Scottsdale, AZ RISK VS. REWARD, OR THE GOLDFISH AND Leading Wealth Advisor Christenson Wealth Management LLC THE SHARK Jeff Christenson, President, and Ike Devji, JD, Executive Vice President, The Wealthy 100 What is an alternative to my current cash position that will protect my money from litigation? By Jeff Christenson and Ike Devji In our current economic environment, transfer of the assets from the client’s many clients want their money safe and checking account and into the plain- liquid. When most people consider “safe” ti ’s pockets. This may sound like an and “liquid,” they immediately think of their unlikely scenario, but we see it, and the Investors often evaluate invest- bank. However, what most people do not threat of it, often. ment strategies on a risk vs. know is that their checking or savings account • If the client dies, the named benefi- reward basis, so I wanted to is unprotected from a very real threat: the ciaries will receive the $1 million create a simple and easy way exposure to an increasingly hostile and minus the taxes due. to explain this very esoteric predatory litigation system. Consider this: • If the client needs to use the money, concept. Consider the following: There are tens of thousands of lawsuits filed he is able to take the amount needed. Pretend that you have two each day in this country. The average legal swimming pools. Each has a cost of defending a frivolous lawsuit is Creditor-Protected Cash Alternative: $100 casino chip at the bot- $91,000, plus the settlement amount itself. The strategy our team has designed allows tom, but you can go after only The number of lawsuits increases in tough the same client to place the $1 million into a one of the chips. However, economic times as people look to your specially designed universal life insurance there’s one important differ- wealth as an additional source of income. policy and insurance trust structure by ence between the pools: Our team often takes commonly used tools paying a premium amount of $500,000 in and redesigns them to provide protection of each of the first two years. The policy will • Pool A has a goldfish in it. client assets, while allowing clients to retain provide the following benefits: • Pool B has a man-eating control and liquidity. The situations below • The account will earn a net interest of shark in it. demonstrate the benefits of a strategy we are about 1 percent annually invested in the Which pool would you using in which we take a universal life insur- policy’s fixed account, and the gains are rather jump into for the same ance policy and design it to provide 98 to 102 allowed to grow tax-deferred. possible reward? percent cash surrender value in the first year. • If the client is sued for any reason and All investment opportunities loses, the money in this account is 100 are not created equal, which is Current Situation—Cash in the Bank: percent creditor-protected from day one. why you might want to keep A healthy 45-year-old male client has a • If the client dies, the named benefi- this allegory in mind during bank checking account with $1 million. ciaries will receive a death benefit of your decision-making process. He rarely uses this account, but he keeps $10,624,682, the face amount associated his money there because he likes to have a with this specific example. certain amount of funds liquid in case he • If the client needs to withdraw all or needs to access it quickly. Here is how this part of the money in the account, he is account works: able to do so at any time with no fees Securities offered through Multi- • The account earns about 1 percent or surrender charges, and he will have Financial Securities Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC. Christenson interest per year, with income taxable access to the money within a week. Wealth Management and Multi- as ordinary income. Our strategy, needless to say, is a very Financial Securities Corporation are • If the client is sued for any reason powerful tool that keeps a client’s money separate companies. Please consult with a qualified tax advisor prior to and loses, the judge can order the liquid and safe. implementing any tax-related strategy.
  3. 3. MY HOBBIES AR E… MAKE “Our clients don’t How to reach Je Christenson & Ike Devji WHAT’S ON MY DESK… come to us to make If you would like to discuss this strategy in greater detail, please call Jeff directly at 602.808.5580. If you prefer, Jeff is available to discuss and implement this them rich. They come GROW strategy with your financial or insurance advisors. Reach Ike at 602.343.2272. to us to help keep them rich.” I NEVE R LEAVE HOME WITH OUT… LIVE – Jeff Christenson CHRISTENSON WEALTH MANAGEMENT LLC Jeff: My beautiful children and wife, travel and music. I play several instruments and have a band called the All-Star Garage Band Ike: Spending time with family and friends, cooking, exploring new cuisine, live music, shoot- Jeff Christenson Ike Devji ing sports and art Jeff: Oodles of family photos and kids’ art, a custom humidor, financial reports, a couple dozen music CDs to transfer to my iPod and business magazines Ike: Information on issues Jeff: BlackBerry, iPod, a sense of humor that threaten the wealth of and, of course in Arizona, sunglasses those I protect Ike: iPhone 3GS, a plan, giving thanks, Kimber Ultra CDP About Jeff Christenson & Ike Devji Jeff Christenson, president of Christenson Wealth Management LLC, has over 15 years experience as a financial advisor. Mr. Christenson manages investments and life insurance planning for a wide range of affluent business owners, executives, and entertainment clients nationwide. When not working with his own clients, he helps provide advanced planning solutions to other advisors. Asset Protection Attorney Ike Devji, JD, is of-counsel with the asset protection-only law firm of Lodmell & Lodmell P.C., which he formerly managed. Executive VP of The Wealthy 100, Mr. Devji helps protect billions of dollars in assets for affluent families, business owners, physicians and C-level executives across the U.S. Confidential Asset-based fees and commissions (investment and insurance products) Assets Under Management Compensation Method None required Pershing LLC Minimum Fee for Initial Meeting Primary Custodian for Investor Assets Professional Services Provided Planning, investment advisory, money $500,000 (for investments) management services and asset protection Minimum Net Worth Requirement $400 million FPA Largest Client Net Worth Association Memberships Email 15 years Financial Services Experience Website Christenson Wealth Management LLC 2575 East Camelback Road, Suite 700, Phoenix, AZ 85016 602.808.5580 WORTH.COM OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2009 085
  4. 4. W Jeff Christenson President, Christenson Wealth Management Ike Devji, J.D. Executive Vice-President, The Wealthy 100 Christenson Wealth Management and The Wealthy 100 2575 E. Camelback Road Suite 700 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Contact Jeff Christenson: or 602.808.5580 Contact Ike Devji: or 602.343.2272 | REPRINTED FROM ® THE EVOLUTION OF FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE About the Worth Leading Wealth Advisors The Worth Leading Wealth Advisor admittance process is based on, but not limited to, the Advisor’s experience, education, fiduciary status, compliance record, wealth management services, methods of compensation and scope of current business. In order to be considered for the Worth Leading Wealth Advisors Program, financial professionals must be willing to provide com- plete and full disclosure to investors so that independent analysts from Paladin Registry can thoroughly screen and evaluate their credentials, ethics and business practices. Once admitted, Advisors pay a fee to be included. Investors and potential investors are solely responsible for the decision to select particular Advisors.